Why has Hoh Xil, known as the holy land, become a no man’s land?

In recent days, a piece of news has exploded the Internet hot search. A female college student came to Hoh Xil alone and disappeared mysteriously. After continuous investigation by the police, the remains of the female college student were found in no man’s land. For a long time, we all think that Hoh Xil is a beautiful and mysterious place for sightseeing. Many young artists hope to go to Hoh Xil in their lifetime. How can such a place called “holy land” become a terrifying no man’s land?


Location of Hoh Xil


Hoh Xil is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Human beings have not built various bases here. Its ecological environment is very primitive. It has become one of the better nature reserves in China. Because it is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, this reserve has the largest area and the highest altitude. You can see all kinds of wild animals here. In addition to abundant species resources, Hoh Xil also has vast glaciers and lakes. Hoh Xil is covered with thick glacial permafrost all year round. Originally thought that Hoh Xil is a paradise that no one disturb, did not expect to become a frightening no man’s land.


Hoh Xil has a bad environment


People think that because the natural environment of Hoh Xil is too primitive, human beings have not developed this area too much, which leads to the fact that in the food chain of Hoh Xil, wild animals stand at the top of the food chain. If people rush into this area, it will be a little thin in the face of groups of wild animals. The climate in Hoh Xil is very cold, and sandstorms are common. The lowest temperature can even reach minus 46 degrees, which is not suitable for human beings to stay for a long time.


Hoh Xil is empty and has no signal


In our opinion, Hoh Xil is very mysterious and terrible, but it also attracts many explorers to come here every year. Once, some explorers who came to Hoh Xil said that if they went to Hoh Xil, they had to speak and move quietly. Hoh Xil is located at a very high altitude, so its oxygen content is very low. When you run away, you can save energy by speaking slowly.


In fact, the most frightening thing is that in addition to his harsh environment and unknown wildlife, many people will get lost when they enter Hoh Xil. After entering the inaccessible area, the orientation has become the most important direction for human beings to judge. However, Hoh Xil is the most primitive ecological area with very bad environment, no signal and no trace of human habitation.


So we can imagine how terrible it is to arrive alone in such a deserted area. No food, no signal, and the invasion of huge wildlife make Hoh Xil a terrifying no man’s land. Whenever we want to relax, we should try not to go to such dangerous places on the premise of ensuring our lives. What do you want to say about this situation?

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