Why has combustible ice never been mined on a large scale? After listening to the scientist’s explanation, he was silent

With the rapid development of human industrial civilization and scientific and technological civilization, the earth’s resources are decreasing, and the available energy is also decreasing. Moreover, in the past 100 years, the large-scale use of traditional energy such as coal and oil has also caused great damage to the earth’s environment, such as the rising temperature of the earth and the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles.

These environmental problems also make human begin to reduce the use of traditional energy, whether it is the continuous progress of the earth’s energy or in order to protect the environment, human need to find more clean new energy to replace traditional energy. We know that the new energy sources include solar system, wind energy and so on. These energy sources are very environmentally friendly, but they can not meet the huge demand of human energy.

There is a huge stock of new energy on the earth, including natural gas, shale gas, geothermal energy and so on. In fact, these new energy sources are from underground, and there is a huge amount of energy in the earth. If it can be exploited and utilized, human beings will not have to worry about energy for a long time in the future. In addition to these new energy sources deep underground, in fact, there is a higher value of clean energy deep in the ocean, which is combustible ice.


We know that 71% of the earth’s area is the ocean, but the development and utilization of the ocean is very few. The most common is the exploitation of oil fields. This kind of combustible ice is abundant in the depths of the ocean. If it can be exploited on a large scale, it will be of great significance to solve the energy problem of human beings. But why is this kind of clean energy of such high value so rare No large-scale mining? Let’s listen to the explanation of the scientists.

Combustible ice has been discovered for more than 50 years. It is a kind of gas water compound, which is an ice like crystalline substance formed by natural gas and water under high pressure and low temperature. It looks like ice from the outside, but it can be burned in case of fire. The energy contained in it can be said to be huge. Burning water will not produce any harmful gas at all. It can be said that it is the cleanest energy found so far.

Combustible ice, such a good clean energy, exists in the depths of the ocean. It is reasonable to say that human beings have the ability to exploit it on a large scale like oil exploitation. However, scientists have put forward a terrible view that the exploitation of combustible ice is likely to endanger human beings and even destroy our living environment. Why?

Scientists believe that the exploitation of combustible ice is not like the exploitation of oil. There are many uncontrollability in the process of exploitation of combustible ice. Once the exploration is lost, it can bring great disaster to human beings. The main component of combustible ice is methane, which exists in a high-pressure and low-temperature environment. If we do not have sufficient preparation in the process of mining, methane is easy to leak directly into the air. If large-scale methane leakage, it is likely to cause ecological disaster, which can be said to have a very bad impact on the global environment, or even lead to serious accidents It’s a devastating disaster.


In the process of exploitation, some combustible ice will change from solid state to the state of natural gas and water. At this time, the volume will become larger, the surrounding temperature will rise greatly, and the pressure of the surrounding environment will also increase. If it is on the seabed, a big tsunami will be triggered carelessly. Moreover, natural gas, which becomes a gas, will aggravate the greenhouse effect and lead to the continuous increase of global temperature. At the same time, a large amount of methane is released. In case of explosion, the power may not be less than that of a nuclear explosion.

Another major uncontrollability is how to stop when the combustible ice is not exploited. We know that when the oil is not exploited, it can be covered directly. However, after the large-scale exploitation of the combustible ice, this aspect is not good. If we can not find a scientific, safe and effective method, it is easy to cause the situation to be lost and cause unimaginable serious consequences.

Now some countries in the world are experimenting with the exploitation of combustible ice. Before a series of really safe and effective exploitation schemes are developed, there is no way to carry out the large-scale exploitation of combustible ice. If the exploitation of combustible ice is everywhere in the ocean, once it is out of control and causes chain explosion, it is no less than an asteroid impact to the earth, which may cause ground damage The extinction of many species in the world will also bring devastating disasters to the earth.


It can be seen that combustible ice, as an energy source, is a beautiful angel that can benefit mankind, but if it is not well controlled, it may also be a demon angel that destroys the earth. What do you think, my friends?

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