Why have you heard so little about the crazy computer viruses in recent years? What’s going on?

In this paper, I participated in the series of “great science” of Recordunkown

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings have created and invented many scientific and technological products, among which the emergence of computer is of great significance. In the past, people’s data processing was basically calculated manually. For example, when a company’s accountant wants to calculate its accounts, the abacus is used. Naturally, the efficiency is very low. Therefore, before the advent of computers, there were often a large number of people in the accounting department of a large company, because it was impossible to count a large number of financial data by abacus.

For example, in mathematics, there is an infinite non cyclic decimal PI, which appeared thousands of years ago. After the appearance of PI, countless mathematicians began to work hard to calculate the number of digits behind the decimal point. After thousands of years of calculation, PI has finally reached tens of thousands of digits. This is what countless mathematicians have done after decades of hard work.


However, after the computer appeared, after inputting the formula of PI into the computer, the computer soon completed the operation of tens of thousands of bits. For thousands of years, the manual calculation of countless mathematicians is not as fast as that of a few minutes. But now the PI has been calculated to 10 trillion decimal places. This achievement can only be completed by computer. If it is calculated by hand, it may not be completed in another 10000 years.

Thus it can be seen that the emergence of computers has accelerated the development of human science and technology and accelerated the leap of human civilization. Those complicated data processing on the road of scientific research are all handed over to the computer, greatly speeding up the work efficiency and scientific research efficiency. Just like this, the computer has become an indispensable and important tool in people’s life and work, especially the need for a large number of data analysis and calculation, is inseparable from the help of the computer.

After the emergence of the computer, although greatly enhance the speed of scientific and technological development, but also convenient for human life and work, but also brought some trouble to people. For example, in the past, computer viruses were very crazy. I believe many post-80s and post-90s friends should remember that in the past, computer viruses were very crazy. Basically, new viruses appeared every day.

If you install anti-virus software on your computer, your computer will be 100% poisoned in the process of use. Some people may think that if I don’t browse those unhealthy web pages and download unknown software and programs, I won’t be poisoned. But in fact, as long as you are connected to the Internet, computers in the past can not escape the invasion of computer viruses. Even if you only watch some news or play a game, viruses will patronize you. No one knows how these viruses can sneak into your computer.


Therefore, in the past, after we bought a computer, we first had to install an anti-virus software, so that we could initially defend against general computer viruses. Do not think that this is safe, antivirus software can only kill part of the virus, new computer viruses often appear, so your computer will still often poisoning. Therefore, in the past, friends who used to play with computers and surf the Internet should always have a system installation disk at home. Once they are infected with stubborn viruses, they can only reload the disk.

This is the crazy situation of computer viruses in the past, which makes many friends who often use computers miserable. Sometimes, even if you don’t surf the Internet and use someone else’s U disk to operate on your own computer, you will get poisoned. It can be said that computer viruses are everywhere, which makes it impossible for people to prevent them. Now that technology is more developed and computers are more advanced, are computer viruses more powerful and crazy?

In fact, on the contrary, I believe many small partners will find that in recent years, computer viruses have become less and less, and basically disappeared. In the past, Xiaobian basically killed computer viruses every day, and basically as long as we killed soft scan, we would find viruses. These viruses seem to be endless, and they come back to life after each boot. But now use to kill soft scan virus, basically no more.


Why are there fewer and fewer crazy computer viruses in recent years? According to the truth, the computer technology is more advanced than in the past, and the hacker master technology is also stronger than in the past. There should be more and more computer viruses. Is that right? But in fact, it’s hard to see the computer virus now. Why? The main reasons are as follows.

1、 Hackers who research and develop computer viruses begin to wake up. With the emergence of computers, hackers are born. As long as computer technology exists, hackers cannot disappear. And the hacker’s technology will continue to improve with the continuous progress of computer technology. So why did hackers like to create viruses in the past, but now they don’t?

From a substantive point of view, the research and development of computer virus is not likely to bring considerable benefits. With the improvement of technology, hackers can not make money making a computer virus, but also pay a lot of time and energy.

Let’s take stealing game account as an example. In the past, the number stealing virus Trojan horse was very rampant. You can see this kind of Trojan horse virus stealing game account everywhere on the Internet. Internet cafes are also the hardest hit areas of this kind of virus. Why did hackers in the past want to create Trojan viruses to steal game accounts? The big reason is that there are considerable benefits.


Although there are more and more games now than in the past, the value of games now is far less than in the past. Xiaobian is also a game fan. He played legend at the earliest time, and later played mainstream games such as western travel. In the past, these game environments were very fair, basically through the recharge point card to buy game time.

The equipment, money and so on in the game all need their own luck or play to get. Therefore, the past game account is very valuable. Take an early legendary account for example. If you sell tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of top-notch equipment, there is no problem. The early game boast westward travel is very popular. It can be said that the post-80s who like to play games have basically played it.

If you want to get the equipment in the journey to the west, you can only do the task or try your luck, such as the beast at that time. As long as you’re on a weekend assignment, someone gets it. There will be a lot of people shouting in the public screen that they want to buy the best god beast. One can sell for tens of thousands of yuan, even the ordinary god beast can sell for thousands of yuan. Therefore, at that time, there were many game studios, which made money by playing games, with a monthly income of tens of thousands.


It is precisely because in the past the game account is very valuable, so hackers make stealing virus is very beneficial. So is there still a virus like stealing game accounts? Basically no, why? The reason is that the current game account is not worth money. Now there are many games, web games, mobile games will appear a lot every year. But these games all have one characteristic, that is, if you want to be a cow, you can only keep charging money into the games. Whoever charges more will be powerful. Moreover, these games are basically opened several times a day.

It is the change of the rules of the game that makes the current game account worthless. If you recharge tens of thousands of accounts, you don’t want to play. If you want to sell them, you can only sell them for a few hundred yuan, and the equipment in the game is even less valuable. Game account has no value, hackers naturally do not steal these useless game account.

2、 The transmission path of computer virus is becoming more and more narrow. In general, the transmission path of computer virus is nothing more than relying on illegal websites to hang virus or using CD to carry virus. But with the development of the Internet, most of the domestic websites are using cloud server, even some special websites have strengthened the prevention of virus, so it seems impossible to rely on the website to hang virus. As for the application of optical disk is very rare.

I believe many friends who are friends of websites know this best. Today’s servers are basically cloud servers. It’s difficult to implant this kind of server virus. Moreover, the cloud server has stronger protection measures. If the virus can’t enter, the website will be much safer. In fact, the number of computer viruses has not decreased. If you have done a website, you will find that many attacks are recorded in your server report every day.


Xiaobian also built a website last year and rented a cloud server. Every day Xiaobian logs in to the cloud server, he will see a large number of attack reports, which show that hackers are trying to invade, and the firewall of the city server will be blocked. There are so many attacks on small websites like Xiaobian. It can be imagined that there will be more attacks on other more valuable websites every day. It can be seen that the number of computer viruses has not decreased, but the method of hacking has changed and will not appear in front of the public. That’s why we feel that there is no computer virus now.

3、 With the enhancement of network monitoring, the network is not outside the law. In the past, because computers have just been popularized and the network has just developed, the network supervision is relatively loose. Take the construction of a website for example. In the past, a website could be built at will. Domain names and servers do not need to be filed. But now obviously not, domain names and servers have to be filed.

At the same time, the content supervision of the website is also constantly strengthened. In the past, basically any kind of website can be built, but now it can’t. If some unhealthy websites are built today, they may be closed in a few days. With the improvement of network environment, it is more and more difficult for viruses and Trojans to survive. Of course, viruses and Trojans will not disappear completely, but the impact on us will be smaller and smaller.


With the rapid development of science and technology, the continuous development of the network, the future of computer security, network security factor will be higher and higher. And now the computer field has begun to develop to artificial intelligence. With the intervention of artificial intelligence, the invasion of computer virus is more difficult. Of course, hackers will not disappear, and viruses will not.

Although there are fewer and fewer computer viruses now, the more so, the less we can take them lightly. The virus in the era of artificial intelligence will not break out. Once it breaks out, its destructive power will be very amazing, far from being comparable to the virus in the past. With the rapid development of computer, human civilization may be destroyed by computer virus in the future. At any time, we should strengthen the supervision and protection measures of network virus.

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