Why don’t aliens come to earth to have direct contact with human beings

As of today, many people all over the country claim to have seen things suspected of UFO, and some even claim to have seen aliens.

What’s more exaggerated is that the protagonist of the Meng Zhaoguo incident even said that he was defiled by aliens. Later, major TV stations also reported on him, and scholars from all walks of life also studied him. Unfortunately, there was no big discovery in the end, and no one could explain those strange phenomena.

According to Xiao Bian’s understanding, in every UFO live alien incident, there are many witnesses, many of whom do not know each other, so it is impossible for so many people to cheat.

Is there any alien in the world? It was once very curious. If there are aliens, why don’t they come to earth to have direct contact with people on earth?


Positive contact refers to the direct communication and normal communication between aliens and earth people, such as meeting with the leaders of countries on earth, accepting interviews with the earth’s news media, meeting the earth’s public, etc. Why are aliens hiding from humans?

Of course, these problems, we have to assume that under the premise of the existence of aliens, Xiaobian has read an article on the Internet before. The general meaning is that the reason why aliens do not want to have direct contact with earthlings is that there are communication barriers between aliens and earthlings.

Just as there is a gap between man and monkey on the earth, it is very difficult for man to exchange ideas with monkey, and it is inevitable for monkey trainer to conduct a series of induction and demonstration.

At present, aliens visiting the earth can understand human behavior and thinking, but human can’t understand alien thinking and behavior, just as human can understand monkey’s behavior, but monkey can’t understand human’s behavior and thinking. This is animal psychological barrier or thinking gap. It’s very difficult to integrate the two.

For another example, on the earth, not only human beings but also some animals have life. However, there are communication barriers between human beings and animals. It can be said that human beings on the earth are undoubtedly the most intelligent life on the planet.


Compared with other life (animals), we have the highest intelligence, but we don’t have many abilities that we don’t think the so-called lower animals have, such as:

1. We don’t have the ability to distinguish infrasound, but many animals have it, such as mice, so many animals have the ability to predict earthquakes, which is actually determined by the perception of infrasound.

2. Our sense of smell is far less developed than that of dogs or cats. The sense of smell of dogs is tens of thousands of times that of human beings. We can track our prey for several kilometers with the residual smell. This ability is almost incredible to us.

3. We can’t resist the attack of certain bacteria, which may be fatal to us, but flies and mosquitoes, for example, can skillfully use this kind of bacteria.


4. Some animals can metamorphosis to protect themselves, and even can change color, and these are the magic power that we human beings can’t do.

5. Bats can be precisely oriented by sound waves similar to ultrasound, which we humans cannot.

6. Ants can move things four times heavier than their own bodies, and the strongest man in our human race can’t.

7. Birds flying in the sky can find their nests thousands of miles away by magic.

8. The shark that swam in the sea can smell the bloody smell several miles away.


Such things happen everywhere in our nature. It can be said that when God created all things, he also seems to endow all things with different supernatural powers.

Each species has its own unique ability. Comparatively speaking, we humans can say nothing, but we are smarter and more advanced than them.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to imagine that those aliens, we first assume that there must be aliens, then I think no matter how much intelligence these aliens have is higher than our Earthlings, we are even astonished at the level of science and technology.

But why don’t they contact us? I don’t think the reason is as simple as some people think. For example, we are too primitive and low-level. They disdain to communicate with us, but there are other reasons.


I think the life with advanced wisdom must be kind and friendly, just like us on earth. For example, we will care about and love those lovely animals, and even establish protection regulations and territory for them.

We will raise dogs, kittens and other pets, and we will try our best to help those endangered animals. These are one of the characteristics of advanced intelligent creatures, so it’s illogical to say that they don’t communicate at all.

So why don’t they communicate with us? The answer is that we on earth may have some civilizations and technologies that they don’t have. Although they have higher wisdom than us, we also have abilities that they don’t have.

In this way, it is reasonable that aliens do not want to have direct contact with the earth. These are not impossible, of course, about the great wall of China was built with the help of aliens, aliens help China resist Japan, those are pure fiction.

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