Why don’t meteorites hurt people? It seems that there is invisible power in the control, and the truth behind it is not simple

The earth is one of the eight planets belonging to the solar system. We live on the earth, and the earth is one of the eight planets belonging to the solar system. This is a planetary system limited by the solar gravity. The solar system has eight planets, 173 known satellites and tens of thousands of small celestial bodies.


In order to better understand the solar system, we studied the formation of the solar system and found that the planets in the solar system were a huge interstellar molecular cloud 4.6 billion years ago, so the mass inside the sun was concentrated on the sun, forming the so-called solar system. What’s more, the solar system is like a huge protective cover for our survival and utilization of the earth, so that human beings can observe the changes of the solar system at any time. By observing that scientists have found anomalies and think that it is likely that advanced civilizations are manipulating it, what have scientists found?

The environment of cosmic space is very complex. There are countless planets in the vast universe. Some of them run in the universe in their own way, while others don’t play cards according to common sense. They will hit other planets and cause the situation of both sides to lose.


There are a large number of planets in the universe. Therefore, planetary collision often occurs in the universe. Planetary collision is a common occurrence for the universe. Therefore, no matter which planet it is, it will be in danger of being collided at any time, and even the earth is inevitable.


Compared with those “bad comers” planets or meteorites, the size of the earth is still large, so the earth can always defuse the crisis caused by these planetary impacts. Because the earth has a thick atmosphere, the atmosphere is our protective layer to a certain extent. When planets or meteorites hit the earth, they will pass through the atmosphere and produce friction, which will consume the energy of the planets and even produce violent combustion. Therefore, when they land on the earth, they will become tiny meteorites.

Nevertheless, scientists have found that when meteorites land on the earth, they usually fall on the outskirts of the country. There are no people, so they will not cause casualties. Only a small number of meteorites will fall on cities. But what is the reason for this phenomenon? Why do meteors only fall in suburban areas?


In fact, there are a lot of meteors scattered on the earth. It is understood that there are about 3-7 trillion meteors falling on the earth every year. It can be seen that there are many meteors on the earth who are not good at coming. However, we rarely hear about the casualties caused by meteorite impact on the earth. Therefore, some scientists speculate that there may be advanced civilizations manipulating the earth.


It’s a coincidence that the meteorite will not hurt people, especially in the suburbs far away from the earth. In addition to these, there are many other strange phenomena on the earth, and it is impossible for human beings to find the answer. Therefore, people speculate that the advanced civilization may be manipulating the earth and paying silent attention to the changes of the earth.

In fact, people have always been full of speculation about advanced civilization. What’s your view on the meteorite fall? Please share your views with us in the comments section.

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