Why doesn’t the space station build rotating structures to simulate gravity? It’s more complicated than we thought

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With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. When human beings have the technology and ability to fly, the first thing they think of is to build a space station, so that they can better observe and study the earth and space through the station.

We know that the earth has a thick atmosphere. If the ground-based telescopes want to observe the scenes and mysteries in the deep space, they will be blocked by the atmosphere and can’t see clearly enough. Only when there is no obstruction of the earth’s atmosphere in space can we see further and more clearly. Moreover, it is very convenient to observe the earth in space. More importantly, some possible UFOs may be found through the space station.


The space station is very useful to human beings, but we found that the astronauts’ action in the space station is not like that on earth, but in the form of floating. The reason for this is that the space station does not have the same gravity as the earth. Working under the microgravity loop mirror, the muscles of the human body will atrophy, and the heart load will be reduced. In order to reduce the impact of microgravity on the human body, astronauts will generally be given simple physical training every day. Moreover, it is difficult for astronauts to work in the space station for a long time. Basically, they need to return to earth every once in a while, and then send new astronauts to the space station.

At the beginning of this year, a science fiction movie became popular, which is wandering earth. What impresses people in this movie is that the international space station finally collides with Jupiter, which successfully ignites Jupiter and saves the earth. If you are careful, you will find that the international space station in wandering earth is much more powerful than our reality. One of the most important functions is that the space station has simulated gravity. People’s life on the space station is no different from that on the earth, and they can stay in the space station for a long time.

Through the description of the film, we know that the reason why the pilot International Space Station in the film can have the same gravity as the earth is that the space station uses a rotating mechanism to simulate gravity. We will find that the international caddy station in wandering earth is circular, surrounded by a huge ring structure. It is this ring structure that generates centrifugal force through high-speed rotation, so that the space station has simulated gravity.

After watching the space station, many people have such a question: why don’t we build a rotating mechanism to simulate gravity? This should not be too difficult, but the actual situation is far more complicated than we thought. Theoretically, this method is completely feasible. The essence of centrifugal force is inertial force, and its effect is no different from the real force. The space station gravity simulation technology in wandering earth is not completely impossible. But it needs to be very big.


In order to generate gravity in space, the building must have a supporting force on the human body. According to the relationship between the centripetal force of circular motion and the speed, we can make the space station rotate around a center. Before rotation, there is no force on the inner wall of the human body and the space station, which is weightless. When the space station rotates, the inner wall will produce a supporting force to the human body, which is the centripetal force. At this time, the human will obtain a certain gravity. As long as the mass and rotation speed of the space station reach certain conditions, the space station can produce the same gravity as the earth.

Although this theory is very good, no country dares to adopt this model at present. There are many problems involved, such as driving power, manufacturing materials, structural types, energy consumption, etc. If any link fails to meet the conditions, it may bring huge unknown risks to the space station, because the gravity generated by this rotating device is not stable on the earth. Enough weight. The space station built in this way is much larger than it is now, and the huge increase in mass brings huge material transportation costs.

The Rockets we are using now are disposable consumables, which can not be used repeatedly. The disposable rockets are about US $5000-10000 per kilogram, and the overall cost of transporting a large amount of material to space is still very huge. If we want to build a giant space station to meet the long-term life of astronauts, and build a huge ring structure to simulate gravity, the cost is the highest in any country at present The family can’t afford it.


Even if the money is finally settled, to build a giant space station in space, gravity alone is not enough, and more powerful materials are needed. If the materials are not good and the space station is built too large, the risk will be even greater. Therefore, if we want to build a huge rotating structure of the space station to achieve artificial gravity, we must first solve the material problem, and we need to develop stronger materials.

After the material problem is solved, we have to solve the transportation problem. With the present space launch technology, the cost is too high. Rockets are all disposable. Only when we realize the rocket technology that we can attach importance to, can we greatly reduce the transportation cost of rockets. Only in this way can we spend less and hope to build a huge rotating structure space station. At present, a space station built by many countries in the world is about 73 meters long and 108 meters wide. It is expected to be decommissioned in 2024, with a total cost of nearly 160 billion US dollars. This kind of space station is different from the space station in wandering earth.

And there is also a decisive factor in building a huge rotating space station to simulate gravity, which is powerful power. Human beings in wandering earth have realized controllable nuclear fusion technology, and the power of space station is also nuclear fusion. As long as such a powerful power can completely and stably drive the operation of the huge annular space station.

If we are now reluctant to build such a huge annular structure space station, but without the corresponding strong power as the core, it is impossible to achieve safe and stable operation. If we are reluctant to replace it with other power, it may make the operation of the space station very unstable, and there will be great danger if we do not do it well. Thus, it can be seen that there is no problem for the annular structure space station to realize the simulation of gravity in theory, but in the actual construction, it needs the cooperation of a number of technologies, and human beings do not have any of these technologies now.


Of course, if human beings are given hundreds of years of development time, controllable nuclear fusion with high probability can be realized, and the high-strength materials needed for the space station can also be realized. At that time, with nuclear fusion energy, materials could be transported from the earth and space directly by spaceship without rocket, and the cost would be very low. It is possible that at that time, scientists will build a space station larger than that in wandering earth, so that people can live and work in a space station with gravity for a long time.

However, using centrifugal force to simulate gravity through rotating structure is not perfect artificial gravity. The real artificial gravity can be easily realized in small spaceships. To make ordinary spaceships have gravity, we need to master anti gravity technology. This is a powerful technology that can really achieve artificial gravity.

As long as the anti gravity technology is realized, it will be very easy for the spacecraft to enter and leave the earth. At the same time, the spacecraft can have a gravity system, and the gravity in the spacecraft is the same as that on the earth. Only the anti gravity technology and artificial gravity technology have been realized. Only human beings can really start Star Trek. Otherwise, before human beings realize artificial gravity, we can’t stay in the spaceship for a long time, so we can’t carry out Star Trek naturally.


Therefore, when human beings can go out of the solar system for interstellar navigation one day, it means that human beings have mastered the anti gravity technology and man-made gravity technology. Of course, we have to eat a mouthful. The next step of the energy revolution is controllable nuclear fusion. When it comes true, the dream of the annular space station will come true.

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