Why don’t we meet aliens? Scientists give us six guesses, which make us afraid

In the middle and late last century, with the help of science and technology, human beings finally realized their dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe. The vast universe is a strange space for human beings. We don’t know how the universe came from? How big is the universe?

There are countless mysteries in the vast universe waiting for us to solve, and for people who have just stepped out of the earth, what they are most interested in is the existence of aliens. I believe everyone who sees the vastness and mystery of the vast universe will be curious about the existence of alien civilization in the universe.

Some people may think that there is only one intelligent civilization in the universe, but more scholars believe that the existence of the earth, a living planet, and human existence itself is the best evidence of the existence of alien civilization in the universe. The earth is not the only beautiful ecological planet in the vast universe, and every beautiful ecological planet has the possibility of birth of life. With the infinite space of the vast universe, we can imagine that alien civilization probably exists.


If alien civilizations exist, why haven’t we met them so far? For this problem, Fermi once had a big doubt, which became the famous Fermi paradox later. In other words, theoretically speaking, there must be an alien civilization, and the universe should be a very lively family of civilizations, but what we see is that the universe is very cold and strange, and we have not met any aliens.

Where are the aliens? Do they exist? The mystery about aliens in the human world is an eternal topic that many people are discussing every day. Through constant discussion and conjecture, scientists have put forward six possible conjectures that we can’t meet aliens, each of which makes us afraid.

The first conjecture: alien civilization is also waiting

After human beings stepped out of the earth, they began to explore the extraterrestrial civilization. We hope to contact the extraterrestrial civilization in various ways. So is it possible that extraterrestrial life is also constantly searching for other intelligent civilizations, waiting for us to take the initiative to contact them?


This possibility is relatively large. We search for extraterrestrial planets that may have extraterrestrial life through telescopes, and search for possible extraterrestrial civilizations through radio waves. They are also very curious about whether there are other civilizations, and they may look for other intelligent civilizations in the same way as human beings.

Second guess: time is not enough

This is actually connected with the first conjecture. After we go out of the earth, the main reliable way to search for extraterrestrial civilization is through radio waves. We should know that the vast universe takes light years as the basic distance unit, and the distance between stars can be as little as several light years and as much as hundreds of millions of light years. If we don’t have the ability to fly faster than light, it’s impossible for civilizations to go through the direction of visit.


Before the ability to reach for contact, the most likely way for civilizations to communicate is through radio waves. Any intelligent civilization, as long as it enters the era of science and technology, will develop radio wave technology. With radio wave technology, we have sent various kinds of human radio wave signals to the universe many times, hoping to be received by the alien civilization.

In the same way, alien civilizations may also send radio waves to the earth and solar system in this way. However, the speed of traditional radio waves is the fastest, that is, the speed of light. If the civilization planet nearest to the solar system is far away from us, for example, it is more than 100 light-years away from the earth. So whether it’s a signal from us or from an alien civilization, it will take at least a hundred years to reach each other’s Galaxy.

However, it is only 60 years since mankind stepped out of the earth. The earliest radio signal we sent out is still decades away from 100 years. Therefore, it is possible that the signal of human civilization is still in the process of reaching the target, and it is not really received by the alien civilization. In the same way, we haven’t received the signal from the alien civilization, so we can’t know each other’s existence.

Maybe as long as we give more time to human beings, we may receive alien civilization. In the future, human beings will find evidence of the existence of alien civilization, most likely through radio pulse signals.


Third guess: Aliens may already be around us

I believe that when many friends search for the topic about aliens on the Internet, they will see many stories from all over the world about aliens kidnapping people on earth. Of course, most of these stories are fake, but we can’t be sure that they are all fake. In so many stories about aliens kidnapping earth people, as long as one case is true, then the possibility of aliens around us will be very high.

In fact, the legend that alien civilization has existed on the earth for a long time has existed. In some ancient records in the history of human civilization, there are also some related records, but the ancients’ views on aliens are different from ours. The ancients regarded aliens as immortals. And the myths and legends that appeared in the ancient times of the earth, will they be the evidence of alien civilization visiting the earth, or the existence of aliens on the earth?


Fourth guess: they’ve been watching us

Among many conjecture theories about alien civilization, one is more famous, that is, the concept of zoo. Some scientists speculate that the earth and even the solar system may be a laboratory set up by alien civilizations. Human beings are the main objects in this laboratory. It is a common phenomenon to isolate animals in a limited space.

We will also circle all kinds of wild animals in a limited area and install all kinds of cameras for observation. We basically do not interfere with the living habits of these wild animals. Through such observation, we can better understand wild animals and explore the mysteries of life.

Human beings will set up a range to observe all kinds of wild animals. Will the powerful alien civilization also observe human beings as wild animals? This possibility is not entirely absent. After the zoo theory was put forward, it was supported by many scientists. In other words, many scientists believe that the earth may be the biological laboratory of alien civilization.


In fact, this is not difficult to understand. If human beings become an interstellar civilization in the future and can cross every corner of the universe, we will find all kinds of life planets. At that time, it was possible that humans would also captivate a galaxy or a living planet, and then observe all kinds of creatures.

The fifth conjecture: Dark Forest Law

The theory of dark forest is popular with the novelist Liu Cixin. In the novel, the author compares the universe to the forest at night. Every civilization is on guard against each other for fear that the other will know its own existence. Once the intelligent civilization knows the existence of the other, there will be a star war, and the weak civilization will be destroyed or enslaved by the advanced civilization.


From the perspective of the biological world of the earth, we can understand the dark forest law, because the nature of the earth is such a world. There is the law of the jungle among creatures. Even within human civilization, from ancient times to the present, there is also the law of the jungle. It is very normal for a weak country to be bullied and eliminated by a strong country.

The sixth conjecture: human beings are looking for the wrong direction

The universe is a vast three-dimensional space, no one knows how big the universe is. Even with the present observable universe, if we don’t know the specific direction and location of alien civilization, it will be tens of thousands of times more difficult to find it than looking for a needle in a haystack. Even if there is a slight change in the coordinate data of alien civilization, it may be reflected in the gap of several light years in space.

Therefore, in the vast universe, if you want to really reach the target position, you must have accurate position coordinates, without any difference. For more than half a century, human beings have been searching for alien civilization, and the direction of exploration is mainly concentrated in several space areas. If there is no alien civilization in this direction. Even if human beings try hard, there will be no harvest, so we may search in the wrong space area.


Of course, because humans know nothing about aliens, they know very little about the universe. Therefore, our search for alien civilization is actually a matter of luck. If one day, mankind’s luck, may be unexpected discovery of alien civilization. Of course, it is impossible for us to go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies before we become an interstellar civilization.

Before that, there were only two ways for us to determine the existence of alien civilization. One way was that alien civilization spacecraft came to the earth voluntarily. At that time, we believed that no one would doubt the existence of aliens. Another way is that we have received the wireless signals from alien civilizations, and we have successfully cracked such signals. At that time, even if we had not met with aliens, we could be sure of the existence of alien civilization.

No matter which method, it mainly needs the support of science and technology. If there is no powerful scientific and technological force, even if there are many alien civilizations sending signals to the earth, we may not receive them, and even if we receive them, we will not be able to crack them. It is difficult to determine the attribute of a signal that cannot be deciphered, whether it is a signal of civilization or a signal of celestial nature. So, human efforts! Technology is the essence of everything.


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