Why is 2018 hotter than 2017? This is the test of nature for human beings

Do you remember the high temperature in the summer of 2017? Xiaobian is from the north. I still remember the high temperature last year. The highest temperature in Shanxi reached 42 degrees. It’s so hot in the north that it’s unbearable in the south.

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Due to the absence of industrial atmosphere in ancient times, the temperature was relatively stable. In modern times, with the rise of the industrial revolution, the rapid development of scientific and technological civilization, the birth of a variety of scientific and technological products, especially more and more fuel tools, the exhaust gas emitted by these fuel equipment makes the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere higher and higher, and the resulting greenhouse effect makes the global temperature higher and higher year by year.

I believe many Post-70s and post-80s friends know that, especially those in the north, it was very cold in winter when they were young. For example, in Shanxi, when they were in primary school, they had to wear thick cotton padded jacket in winter, otherwise they would be frostbitten. The average temperature at night was above minus 10 degrees, sometimes above minus 20 degrees. At that time, it was so cold that even dogs were in winter Call.

It’s very cold in winter, and it’s not very hot in summer. At that time, the highest temperature in summer in Shanxi is about 20 degrees, and that in the south is about 30 degrees. This is the weather when I was a child, about 30 years ago.


What about the current weather temperature? Take northern Shanxi as an example. Now the average temperature in winter is about minus 5 degrees, and the coldest time is no more than minus 20 degrees. In summer, it’s too hot to go out during the day and you can’t sit at home with the air conditioner blowing. The temperature now is about 10 degrees higher than it was 30 years ago, and it may be about 20 degrees in some areas.

Now it’s the high temperature season in the summer of 2018. I believe friends have obviously felt that it’s getting hot in the last week. The highest temperature in many areas has reached about 35 degrees, and in some areas it can reach 39 degrees. So is this the hottest time of the year? Of course not. In fact, it’s about a month away from the hottest season.

It’s not the hottest season yet. Now the temperature is approaching 40 degrees. If it’s the hottest season one month later, the maximum temperature will at least exceed 43 degrees, which is a new high, at least 1 degree higher than last year’s temperature. This is the consequence of human scientific and technological civilization. Human beings will face the test given by nature.

Scientists have been studying how to control the continuous rise of the earth’s temperature, but until now, there is no good plan. In fact, with the current human science and technology, it is basically impossible to defeat nature. Nature is still the overlord of the earth. Facing the strength of nature, human beings can only retreat.

Some scientists have proposed to build a huge reflective glass between the earth and the sun in space to reflect the sunlight back to cool the earth. Although human beings can barely do it, it needs too much money. We now transport materials to space by rocket launch. To accomplish this feat, we need to gather global efforts and pay at least several trillion yuan It is only in US dollars that the initial completion is possible.


Some scientists have proposed to release a cooling substance in the earth’s atmosphere, but this plan was quickly rejected because it has too many side effects. Although it can bring down the earth’s temperature for the time being, it may cause some damage to the atmosphere in the future.

All kinds of scientists have their own tricks, but there is no feasible way. It’s too difficult to prevent global warming with current science and technology. Some friends may say that if only human beings could build meteorological weapons. Indeed, meteorological weapons can change the climate and lower the temperature of the earth. However, the research and development of this meteorological weapon is many times more difficult than the anti gravity technology. The anti gravity technology is still in the theoretical stage, let alone in the theoretical stage If we talk about meteorological weapons, this is not the technology that human beings can contact at present.

Is the temperature of the earth going up like this? If so, in another ten or twenty years, how hot will it be? At that time, I was afraid that the ice and snow in the north and south poles also melted, and the earth might face large-scale floods.

If there is no special event, the earth’s temperature may have been rising year by year. However, some time ago, by observing the activities of sunspots, scientists found that the activities of sunspots are decreasing, which indicates that the sun may have to progress to a small stage of dormancy, and the earth will also usher in a small ice age. This can be a natural air conditioner, which can make the sun warm The temperature of the earth is gradually decreasing, and the little ice age will last for decades, which may reduce the temperature of the earth by about 20 degrees. It’s also possible that the temperature of the earth will return to what it has been for decades.


If this is the case, then the earth is too lucky, and human beings are too lucky. This is the feedback of nature to human beings, and also let human beings learn to protect the environment and the earth we live on.

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