Why is immortality impossible? The rules of the universe do not allow scientists: long life and miserable ending

Since the birth of life, the pursuit of immortality has always been the wish of human beings, even the wish of any kind of living beings in the world, but most of them can not be expressed, or we can not understand it! Since ancient times, human beings have been looking for ways to live forever. There are elixirs in China and alchemists in the West. Although they are superstitious, they also prove the people’s desire for immortality. Man is the only higher creature on the earth. He is always proud of leading all things, but also has boundless greed. In order to obtain immortality, people have not stopped working so far.


With the development of science and technology, scientists have found that human beings can only extend their lives by means of medicine. From the long process of evolution, we can see that with the improvement of living environment, people’s average life expectancy has increased from a teenager in ancient times to more than 70 years old, but it is still far away from real immortality.

At the same time, some scientists believe that it is almost impossible to achieve immortality, because the law of the universe has been limiting the original direction of life, and human beings can not violate this law.


The process of population evolution is long, and at the same time, it is developing towards diversification. From the initial single celled organisms to later vertebrates, although there are also some species that have lived for hundreds of years, such as the Arctic clam, and turtles, compared with the large number of species, they are just an example. Immortality actually limits the evolution of species, which is not a tragedy for humans, the researchers say.


Try to imagine that in the future, if human beings really achieve immortality, the population base will continue to increase, social and ethical issues and the earth’s resource issues will come face to face, and the earth’s pressure will be greater and greater. In addition, the earth’s environment is not immutable. Once all resources are exhausted, human beings will not be able to survive. At this time, immortality is more like a kind of torture.

So evolution is the best way for species to adapt to environmental changes, once immortality is realized. As a result, human beings will be slack, the speed of evolution will slow down greatly, and in the future, they will not be eliminated by nature.


But in the process of this exploration, scientists found that one kind of aquatic animal has truly achieved immortality to some extent, that is jellyfish. Their cells can divide indefinitely, in which case they don’t age or die. However, the death rate of jellyfish is very high, and life is very fragile. As long as there is a slight change in the temperature or water quality of sea water, it will have a fatal impact on them.


It can be seen from this that immortality is not necessarily a good thing, and the power of species without evolution in front of nature is very weak. The universe is so vast and magical that no species can get rid of the restrictions of the rules. Even human civilization with such advanced technology can not change the rules of the universe at will. You need to know that changing the rules needs to pay a certain price, so don’t force to change these established facts.

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