Why doesn’t the space station be built into a ring? It’s not because of technology, but because of it

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Half a century ago, mankind opened the era of space exploration, and the future focus will also be on space exploration. To better explore space, a space station is a must. Space station is also called space station, space station. It is a kind of manned spacecraft operating in low earth orbit for a long time, which can be visited by many astronauts, work and live for a long time.

With the assistance of the space station, human space exploration can be better carried out. However, we found that the interior of the international space station is still in a vacuum state, and the astronauts working in it can not have the same gravity effect as the earth. But last year, after watching wandering earth, many people envied the huge annular International Space Station in the film.


The space station in wandering earth can simulate artificial gravity. People can work in it and enjoy the effect of gravity just like the earth. With the effect of gravity, people’s health and work will be very good. And people can also work in the space station for a long time, so some people asked this question: why does our space station not build a ring? If we build a ring, wouldn’t we also have artificial gravity?

Some people may say that the annular structure space station in wandering earth is just an idea of the author. In reality, it cannot be built or provided with artificial gravity. Is that really the case? In fact, it is not. The annular structure of the space station can simulate the artificial gravity environment, which has been recognized by scientists. In theory, it can be done, and there is no exaggeration in the film.

If the annular structure of the space station can provide artificial gravity, then why don’t we build it? Is technology too difficult? Can’t we do it with human science and technology? As a matter of fact, with the current science and technology of human beings, we can barely build the annular space station. The main reason why we don’t do it is that the cost is too expensive for human beings to bear at present.


I believe many people know that the current space exploration business is totally piled up by money, and every rocket launch needs to consume a lot of money. Just launching a small satellite will cost up to a few billion yuan. If it is to launch some large components, the money required is a huge number.

Just like this, there are not many countries in the world that can afford the space industry. Only some big countries have strong financial strength to carry out space research and exploration. Compared with ordinary spacecraft, the space station is a huge man-made building. It costs a lot of money to complete the construction of a space station.

At the beginning of the construction of the international space station, the rocket launch cost alone cost more than 50 billion US dollars, not to mention the various maintenance costs in the later period. So an international space station is not affordable if you want to play, it needs a very strong economic strength. At present, the total length of the international space station is only 108 meters. If we want to build a ring structure, we need at least a ring with a diameter of 100 meters. In addition, we need more external structures.


As a result, the annular space station is many times larger than the current international space station, and the prize money required may reach more than one trillion US dollars. Just imagine how many countries can afford such a huge bonus? Of course, I can’t afford it. Some people may say that trillions of dollars is a burden for a country, but if we look at the whole world, I believe it won’t be difficult to take it out?

Indeed, if all countries in the world contribute, I believe the cost of building a circular space station can be covered. But the real situation is, how many countries will pay such money? It’s not a matter of billions, billions of dollars, it’s a matter of trillions. Any country that takes out this money will have a great impact on its own economy. So no country is willing to do so.

And there are too many participating countries. How to divide and manage the international space station in the future? It is precisely because human civilization is not a unified civilization, it is composed of more than 100 countries, so it is impossible to concentrate on doing things. As we all know, the construction of the annular space station is of great significance to the whole human civilization, but if we want to complete it, we can’t do it under the current situation of human beings.


The main reason for the construction of the annular space station is that the transportation cost is too high. We are still using fossil energy. If we want to transport materials into space by relying on fossil energy, we can only use rockets to boost it, and the cost will be very high. With the current scientific and technological strength of mankind, a circular space station may bring down the human economy, so even if the technical conditions are met, we can’t really carry out it.

If you want to build a circular space station, the most important thing is to greatly reduce the cost of material transportation. If you want to greatly reduce the cost of space transportation, you need to update energy technology and replace fossil energy with more powerful energy, so that the spacecraft can enter space and get rid of the shackles of rockets. Only when the spaceship can get in and out of space freely, and there is no need for rockets, the transportation cost of our space materials will be greatly reduced.

At that time, it used to cost trillions of yuan to build a space station, but now it may only cost tens of billions of yuan. With cheap space transportation costs, the desire to build a ring space station will come true. With the ring structure and artificial gravity inside the spacecraft, people can walk freely in the space station.


A major breakthrough in energy technology is the key to the construction of the annular space station, but it is also very difficult to achieve a major breakthrough in energy technology. The controllable nuclear fusion technology that scientists have been looking forward to has been studied as early as 50 years ago. But now 50 years later, controllable nuclear fusion technology is still far away. It may be at least another 50 years.

Once controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, human space exploration will also usher in a new journey. At that time, our spacecraft will be able to go in and out of the earth freely, and it will be very cheap to transport materials into space. At that time, we will be able to build a large annular space station. Meet the needs of space exploration.

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