Why don’t astronauts dare to speak up when they enter space? The reason behind it is so tearful!

Why don’t astronauts dare to speak up when they enter space? The reason behind it is so tearful!


Everyone has a dream since childhood, set a goal for themselves, do anything will have the motivation, people who keep pace with the times is the best, constantly build and upgrade themselves, with positive energy people, so that they can make progress. Since entering the era of science and technology, people’s lives have changed unprecedentedly, and many distant dreams have been realized.


In people’s eyes, astronauts are a brave job. Every astronaut has to accept great challenges, not only physical fitness, but also courage. Every astronaut landing in space has great determination. After all, space is an uncertain environment, far away from the earth, and there are dangers at any time and anywhere. These astronauts are very brave The contribution made by the country is not clear in a word. Many astronauts dare not speak up when they enter space. This is a strange thing. Why on earth? Why don’t astronauts dare to speak up when they enter space? The reason behind it is so tearful!


As we all know, space belongs to a state of vacuum. Astronauts must wear heavy spacesuits, or they can’t move on them. When they speak, they are all whispering. Many people are surprised. Is it that loud speaking can threaten the lives of astronauts? Through research, scientists found that it is related to the law of conservation of energy.


Someone once did an alarm clock experiment, setting the alarm clock in a sealed container. When the time came, the alarm clock would keep making sound, but after a period of time, the alarm clock broke down, so scientists speculated that the energy would be damaged by swimming in a closed space, and the damage degree was great. According to the known physics, it is impossible to transmit sound in a vacuum. Even if the sound is too loud, no one can hear it. The inaudible sound will be transformed into another way of existence, which may endanger the health of astronauts. Therefore, they will speak softly rather than loudly.


After the astronauts turn off the communicator, if they shout in space, they will not be heard. They will only see their lips moving, and they can’t know what they are saying. Every astronaut has great courage and deserves everyone’s respect. They have gone through a lot of hardships and left footprints in the aerospace field, which has made great strides in the development of all countries. Any work deserves to be respected.


Astronauts are also extremely difficult. We only see the bright surface, but we don’t know that they pay too much sweat behind it. These honors are bought by their own lives. Today, with the development of science and technology, human beings are still building detectors and telescopes to learn more about space. At present, human beings are no longer a blank in space. These are the results of astronauts’ efforts. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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