Why does Yang Zhenning oppose the construction of large particle collider in China? It turned out that the time had not come

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. Although civilization has only been formed for more than 5000 years, the development of human civilization is very fast. Hundreds of years ago, mankind embarked on the road of scientific development, using science to constantly study and explore the secrets of the world.


This world and the universe beyond the earth have too many mysteries for us. People in ancient times could not understand these mysteries, so they all belong to the theory of immortals. There are many myths and legends. In myths and legends, the universe and everything in the universe are created by God. With the continuous progress of human civilization, more and more people begin to doubt theology.

When human beings entered the era of science, they abandoned theology completely and used science to explain everything in the world. From a scientific point of view, everything in the universe can be perfectly explained, and the basic components of the universe are all kinds of materials. As long as we understand the mysteries of the material world, we can uncover all the mysteries of the universe.

Even the intelligent life of human beings is composed of a variety of basic materials, which can be divided into macro and micro in the field of scientific exploration. After entering the era of science, the first thing to explore and study is macro physics. Macro things can be seen with the naked eye or can be detected and studied with simple instruments.


When scientists study the mystery of the macro world, they find that there is a micro world behind the macro world. The macroscopic matter we see is composed of microscopic particles, and many physical theories in the microscopic world are completely different from those in the macroscopic world. For example, many things in quantum mechanics subvert the existing macroscopic physics.

When we know the micro world, scientists are full of infinite interest in exploring the micro field. However, it is not as easy to study and explore the micro world as we think. The reason is that it is difficult to observe micro particles by ordinary means, and some particles are hidden very deeply, such as antimatter particles. We need a powerful means to discover these hidden particles.


At this time, scientists thought of the particle collider. We all know that the speed of particles can be infinitely close to the speed of light. If particles collide at a speed close to the speed of light, many incredible phenomena often occur. These data have an important relationship for us to study and explore the micro mysteries, and the micro affects the macro. With a large number of micro world data, we can have more understanding of matter and the universe, and even uncover the mystery behind the universe.

Particle collider also has a powerful function, that is, after the collision, there may be new particles, such as antimatter is found through particle collision. Even the dark matter that scientists have been searching for now may also be hidden in the deep areas of the micro world, and it needs to collide to find them.

In order to explore the mysteries of the micro world, in the last world, the powerful United States began to build the particle collider, which was a very expensive investment. The original budget was 4 billion US dollars, but after the completion, it spent nearly 10 billion US dollars. You know, at that time in 1989, the value of $10 billion was much higher than it is now.


With the particle collider, the U.S. exploration in the micro field has naturally come to the forefront of the world. In recent decades, China’s development speed is very amazing, and its comprehensive strength is also improving rapidly. In this century, China’s development speed in the field of science is also accelerating. At this time, it was proposed that China also needs to build a large particle collider to study and explore the mysteries of the micro world.

However, such a proposal has not been supported by all scientists. Many scientists oppose the construction of the particle collider in China, and the most influential representative is Yang Zhenning. I believe many friends know something about Yang Zhenning. He is a very famous scientist. He is the most authoritative and famous physicist among the “living” physicists in the world today. His “young mills theory” is considered to be the cradle of the Nobel Prize in physics. Nowadays, many physicists who have won the Nobel Prize are established under the “young mills theory”.


Yang Zhenning is the first Chinese physicist to win the Nobel Prize in the world. He is a leading figure in the field of high energy physics, so his proposal will naturally attract great attention. As a leader in the field of high energy physics, Yang Zhenning naturally understands how important a particle collider is to the research of quantum field, but why does he oppose the construction of large particle collider in China?

There have been many misunderstandings about Yang Zhenning’s patriotism, believing that his opposition to the construction of the particle collider in China had other intentions. But in fact, Yang Zhenning can return to the motherland in his later years and serve the country, which shows that he is very patriotic. The president of Tsinghua said that after his return, Yang Zhenning has promoted the research of Tsinghua Institute of physics for more than 50 years, and has trained at least 10 academicians and many young scientists for China.

In this case, why would Yang Zhenning object to the current construction of the particle collider in China? In fact, there are two aspects to this. The first aspect is money. As we said earlier, the particle collider is a very expensive equipment, and its construction is not impossible. As long as we are willing to invest money, with China’s scientific strength, there is no problem in completing it.


However, we should not forget that although China is the second largest economy in the world, second only to the United States in terms of overall economic strength, due to its large population, China is still in a developing country as a whole, and its people’s income is only medium in the world, and there are still many poor people and regions. Therefore, there are many places that need to spend money in our country.

Building a particle collider will cost a lot of money. The preliminary budget of experts is 140 billion yuan, which is only the preliminary budget. From the time it is built to the time it is completed, the final cost may be much larger than that. In the last world, the US spent $10 billion on a budget of $4 billion. Therefore, it is normal for China to spend hundreds of billions on building a large and powerful particle collider.


If the construction time can be completed quickly, it is also a good thing. The budget will not be too different from the actual investment. However, after research, it is found that it will take at least 28 years to build a particle collider in China. In such a long time, there will be many variables, and the final cost may far exceed the original budget.

The second aspect is the lack of scientists in the field of high energy physics in our country. The micro exploration of quantum mechanics is a hot field of physics in the 21st century. There is a great lack of scientists and talents in this field. Some talents in our country basically went to the United States to study, and finally stayed in the United States.

Such an advanced and powerful particle collider is a device if it is not used and researched by a large number of scientists in professional fields. The final result may be a wedding dress for other countries. China lacks top talents in this field. Once the particle collider is completed, it will probably cooperate with foreign scientific teams.


In this way, the final research results need to be shared with others. The particle collider that we spent hundreds of billions to build has become the research equipment of foreign scientific teams. We didn’t get much benefit, and its value has been greatly reduced.

To sum up the above two points, Professor Yang Zhenning’s opposition to the construction of the particle collider in China is very reasonable. Only when China’s scientific strength goes further and there are more scientists in this field, can we build the particle collider and explore the deep mysteries of the micro world, which is the best choice.

Of course, this kind of cognition is carried out from the standpoint of China’s interests. If we take the whole earth as a whole from the standpoint of human beings, then the construction of the particle collider in our country will naturally be of great benefit to the progress of human civilization. However, the achievements of this particle collider cannot be enjoyed exclusively by our country. What do you think of this?

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