Why don’t alien civilizations come to earth? Maybe the level of human civilization is too low for them to look up to

The universe is vast and full of unknowns and mysteries. Since human beings have their own abilities, their exploration of space has never stopped. With the continuous development of science and technology, human beings have gradually walked out of the earth and into the universe.

When we see the vast universe, a huge question appears in front of us: is human being lonely in the universe? Is there any intelligent civilization like human beings?


Most people think that alien civilization exists, because the universe is too big for us to imagine. The Milky way we live in is about 100000 light-years in diameter, with hundreds of billions of stars, and there are at least trillions of earth like planets in the habitable zone.

Such a large number, even if the probability of life is very low, there will be intelligent civilization in the huge galaxy. If you look at the universe, there may be as many as trillions of large galaxies like the Milky way.

Does alien civilization exist?


Scientists also believe in the existence of alien civilizations. No matter how harsh the conditions for the birth of life are, there should be many living planets and many alien civilizations in the universe.

Since there are alien civilizations in the universe, why can’t humans find them?


In fact, the main reason is that human science and technology are too weak. We haven’t reached the standard of interstellar civilization, and we can’t go out of the solar system and explore various galaxies. Therefore, it’s very difficult to take the initiative to find alien civilization.

If we can’t find the aliens, can we turn the initiative into passivity? When the alien civilization came to the earth to explore, take the initiative to contact and contact with human beings.

Theoretically, this should be feasible, but the reality is that up to now, no advanced civilization has come to visit the earth. People once sent the space probe Voyager carrying the special gold-plated record “voice of the earth” into space. The record recorded all kinds of audio and video information about human beings, but there was still no response.


So, some people have such a question: why didn’t advanced civilization visit the earth?

There are about 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe. Judging from this huge digital age, we can feel that different lives will appear quietly at all stages of the birth of the universe. For alien civilizations, they may have appeared tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years earlier than the earth or human beings. After such a long period of development, their scientific and technological strength is certainly far beyond our imagination.


Therefore, some scientists summed up the reasons why two higher alien civilizations did not visit the earth.

The first reason is that the higher alien civilizations feel that human civilization is too low-level to communicate with us.

Take ants for example! In our eyes, ants are very small. We can control the life and death of the whole ant kingdom. If ants also have intelligent life and form their own ant civilization, can ants discover human civilization?


The answer, obviously, is No.

Many people on the Internet can’t say that the two-dimensional world can’t be recognized by human beings. In the ant kingdom, they have their own civilization development, scientists, artists and so on. But even so, for many things, ants are hard to understand.


For example, the sky suddenly fell hot “rain”, which caused a “flood”, so that countless ants died. Or suddenly one day, a “laser” came down from the sky, destroying their cities and taking their lives. For the scientists in the ant kingdom, it must be incomprehensible that such a thing happens. They will only think that it is a natural disaster in the universe, and they will not think that it is a little prank done by human beings.

Today, we, like ants, know nothing about the civilization beyond us. Therefore, higher civilization disdains to “play” with us.

Reason 2: there is nothing on earth or in the solar system that can attract advanced civilization


Resources are very important for the development of any civilization. On earth, people think that all kinds of metals and fossil energy are the necessary materials for development. However, in the eyes of alien higher civilizations, the resources they need may be totally different from ours. They may have started to use black hole energy, dark matter energy and so on, which we are still completely elusive, so they don’t look up to the energy of the earth.

So even though they have discovered the existence of human beings, they are not willing to visit the earth and communicate with the earth people.


Maybe we can only wait until our strength can match them, when we enter the real interstellar civilization, we can contact the aliens! Now active contact, as Hawking said, may be very dangerous!

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