Why don’t lions and tigers attack giant pandas? You can see the angry look of panda

The earth is the only living planet in the solar system, and there are many kinds of life on the earth, among which there are about 1.5 million kinds of animals known at present. With the continuous progress and changes of history, with the influence of the earth’s environment and human activities, this kind of animal species is gradually decreasing, some are completely extinct, some are on the verge of death.

Countries around the world have successively issued various animal protection laws to provide key protection for those endangered animals. Giant panda is an endemic species in China and is already an endangered animal. At present, there are less than 1600 wild giant pandas in the world, and the number of captive giant pandas is only a few hundred. It is a first-class protected animal in China, known as “living fossil” and “national treasure of China” The image ambassador of WWF is the flagship species of biodiversity conservation in the world.

Giant pandas have a very long history, otherwise they would not be called living fossils. They have lived on the earth for at least 8 million years, which is much longer than that of human beings. When it comes to giant pandas, people first think of their fat body, big and black eyes and cute face, which are deeply loved by people. Moreover, they can play tricks to sell cute. Anyone who sees them will think that pandas are so cute and have a strong desire to protect them.

People only see that pandas are harmless, but few people think about the strength and combat effectiveness of giant pandas. Some people may say that giant pandas are so cute that they are weak at first sight. It’s estimated that they can’t even fight a dog. If you think so, that’s wrong. If the fighting capacity of pandas is really weak, why haven’t we heard of giant pandas being eaten by tigers and lions?

Some people may say that giant pandas are so rare and protected by the state at all levels that tigers and lions have no chance to get close to them. Giant panda has become a first-class protected animal in recent decades. In ancient times, giant panda was not a rare species, and there were still a large number of them. However, in some historical records, it has never been recorded that giant panda was eaten by tiger lion. Have giant panda and tiger lion never met in the forest for thousands of years? Of course, it can’t be.


There is only one kind of fact. Tigers and lions dare not easily provoke giant pandas, or do not want to fight with them. It can be seen that the fighting capacity of giant pandas is not weak. Just now, we said that the giant panda has a history of 8 million years on earth. It is an omnivorous animal. In ancient times, there was another giant panda named iron eater. It is said that it was Chiyou’s mount. It can become Chiyou’s mount. The giant panda is not a fuel-saving lamp. It can’t do without strong strength.

We all know that pandas like to eat bamboo, and 90% of their food is mainly bamboo. But in history, pandas ate meat, and now scientists have classified them as carnivores. But why did giant pandas stop eating meat and eat vegetarian instead? This may have something to do with the laziness of pandas.

We have seen giant pandas in zoos and ecological reserves. In addition to their cute appearance, we see that most of the time giant pandas are active except eating and sleeping, and only red pandas are active. Adult giant pandas are lazy sitting there eating bamboo, or sleeping, and rarely active. In addition to the pandas in these reserves, wild giant pandas are also active There’s less momentum. In fact, they are lazy.

It is because giant pandas are lazy. If they want to eat meat, they have to go out hunting. According to the fighting capacity of giant pandas, except for tigers and lions, other animals are really not rivals of pandas. If pandas can go out hunting, there is no problem in eating meat, but pandas are lazy to do it. Bamboo seeds in the forest can be easily eaten nearby. So slowly, pandas are The animals that ate meat finally ate bamboo instead.

So why don’t tigers and lions dare to fight head-on with giant pandas? It’s not that you can’t beat it, it’s not worth it. First of all, the next panda belongs to the family Ursidae. We all know that bears have thick and strong skins. The northern bear is the leader of bears and can compete with the Siberian tiger in combat effectiveness. The giant panda ranks fourth in the family Ursidae in combat effectiveness. Therefore, the combat effectiveness of the giant panda is indeed not weak.

Tiger lion is in direct conflict with giant panda. In the end, giant panda can’t beat tiger lion. However, even if tiger lion defeats giant panda, it will hurt itself seriously. It’s a very uneconomic business. Tiger lion is not stupid either. When it comes to giant panda, it can’t fight without fighting.


Giant pandas don’t look lazy, but they also have several big skills. The average thickness of a giant panda is 5mm, and the thickest part can reach 1cm. What animal’s skin can be so thick, so its defense is particularly strong. In addition, the bite force of giant pandas is well-known in the animal world. No matter how hard the bamboo is, it can easily be broken. Every time Xiaobian goes to the zoo to see giant pandas eat bamboo, he envies people’s teeth. In addition to its powerful biting force, giant panda’s claws are also very sharp.

Another skill of giant panda is climbing trees. Its fat body has the ability to climb trees like a cat. This may be a unique skill that has been cultivated for a long time in order to eat the fresh bamboo at a high place. It is precisely because giant panda has a very strong ability to climb trees, and it has a strong fighting capacity. Once it encounters tigers, lions and other large beasts in the forest, it can fight when it can’t To quickly climb up the tree, so that the tiger and lion will not move.

Many friends may have said that we have never seen a giant panda angry. Indeed, although the giant panda has a strong fighting capacity, as people say, it can eat by strength, but it chooses to eat by face instead. Giant panda is a very docile animal. It seldom attacks other animals or human beings, and is very friendly to human beings. Red panda likes to play with human beings.

Although giant pandas seldom lose their temper, don’t think that they have no temper. If you deliberately provoke them, you will be very unfriendly to you. At that time, you will know that their combat effectiveness is not vegetarian. Moreover, there is another period for giant pandas that it’s better not to provoke them. That is, when they have a baby, the giant panda is always in their arms after they are born At this time, the giant panda is full of fighting power to protect its children. At this time, other animals dare to pick the bank and try to hurt its children. That will let you really see what Kung Fu Panda is. When the iron eater came back, you will understand that the giant panda is really not easy to provoke. No wonder the tiger The lion is not willing to conflict with it.

Guys, what do you think of the fighting capacity of giant pandas? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.


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