Why does the universe exist? Will man exist in the universe? The answer can be frightening

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The earth is a life world rich in species. In this world, there are not only primitive and low-level microorganisms, but also some complex and high-level animals, but also more advanced intelligent human beings. It can be said that the earth is a complete place for the evolution of life. After billions of years of evolution, the early primitive life has gone to different evolutionary paths, resulting in the birth of more than hundreds of kinds of life.


Whether it is the lowest primitive life or the advanced intelligent creature like human beings, as long as it exists, there is a reasonable reason for its existence. For example, although human beings are intelligent life, our bodies are also a large collection of life, with many kinds of microorganisms.

Why do these microbes exist in the human body? Their existence must be useful to human beings, which is the reasonable answer. If we get rid of all these microbes, human beings may also be destroyed, which is the mystery of life.

After entering the era of science and technology, we have been thinking about a question: why does the universe exist and human beings exist in the universe? What’s the point of all this? Many people may say that these are all natural rules and laws, and there is nothing worth thinking about and studying. Is that really the case?


We all know that without the universe, there would be no human beings. Modern science believes that the origin of the universe was born in the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago, which is the origin and beginning of everything. After the birth of the universe, and after a long continuous evolution, there is now everything in the universe, there is the birth of the earth, the birth of human beings.

All this seems so natural, and the big bang seems to be a natural event. You know, in the early days of the big bang, there was nothing. Later, the nuclei gradually gathered together, after a long evolution, there was the first generation of stars, that is, the birth of the blue giant.


The mass of the blue giant is very large, so its life span is very short. The star itself is a factory of material processing and refining. Through the continuous nuclear fusion of these blue giant, a large number of new elements are constantly ejected into the universe, which enriches the elements of the universe. With more elements, there will be later Galaxy structure and the formation of planets and other celestial bodies.

This process is very complicated and accurate. The emergence of any small problem is likely to make all the evolution of the universe disappear. Life naturally can not appear in the universe, let alone the existence of human beings. If the evolution is complex and precise, how can the universe achieve it? Is it a kind of luck?

In the world of science, we don’t believe in luck. Anything that can be complex and accurate may be pushed by black hands. Therefore, there has always been a view among scientists that there may be a creator in the universe. Everything in the universe is too perfect for us to fear.


Let’s take the solar system as an example. Both the composition of the sun and the position of the earth in the solar system are so precise and perfect. After human beings walked out of the earth, scientists have been studying why the earth became a planet of life, and can complete the evolution of 4 billion years, thus giving birth to intelligent life humans.

This seems to be a very natural evolution, but scientists have found something unusual in the solar system. For example, the position of the earth from the sun is very accurate. If the earth is far away from the sun, it can’t be the world of life now. We should know that Venus and Mars are in the same habitable zone with the earth, especially Venus, whose mass and volume are almost the same as the earth. Scientists call the earth and Venus sister planets.


Among the three planets in the same habitable zone, why only the earth has become a beautiful planet of life? Distance is one of the most important elements. In addition, there are two protectors on earth, one is the huge Jupiter in front of us, the other is the moon around us. Both of them block a large number of asteroids hitting the earth.

As a satellite of the earth, the mass of the moon is incredible. Theoretically, it is impossible for such a large celestial body to become a planetary satellite with the mass of the earth. However, the theoretical impossibility has become a reality, and the stability of the earth’s ecosystem is closely related to the moon. Without the moon, the earth may not have the present life world. Finally, is it a coincidence that there is a COE belt on the edge of the solar system and a mysterious Oort cloud on the outside?

In addition to the perfection and coincidence of the solar system, there are also countless coincidences in the universe. For many years, scientists have been studying these coincidences and trying to uncover the mystery behind them. However, due to the limitation of human science and technology, we can not explain these innumerable coincidences with the existing science.


So some scientists began to try to explain it with theology. Maybe in many people’s eyes, theology is totally contrary to science. Science thinks that everything happens for a reason, not the so-called masterpiece of the creator. But we have to face a reality, that is, Newton and Einstein have been studying theology in their later years, especially Newton put all his later years on theology.

You know, Newton and Einstein are both great scientists in the history of human science. Why did such two great scientists study theology? Did they find something? In fact, in his later years, there were not only two scientists who studied theology, but many of them, only the two great ones.


Is there really a God in this universe? Is everything in the universe controlled by God? In fact, from a scientific point of view, there is no God in this universe, and the so-called God may be a super civilization. We need to know that science can explain everything in the universe. In a sense, science is a great thing beyond the universe.

After the development of science to a certain stage, the mysteries of the universe and life can be revealed, and we can use science and technology to create life, which is the creator in a sense.

If science develops to a higher stage, will it have the ability to create the universe? Theoretically, it can. We can make a bold guess: 13.8 billion years ago, a super civilization used the power of science to create the universe? You know, the big bang scenario is very similar to the particle collision experiments we’re doing in quantum mechanics.


If the particle collider is a cosmic Collider, will the energy generated be the big bang scenario? Scientists believe that this possibility exists. For a super civilization that is reaching the end of science, it seems not difficult to build a cosmic collider.

Through the collision of particles, there was a super big bang, which produced a vast amount of energy. We all know that energy and matter can be transformed into each other, only some harsh conditions need to be met, and the energy generated by the big bang had these conditions, so the energy generated by the big bang was transformed into hydrogen, helium and other basic cosmic elements.


After the birth of these elements, super civilization applied powerful technology to the evolution of other things, and finally had a perfect universe. It is possible that human beings were born by the deliberate arrangement of super civilization. Scientists once put forward a zoo theory that the solar system or the earth is an experimental site for advanced civilization, and human beings are small white mice in this laboratory.

If we take this theory more boldly, will the whole universe also be the laboratory of super civilization? The earth and human beings are the research objects in this laboratory. This may also be the reason why the universe we see is so dead that we don’t find any extraterrestrial life and civilization.

Of course, all of the above are our conjectures. If we want to find the real answer behind the universe, we can only strive to continuously develop technology. Only when the power of science is strong, can we hope to continuously solve the mystery of the universe and finally figure out what’s going on in the universe?

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