Why does your mother force you to have breakfast every day

There has always been a famous saying in China that the plan of the day is in the morning. That is to say, every morning is the most important time of the day, so breakfast is particularly important. But with the acceleration of people’s life, there are many office workers who don’t care to eat in the morning, but do you know the harm of not having breakfast?


From a medical point of view, if you do not eat breakfast will cause some diseases on the body. The first thing to suffer from not having breakfast is our stomach. As we all know, the stomach secretes some gastric acid and various digestive enzymes, and the food we eat is digested by these gastric acid and digestive enzymes, thus absorbed into the body. If we do not eat breakfast, empty the stomach overnight, long time in a state of hunger, the stomach will automatically secrete a lot of gastric acid. If there is no food to decompose the gastric acid, it will erode our gastric mucosa and gastric tissue, resulting in gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis and other gastric diseases. Those who have suffered from stomach diseases all know that once they suffer from stomach diseases, it is difficult to cure them. You can’t touch anything that is cold or spicy. If you are greedy, it will hurt for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to have breakfast to protect our stomach.

In terms of our work. Work is a brain exhausting thing, and the supply of glucose to our brain is glucose. The glucose in our body is converted from the carbohydrates we eat. That is to say, if we don’t eat breakfast, it will cause our brain to slow down, our memory will decline, and our attention will be more difficult to concentrate. In this way, our work efficiency will also decline. So if we don’t eat breakfast, it will directly affect our work~


In terms of our weight loss and beauty. There are many people who deliberately skip meals in order to lose weight, but this is actually a misunderstanding. If they don’t eat breakfast, the body will consume carbohydrates and protein first, and fat last. And do not eat breakfast, we will not consciously eat more lunch and dinner, but also increase our desire to eat fried food. If we don’t eat a meal, we will eat more in the next day, so we will lose more and more fat. Moreover, not eating breakfast will cause our body dysfunction, resulting in endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders will also be shown in our face, such as acne, which will be related to not eating breakfast.


In fact, if we don’t eat breakfast, there are many hazards, but these hazards won’t be seen for a while. These hazards will gradually accumulate in our bodies, and will eventually be reflected in our bodies. Therefore, there are many advantages of having breakfast, and there are also many hazards of not having breakfast. If you want to be beautiful, you must have breakfast.

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