Why don’t tigers and lions attack giant pandas? After watching the origin of the giant panda, I understand

After entering the industrial age, although the rapid development of science and technology has brought earth shaking changes to people’s lives, but also to human civilization has brought a leap, but the rapid development of science and technology has also brought many side effects. One of the major side effects is the deterioration of the ecological environment.

The deteriorating ecological environment not only makes the earth lose a lot of green, but also makes many animals continue to be extinct, some animals are on the verge of extinction. When we go to the zoo, we will see many rare national protected animals. One of them is very popular. It is known as the giant panda.

Giant panda is the first-class national protection of the earth, is a unique species in China, it has a black and white body, big head with two cute black eye. What’s more, giant pandas are very docile and basically don’t attack humans. We can often see the zoo keepers playing with giant pandas.


The gentle and lovely nature of giant panda attracts not only Chinese tourists, but also people from all over the world. As a unique first-class protected animal in China, giant pandas are often sent abroad to represent the friendship between the two countries. The treatment of giant pandas abroad is better than that at home, and basically everyone likes giant pandas very much. The reason why I like it is not only because it is rare, but the most important thing is that giant pandas are not only gentle but also very cute.

You know, giant pandas are tall animals in the animal world, and tall animals often have bad personalities. Therefore, people are afraid to be attacked if they want to get close to large animals. But giant pandas don’t attack humans on their own. If you get along with them well, they will be very sticky. It can be said that giant pandas are a wonderful flower among large animals.

More and more people pay attention to the giant panda. Many people begin to study the history of the giant panda. You know, in ancient times, there were a lot of giant pandas, and they were not national protected animals. In the process of continuous research, people have found a very strange fact: that is, in all kinds of historical records since ancient times, there has never been a record of lions and tigers eating giant pandas. What’s the matter?

You know, nature is a world of the jungle. In nature’s animal chain, lions and tigers are at the top of the food chain. Other animals, whether small rabbits or giant elephants, have records of being eaten by tigers and lions. But why are there no records of giant pandas being eaten by tigers and lions?


The only reason for this is that lions and tigers will not attack giant pandas. Why? Are tigers and lions afraid of giant pandas? In fact, as long as we understand the origin of the giant panda, we will understand the mystery. Speaking of giant panda, it has a very long history. According to the archaeological research of scientists, the ancestor of giant panda was born 8 million years ago.

The ancestor of the giant panda is the first panda, which evolved from the pseudobear, and is mainly carnivorous. In the later stage of evolution, the first panda also divided into several branches. The main branches evolved in southern and central China. Three million years ago, it evolved into a new type of panda, which is small and omnivorous.

Later, this group of pandas expanded to the subtropical zone, and related fossils were found in North China, Northwest China, East China, Southwest China, South China, Vietnam and northern Myanmar. In this process, the giant panda adapted to the life of the subtropical bamboo forest, gradually grew in size and depended on bamboo for a living. Through these understandings, we can see that giant panda is a very old animal. They can survive in the predatory biological world for millions of years. It is absolutely impossible without certain strength.


So what kind of strength does the giant panda have? Maybe many people think that giant pandas are so gentle and cute that they should have no strong fighting capacity. If you think so, it’s a big mistake. The fighting capacity of giant pandas is very good. The reason why they don’t show it is mainly because they are weak in character. They are gentle and don’t like to fight for half. Unless forced, they generally don’t take the initiative to provoke right and wrong.

Tigers and lions are the king of animals, but if you really want to fight with bears, it’s hard to fight bears alone. This is evidenced by many battle videos. Zoologists have also seen tigers fight with bears in the wild, and the bear won in the end. The giant panda ranks fourth in the bear family. It can be seen that the fighting capacity of the giant panda is absolutely not weak. We are just fooled by its cute appearance.

There are three ways for giant panda to survive in nature. One is to rely on its strong bite force. We can see giant pandas eating bamboo in the zoo is like eating cotton. It’s very relaxed. If you think bamboo is easy to chew, you can have a try. Only giant pandas can chew bamboo so easily in the animal kingdom.

From this, we can see how powerful the bite force of giant panda is. Its bite force is famous in the animal kingdom. No animal skin can withstand the bite of a giant panda, which is the most powerful active attack weapon of a giant panda. In addition to its powerful bite force, giant pandas are also famous for their thick skin.


I believe many friends know that there is nothing wrong with a giant panda falling from a tree several meters high. When the zoo keepers catch the pandas, they also walk around directly with their necks. It can be seen that the skin of the panda is very thick, and the thickest part can be up to 10 mm. Have you ever seen an animal with a skin thickness of one centimeter? It’s incredible just to think about it. Our human skin is only 0.5mm thick on average. Compare with giant panda, you will know the gap.

It is because giant pandas have very thick skin protection, so even if they fall from a relatively high tree, they will not be injured. Because giant pandas often need to climb to the high bamboo to eat fresh bamboo, it is inevitable that they fall from the tree. It may also be that pandas need to climb trees frequently, and they are fat and easy to fall from trees. Therefore, in the long process of evolution, they have evolved very thick skin.

This skin gives pandas a very strong defense ability. Even if they are attacked by tigers and lions, it is difficult for them to completely break the defense. After the tigers and lions bite the thick skin, the giant panda has already bitten the skin of the tigers and lions. It can be seen that once tigers and lions fight with giant pandas, their main attack means are biting. Tigers and lions have a strong biting force, and giant pandas have the same.


But there is a big difference in the thickness of the skin. Although tigers and lions are more agile and can get the upper hand in battle, it is not easy to really hurt giant pandas when they are bitten by hand to hand. But once the giant panda bites the tiger and lion by the neck, it may really kill them. In the long years of evolution, the ancestors of tigers and lions must have fought with the ancestors of giant pandas, but the result is that no one can get along with them.

It is possible that the ancestors of tigers and lions have suffered a great loss in the hands of giant pandas. We should know that the ancestors of giant pandas are not as weak as those of today’s pandas. They are definitely a bully of the forest. It is this kind of genetic information that has been passed down from generation to generation. Tigers and lions have known since childhood that giant pandas are not easy to be provoked. It’s best to avoid them when they encounter them.

Giant pandas are naturally good tempered. If you don’t attack them, they won’t attack other animals. It is because the giant panda is lazy, gentle and doesn’t like fighting. Although it is a mischievous animal and has strong fighting capacity, it doesn’t develop on the road to hegemony in the end. Instead, they gave up meat and chose bamboo that other animals didn’t like.

In this way, giant pandas don’t need to go out to fight and hunt, and they can also have a lot of bamboo to meet their survival needs. If the giant panda’s character is stronger and finally chooses to fight for hegemony, then the current forest and grassland overlord may not be the tiger and lion, but the giant panda. Although the giant panda has withdrawn from the road of animal hegemony, its legend is still circulating in the animal world, and no animal dares to underestimate it.


Although the giant panda has lived for a long time, the number of giant pandas is decreasing under the influence of human activities after the era of human dominating the earth. If we didn’t take timely measures to protect the giant pandas, we might not be able to see them now. Of course, there is good news for giant panda, a rare creature.

That is, the adaptability of giant pandas is very strong. It is very difficult for many wild animals to survive in the human protection circle. At the same time, their reproductive capacity will be greatly affected. Giant pandas, on the other hand, have no such influence. They can live in a very friendly environment with human beings, and they often have red pandas.

It is believed that with our efforts, the number of giant pandas will continue to increase in the future, and it is possible that giant pandas will become a kind of domestic pets for many years to come. If one day, giant pandas are allowed to be domesticated, will you keep such a cute pet? I believe many people will not refuse. After reading Xiaobian’s article, many people understand that giant panda is a powerful bodyguard besides its cute attribute.


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