Why don’t humans have memories before the age of six? The scientists explained that the reason had something to do with it!

I don’t know if you have such a feeling. Our memory before the age of 6 is often vague, and many fragmentary memory fragments are known from others. Scientists have also paid attention to this problem. They believe that this is because the human brain is not fully developed before the age of 6, so many memories can not be printed in the brain. At the age of 6, neurons reach the peak, and then gradually decrease, so many memories will be forgotten.


The brain is the leading organ of the human body. With the growth of age, the development of the brain is more and more perfect. But before the age of 6, the brain is still in the development stage. There is a close relationship between memory and brain development. In fact, for children, their memory is still very good, a lot of recent events will be engraved in their minds. However, most of the memories before the age of 6 belong to short-term memory. At that time, the memory capacity of the brain was limited and the storage time was short, so humans would not remember what happened before the age of 6.



In the brain, the hippocampus is responsible for human memory. The hippocampus can consolidate the short-term memory, but the hippocampus gradually matures at the age of 4-5 years. Before the hippocampus matures, the memory can not be transmitted to the hippocampus. As time goes on, these memories are naturally forgotten. In addition to the consolidation of the hippocampus, memory can not become more stable without the connection of neurons. In fact, in childhood, the connection ability of neurons is better than that of adults, so the older we get, the more fuzzy our memory of childhood becomes.


Life is unpredictable, we always have a variety of experiences, as the brain receives more information, the number and connectivity of neurons will change. Many young people in the heavy pressure of life, memory ability is also greatly reduced. Many people not only can’t remember what happened in childhood, but also have doubts about what happened recently.

Before the age of 6, children’s memory has not been consolidated, and there is also a lack of scientific memory methods. Many memories are potential behaviors. Therefore, after the age of 6, children have also received more standardized education, and their memory ability has been greatly improved. So in different age stages, memory also has different development rules. Before the age of 6, we often use unintentional memory, and gradually forget these experiences when we grow up.


In fact, the development of life is also a process of separation. The storage capacity of the brain is limited. Many unimportant memories are automatically deleted. The memory hidden in the deep of the mind is the softest part of our heart. These memories have become valuable wealth in life, and we have learned a lot. What do you think?


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