Why doesn’t America build skyscrapers now? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I understand

Which country is the most powerful skyscraper in the world? I believe people will say with one voice: the United States, indeed, began to build a large number of skyscrapers in the last century when the skyscraper construction technology was mature. In some important cities, such as New York, Chicago and other cities, skyscrapers have sprung up like mushrooms. But careful people will find that in recent decades, there has been no big change in the skyscrapers in the United States, and there is still a long way to go It’s the skyscrapers built in the last century. There are not many new skyscrapers. Why?

When it comes to houses, Chinese people are particularly sensitive to houses. Especially in recent years, the price of houses in China has been rising dramatically. Most of them just look at houses and sigh: they can’t afford to buy a house. Even if they can buy a house with down payment, they may have to fight for the repayment of the house loan all their lives. Countless people have become house slaves.

Skyscrapers in China are just the opposite of those in the United States. The United States began to build a large number of skyscrapers in the last century, while skyscrapers began to appear in China in recent decades. And now many skyscrapers appear every year. Many people can’t help asking: the United States has the ability to build so many skyscrapers in the last century, why don’t we build them now?


In fact, this problem is not too complicated. The United States is the world economic center. Many people say that the house price in the United States is not high, which mainly refers to the efficiency zone. But in the world financial center like New York, the price is also very expensive, and many people can’t afford it. There are many factors to consider in building high-rise buildings, such as subway, transportation, demolition, taxes, materials and labor And so on.

The high-rise buildings built in American big cities in the last century can only be demolished and rebuilt if they are too bad to be used. If you want to demolish these high-rise buildings to build higher ones, the cost will be very high. No businessman is willing to do this, and it is not so easy to demolish these high-rise buildings. There are many high-rise buildings around, and if you can’t deal with them, a high-rise building will collapse Good may cause domino effect and damage the surrounding buildings.

In addition, it is very difficult to build another high-rise building in the middle of the high-rise space. Even if it can be built, the cost will be several times more than that of normal construction. If you are a developer, will you go to build it? The cost of building such a high-rise building is ridiculously high. It is a loss business. Therefore, it is almost impossible to build high-rise buildings in American cities.

The population of the United States is very small compared with that of China. Many Americans choose to buy villas outside the efficiency zone. Some people in China also buy villas in the United States. Do Americans not want to live in cities like New York? Of course not. In fact, if many Americans have economic strength, they will choose to buy a house in a city like New York rather than a villa in the efficiency zone.


The price of villas outside the efficiency zone in the United States is not high. The real estate tax in a big city like New York will allow you to build a small villa in the efficiency zone. Therefore, more people choose to build villas in the efficiency zone for the sake of benefits, and one of the advantages of the suburbs is that the environment is good and you can breathe fresh air when you go out.

The situation in China is quite different from that in the United States. Not only the housing prices in cities are high, but also villas outside the efficiency zone need to be affordable. The main reason is that China has too many people. We divide the efficiency zone into cities, build all kinds of ring highways, ring subways, etc. in China, the efficiency zone is also a city, which is different from that in the United States. The efficiency zone in the United States is the efficiency zone, which is not included in the city It’s surrounded.

There are few skyscrapers built in the United States now. There is no place to build them in the city. There are villas and courtyards outside the efficiency zone. However, the construction of skyscrapers in China is still hot. There will be more skyscrapers in the future, and China must also build skyscrapers. It is necessary to push bungalows and low-rise buildings upside down to build skyscrapers, so as to adapt to the trend of population growth Countless people are suffering from headache. Income is not directly proportional to high housing prices.


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