Why is “cloning” rarely mentioned by the scientific community now? Dolly’s life gives us the answer

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Hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, and the power of science and technology made mankind see infinite possibilities. This may not only explore the mysteries of things, explore the mysteries of the universe, but also let us see the hope of revealing the mysteries of life.


We need to understand that there are many complex and mysterious things in the vast universe, among which life can be called the most mysterious thing. Perhaps only by fully revealing the mystery of life can we become a truly powerful civilization in the universe.

As human beings enter the era of science and technology, they begin to explore and research in different industries, among which biotechnology is the field of exploring the mysteries of life. With the help of science and technology, human beings have more and more understanding of life, and scientists have begun a variety of applications to try to use the mystery of life.

I believe many people remember that at the end of last century, the discussion and Research on “cloning” was very hot. At that time, we can often see the relevant research and Exploration on the Internet, newspapers and various media reports. But now we will find a strange phenomenon, that is, the scientific community has rarely mentioned “cloning”. What’s the matter?


In fact, to solve this mystery, we need to find the answer from a cloned sheep named Dolly. First, let’s look at what cloning is? The so-called cloning is actually the process of using biotechnology to produce offspring with the same gene as the original individual by asexual reproduction. Scientists call the process of artificial genetic manipulation of animal reproduction cloning.

As many friends know about asexual reproduction, there are many kinds of asexual reproduction in nature. They are basically in the plant kingdom, while there are very few asexual reproduction methods in the animal kingdom. The advantage of asexual reproduction is rapid development, and it can transmit 100% of its own to the next generation. Early life on earth is asexual reproduction, but this way of reproduction can not achieve gene mutation update, it is difficult for life to evolve and grow into higher life.


So, in the end, nature gave up this way of reproduction and let most of the creatures choose sexual reproduction, so as to realize the rapid evolution of life.

Cloning is actually a way of asexual reproduction under artificial intervention. The individual or population cloned under artificial intervention has exactly the same set of genetic genes as the donor cell. It can be said that the cloned population and the mother have the same appearance, but different behavior and thinking.

On July 5, 1996, the world’s first “Dolly” cloned sheep created by modern biotechnology was born. Its birth has attracted the attention of the whole world. Scientists, social circles and religious circles have paid high attention to this special “Dolly” sheep.


At the end of last century, this cloned sheep was a star all over the world. In a few years, news about it often appeared in the major media. The reason why people pay so much attention to it is that it is not an ordinary cloned sheep. Although scientists have done biological cloning in the past, the application of those cloned organisms is only semi clonal biotechnology.

This “Dolly” sheep can be regarded as the real cloning biotechnology. Its appearance indicates that human cloning biotechnology has entered a new era. It is a milestone. For biologists, the great leap forward of cloning technology is of great significance to human beings. But for some sociologists and other people in the field, the leap of cloning technology is not necessarily a good thing.


Any technology has its two sides, and cloning is no exception. If it is applied well, it can bring good news to human beings, but if it is not applied well, it will become a disaster. For many people, cloning sheep can be successful. Does that mean cloning human beings can also be successful?

It is acceptable to clone animals, but if it is human cloning, it will bring serious social and ethical problems. As like as two peas, you can’t see that many of them are exactly the same as you. This clone group is your replica. However, they are also independent individuals, and they have different ideas from you. Do you think they should call you brother, sister, father or mother? Or are they you? How do you deal with this complicated relationship?

It is precisely because once the cloning biotechnology is fully mature, it may bring serious ethical problems to human society and make the whole human civilization disorderly. Therefore, people all over the world are very concerned about this “Dolly” cloned sheep, through which we can understand how much human beings have mastered cloning. But I believe many friends know the final result.


Dolly only lived about six years, you know, the average sheep life span is between 11 and 12 years old, Dolly only lived half of their life span. Although Dolly was a baby lamb when she was born, she was a replica of a 6-year-old white faced sheep, so she was already 6 years old when she was born. We can call it a 6-year-old baby.

This is obviously a kind of premature aging. In addition, Dolly’s life is also plagued by many diseases. When she was young, she had many geriatric diseases, such as arthritis. In her prime, she died of lung infection, and finally she could only die happily. Through Dolly’s life, we can see that cloning biotechnology is far more complex than we think, and what human beings may master is only skin.


In other words, human cloning technology is not mature. In order to verify this answer, after Dolly, scientists cloned some individuals like dolly, but the final result is the same. There are also the problems of premature aging and various diseases in dolly. The results of many experiments have finally made us understand that the existing human cloning biotechnology is still very immature.

Since then, those who worry about the social problems caused by human cloning have stopped talking, and the scientific community has rarely mentioned the issue of cloning. So the research on cloning is over and abandoned? Of course not. In fact, cloning plays an epoch-making role in the future of human beings. It can be said that it can change the future of human beings and is of great benefit to human beings.

Human cloning will face many social and ethical problems, but there are not so many problems in organ cloning. I believe many friends know that many people lose their lives because of diseases every year, and many diseases that can take away human life are related to organs. However, in the real world, there are very few people who can achieve organ transplantation, most of them do not have the economic strength, and the other is the lack of matching organ transplantation.


Even if it costs a lot of money to transplant successfully, it will not be able to achieve 100% matching. In the later stage, it will have to face all kinds of rejection and maintain with drugs, and become a lifelong medicine jar. At the same time, life expectancy will be reduced. However, if human cloning biotechnology is mature and 100% matched organs can be cloned, the rejection after successful transplantation will be basically non-existent, which will be exactly the same as the original organs on human body.

With this technology, people no longer worry about losing their lives because of organ problems. Even healthy people without diseases will grow old with the passage of time, and our organs will also grow old. At this time, we can also choose to replace our organs. With new powerful organs, our human function will be greatly improved. The life span of human beings will also be greatly increased. I believe that no one can refuse such a good thing.


So whether human cloning will not appear in the future, the answer is no, although in the earth age, involving social and ethical issues, human cloning will not appear. However, if human beings enter the interstellar age in the future and start interstellar exploration and colonization, human cloning may play a huge role.

As we all know, the universe is vast and the distance is based on light years, and it may be a very distant thing for human spaceships to realize the speed of light or even exceed the speed of light. What if we need to explore the distant sky or colonize a distant planet after the sub speed of light flight?

It takes a long time to travel between the stars. It may take at least thousands of years from the earth to the target galaxy. For such a long time, human beings only have a life span of about 100 years, which needs 10 generations to complete. In this way, humans from the earth can’t wait to reach the target planet. What should we do at this time? Cloning is about to play a big role.


The future era is the era of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will become an important helper for human beings. We can send an unmanned starship carrying advanced artificial intelligence. At the same time, there are also many culture chambers. These culture chambers are used to clone human beings. When the Starship reaches the target Galaxy after more than 1000 years of navigation.

Artificial intelligence can clone human beings through instructions. The new human beings are trained and educated by artificial intelligence. When they grow up, the spacecraft will just arrive at the target galaxy. In this way, we can explore the galaxy or colonize the planet, and then we can complete the way of Galaxy colonization, and spread our steps all over the vast universe.

It can be seen that cloning biotechnology is very important for human beings. As long as we are good at recycling, the benefits it brings to human beings are far beyond our imagination. Of course, if we don’t make rational use of it, but make a mess of it, it may really bring terrible disaster to human civilization.

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