Why has the earth been in high fever for the past four years? The answer may be more serious than we think

Human civilization is a great civilization. It took only millions of years to complete the evolution of intelligent life and the transformation to scientific and technological civilization. It’s incredible to know that a life wants to develop to the level of human beings in millions of years. Dinosaurs have lived on the earth for 160 million years without evolving into intelligent life.

The development of human civilization is too fast, especially the science and technology in the past 100 years, which has achieved great leap forward development. The rapid development of science and technology has brought great improvement to people’s life, so that people go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. But the rapid development of science and technology has also accelerated the consumption of life on the earth, the exploitation of a large number of resources, the continuous emission of industrial waste gas, so that the earth’s ecological environment is constantly damaged.

I believe many people will feel that in recent years, the deterioration of the earth’s environment has become more and more serious, especially the global temperature is reaching a new high every year. Recently, the World Meteorological Organization and meteorological related agencies in Britain, the United States and other countries simultaneously released a report on the 6th, saying that the period from 2015 to 2018 is the hottest four years since the temperature records were made more than 100 years ago, and 2018 is the fourth hot year in history.


In the past four years, the global temperature has increased significantly. The high temperature weather in 2018 is stronger than that in 2017. What about the high temperature weather in 2019? Many people already know in advance that the global temperature in 2019 will reach a new high. Although it is just the beginning of spring, many people already know that this summer will be hotter.

Over the past four years, global warming, both on land and in the ocean, has been “extraordinary.”. The long-term trend of global warming is certain. In fact, in the past 22 years, the temperature has been rising every year, but at that time the temperature was still within the range of people’s adaptation. Although it was hot, it would not be too hot for people to bear.

But in the past four years, with the rising of global temperature, the high temperature in summer has begun to exceed the range of people’s adaptation, so people will obviously feel too hot. In the future, the global temperature will continue to rise, and people will be unable to adapt to this high temperature weather. Every summer and day, we can only hide in the room and turn on the air conditioner for summer.

Why has the earth been in high fever for the past four years? The answer may be more serious than we think. I believe many people know that the continuous warming of global temperature is caused by the industrial revolution, mainly by the increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities. The continuous emission of these greenhouse gases makes the greenhouse effect more and more serious.


In recent years, countries all over the world have made a lot of efforts in exhaust emission, such as China’s coal to gas project and electricity to gas project, but the effect is not great. These efforts and measures have not stopped the rising trend of global temperature, and the global temperature is still rising as before. Why on earth is this?

In fact, although the emission of industrial waste gas is the main cause of the rising global temperature, there are other factors also leading to global warming, such as the acceleration of urbanization, high-rise buildings in cities, cement and asphalt floors will also store heat, which will also lead to the rising temperature. And now many people are equipped with air conditioning, the use of air conditioning will also lead to the rise of atmospheric temperature.

In addition to industrial production, coal, gas and other factors, there is also an important channel for the emission of exhaust gas, that is, the emission of automobile exhaust. Now the mainstream automobile is still dominated by fuel, and it will take at least 50 years for electric vehicles to be popularized. The exhaust emissions of a large number of fuel vehicles can be said to be an important source of greenhouse gases.


Some people may say that it is not enough to ban all fuel vehicles? Is that possible? As long as you are a rational friend, you will think that this is impossible. There is too much relationship between the automobile industry. There are so many automobile enterprises in the world. You ask them to stop producing fuel vehicles and ban fuel vehicles on the road. Do you think this is possible? Of course not. Unless electric vehicles can be popularized in the future, and their cost performance is far more than that of fuel vehicles, they will be completely replaced.

The rising global temperature is a side effect of scientific and technological civilization. As long as human beings want to continue the development of science and technology, industrial pollution is inevitable. Unless scientific and technological civilization stops and human civilization returns to the stone age, industrial pollution will naturally stop, global temperature will not rise again, and the earth’s environment will slowly recover itself and return to normal temperature again.

As long as human science and technology develop one day, industrial exhaust emissions will be inevitable, and the rise of global temperature will be inevitable. Scientists naturally understand this truth, because scientists do not expect the global temperature rise to stop completely, but through some measures and methods, the warming trend will be slowed down. Therefore, the Paris Agreement on climate change reached in 2015 proposed that in this world The minutes control the global average temperature rise within 2 degrees centigrade compared with the pre industrial level, and strive to control the temperature rise within 1.5 degrees centigrade.

The harm brought by the rising global temperature is not only to make people too hot to bear, but also to bring more side effects, such as the continuous high temperature over the ocean, which makes summer typhoons more frequent and more intense. I believe many people still remember that the typhoon in 2018 made many people feel like poking a typhoon nest. Almost every week, typhoons landed, causing huge losses to coastal areas The loss of money.


The rising global temperature will make many animals unable to adapt to the high temperature environment and become extinct. Coupled with the continuous melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles, the sea level will continue to rise in the future, the land will become less and less, the natural disaster weather will be more and more, and the extreme weather will continue. For example, since the winter of 2018, there has been almost no snow in the north, but more snow in the south, which makes many people feel very strange. In fact, this is the extreme weather brought about by the rising global temperature. There is no snow in the north, but snow in the south. Winter in the north is getting colder and colder, and winter in the south is getting colder and colder.

The rising global temperature will also lead to the recovery of Siberian permafrost which has been frozen for tens of millions of years. There are a large number of ancient viruses and bacteria in these permafrost. These ancient viruses also begin to wake up with the recovery of the permafrost. It is also unknown what they will bring to the earth and human beings. Scientists are not sure what the complexity of ancient viruses is to the earth Good or bad.

The trend of global warming is very difficult to change, so the great physicist Hawking once warned that the time left by the earth for mankind is not much, we must be prepared to emigrate to other planets in the future. Scientists are now trying to find a way to slow down the deterioration of the earth’s environment and buy more time for human beings.


As long as with the rapid development of human beings, it is not difficult to immigrate to other planets in the future. At that time, once the earth can no longer adapt to human life, we will have to immigrate to other planets. Finally, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect and cherish the environment. One person’s power is limited, but the power of all human beings is infinite. As long as everyone has the awareness of protecting the environment, the trend of global warming will be significantly alleviated and more time will be given to human beings.

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