Why is it difficult for Russia to grow up in China when it invades the world, blocking rivers and surrounding villages?

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In this world, everything has its reason to exist. The ecosystem balance in nature can not be easily broken. For example, take the grassland ecosystem for example, voles are an indispensable part of the grassland ecosystem. The natural enemies of voles are eagles and weasels. The existence of voles can not only promote the growth and prosperity of grassland soil, but also eliminate grasshoppers in the grassland. Once the voles in the grassland are eliminated, the ecological balance of grassland will be improved If the bottom is broken, it will bring unpredictable disastrous consequences. In a word, ecological balance is a whole. Every animal and plant has its own reason for its existence. We can not easily destroy and divide the comprehensive system of nature.

The picture shows the food chain in the ecosystem

The indomitable Tumbleweed strayed into “America” and swept across Europe


In nature, biological invasion has been common. For example, we recently introduced the brown rat invasion of the whole Europe, which is a very serious thing for a country. Different creatures have different reproduction speed, they will seriously damage the local natural environment, so people are also very afraid of species invasion. For example, in the 1870s, when the United States encountered a very “headache” and even became a nightmare for all Americans, what was the reason?

The United States imported flaxseed from Russia to develop agricultural cultivation. Unexpectedly, it was mixed with other plant seeds. This kind of plant has almost no natural enemies and can breed recklessly. From then on, the United States and even the whole Europe started the task of opening up territory. This is the “mad grass” like “madman”.

The picture shows the house occupied by Tumbleweed

1. Tumbleweed has no “natural enemies” and can grow without fear

Tumbleweed is also known as “prairie Tramp”. It is a common species in the Gobi desert. Especially in dry weather, Tumbleweed will pull up its roots, shrink into a ball and roll around with the wind. This is a plant with strong vitality. Even if it is short of water for a long time, it will not wither and die. When they meet the natural environment suitable for growth, their rhizomes will sprout again and produce rose red flowers. The reason why Tumbleweed is named “prairie Tramp” is that it can float around with the help of wind power and spread seeds with the wind.


It is understood that each Tumbleweed carries about 200000 seeds. No matter how poor the land is, as long as the seeds are sown, the Tumbleweed can take root and germinate. The biggest difference with other plant seeds is that the seeds of Tumbleweed are not popular with animals at all. Even birds and animals are not willing to eat them, let alone cattle and sheep will eat their roots. It is precisely because Tumbleweed has no “natural enemies” that it grows more and more in the United States and quickly propagates throughout Europe.

The picture shows the Tumbleweed blown by the wind


Americans hate Tumbleweed as a harmful species


Because the more and more Tumbleweed grows, Americans are very angry about it. This kind of plant not only floats to the country road, the field forest, but also grows in the courtyard where people live. Americans are very angry with the rush of tumblegrass, and the “enthusiasm” of the moment. The doors in and out of the houses are blocked, the rivers are blocked, and even the roads are covered by tumblegrass. It is like a roadblock, blocking all the roads in the United States. When people travel, they have to load a shovel in the trunk of the car, and they can always remove the wind weed and find the bright road. In the United States, it is common for Tumbleweed to block roads. The rampant Tumbleweed makes Americans hate it. They want to find a quick way to eliminate this harmful species.

A resident of a small town in the United States said: “as soon as I wake up, I hear the strong wind outside the house, accompanied by the sound of cracking. When I open the door of the house, the whole courtyard is submerged by the withered grass, and even the courtyard walls are piled with the high withered grass, which makes people feel suffocating every minute. This is true not only in my own home, but also in my neighbors. At a glance, the town is a sea of withered grass, and the scene is extremely shocking. “

“We hate these plants very much. Cars are hard to walk in front of them. We can only move forward and uproot them at the same time. Our city is blocked by the withered grass, and even the swimming pool in the yard has become their habitat.”

“Every time after cleaning the Tumbleweed, a gust of wind will bring another wave. The dark days are so bad. I feel that the end of the world is coming. Even the windows are blocked by them. I can’t go out at night. If I don’t pay attention, I will fall on them.”

The picture shows a car blocked by tumblegrass


Tumbleweed has not only affected American life, but also hindered the development of American crops. Although Tumbleweed is highly drought tolerant, it is also a big water user. It has a devastating impact on agriculture in the United States. For example, Tumbleweed is like a water pump. After it dries the soil water, it will roll away with the wind. What remains is barren and dry land. American farmers are helpless. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 100000 square kilometers in the United States The land for agricultural use was invaded by Tumbleweed. In addition, due to the gathering and fluttering of Tumbleweed, there are frequent fires in the United States in late autumn, and the dry Tumbleweed becomes the ignition point, which poses a serious threat to the Americans. In the past two decades, Tumbleweed has covered more than 35000 square miles of land, across Europe and across many countries.

Some netizens joked: “Tumbleweed is a means used by Russia to retaliate against the United States. The crazy spread of invasive species makes Americans helpless. It’s the most humorous international news.” Now, Americans are constantly taking tough measures, but they have no practical effect.

The picture shows the burning Tumbleweed on the roadside

The most fundamental reason why Tumbleweed can sweep the United States and even the whole Europe is related to the geographical environment


Why is America favored by Tumbleweed? It must be a question that many friends want to ask. In fact, the reason why Tumbleweed is rampant in the United States is mainly related to the geographical environment of the United States. The United States has a flat terrain, a large plain area and good ventilation conditions. This geographical environment is very suitable for the growth of Tumbleweed. In addition, there are no obstacles in these plain areas. With the help of wind, Tumbleweed can move for tens of kilometers in an instant and become a disaster in just a few decades.

The picture shows Tumbleweed piled up as a snowman

Why can’t Tumbleweed grow in China?

As the saying goes: “people live, trees die.” Once most plants leave a suitable environment for their growth, they may come to the end of their lives. But for Tumbleweed, no matter what environment it can survive, as “sowing king”, it can not be rampant in our country, even the chance to grow up.

1. Become table food, the generation speed can’t keep up with the table demand


Speaking of the power of Chinese people to eat, there is a good example, that is crayfish. It has invaded more than 10 countries in the world and has been inundated successfully. In China, crayfish is the most failed alien invasive organism. Similarly, the main reason why Tumbleweed can’t survive in China is that its growth rate can’t keep up with the demand of Chinese table. Now Tumbleweed has become a delicacy on Chinese table.

The tender stems and leaves of Tumbleweed, Chinese people regard it as Salsola, can be cold, soup, porridge and so on. In fact, for Americans, they can learn from Chinese food and make Tumbleweed into food. For example: “Tumbleweed stuffing dumplings, Tumbleweed meatball soup, dry fried Tumbleweed” and so on, casually listed as a hard dish. Now the Chinese can join hands and eat Tumbleweed as an endangered species.

The picture shows Tumbleweed on the dining table

2. Turn into medicine, Chinese medicine treatment plays a good role


In our country, many wild plants have certain medicinal value, such as Coptis, Radix Isatidis, honeysuckle and so on. Wild Tumbleweed also has medicinal value. In traditional Chinese medicine, Tumbleweed is called “Chasha Peng”. According to the new edition of Materia Medica, Chasha Peng has the effects of improving eyesight, calming the liver and reducing blood pressure, and it is also effective in the treatment of hypertension, headache, vertigo and other diseases.

As people know more and more about Tumbleweed, the market of Tumbleweed has become popular in the past two years. More and more people begin to operate the business of Tumbleweed, picking and selling it continuously. With the increase of market demand, the number of Tumbleweed is gradually decreasing.

The picture shows the Sargassum (Tumbleweed)


China’s special geographical environment, Tumbleweed can not reproduce and grow


If the plain area of the United States is vast and suitable for the propagation and growth of Tumbleweed, then the mountainous area of China is vast and Tumbleweed is not suitable for growth. On the whole, China’s terrain is high in the West and low in the East, showing a step-by-step decline.

The first step is mainly plateau and mountain, and the main topography includes Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Qaidam Basin, Kunlun Mountains, Gangdise mountains, Himalayas, etc. The second step is mainly plateau and basin. The main terrains are Inner Mongolia Plateau, Loess Plateau, Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Tarim Basin, Sichuan Basin and Junggar basin. The third step is mainly plain and hilly. The main terrain is northeast plain, North China Plain, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Plain, Liaodong hills, Shandong hills, Southeast hills and so on. In this special geographical environment, the propagation of Tumbleweed is also limited.

In addition, China has a vast territory and abundant resources, and there are various kinds of bacteria and insects. Tumbleweed will be constantly gnawed by insects. In densely populated China with a vast construction area, Tumbleweed can not grow rampantly.

The picture shows cishapeng in China


For the Tumbleweed itself, it has strong vitality, but for the whole natural environment and ecosystem, it has strong reproductive capacity, which has become a disaster for the United States and even the whole Europe. All things in the world, the opposite is an objective existence, only relative, no absolute, the great scientist Einstein also published the theory of material relativity. We also often say that “a river has two sides, and there are two sides.” without mountains, there is no depression. In other countries, Tumbleweed has become a hated thing, but in China, it has become a treasure of Chinese people. It is not only a table delicacy, but also a traditional Chinese medicine. At present, Tumbleweed is of great value to us Chinese people.

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