Why is it easy for matter to transform energy, but very difficult for energy to transform matter?

The universe is made up of all kinds of matter, stars, planets and other celestial bodies. The earth we have lived for millions of years is also made up of all kinds of matter. But our survival and development are inseparable from energy, and it is very easy to turn matter into energy. For example, burning coal will release a large amount of heat energy for us to heat and carry out industrial production.

In our real world, material transformation energy can be seen everywhere every day, such as coal burning, bomb explosion and other objects burning. We are very used to thinking that it is not normal for matter to transform into energy, but many people have not thought about such a problem: according to Einstein’s mass energy equation, matter and energy can be transformed into each other, that is, matter can be transformed into energy, and energy can also be transformed into matter.

If energy can also be transformed into matter, we can use energy to make coal, wood, gold, diamonds and other substances. It can be said that all objects can be transformed through energy. This kind of thing is like a fairy tale. In folk myths and legends, immortals can create things out of thin air. This situation seems like a legend, but if we analyze it from a scientific point of view, it is not entirely impossible.


The mass energy equation tells us that matter and energy can be transformed into each other. Why is it so common and easy for matter to transform into energy, but so difficult for energy to transform into matter? In fact, the answer to this question is not complicated. As long as we think about it carefully, we can understand it.

The mutual transformation of matter and energy needs energy. The simplest coal combustion can release high-temperature energy, which is a process of releasing energy. A kilogram of coal can produce a large amount of high temperature, which can do a lot of things. It’s very easy to turn coal into high-temperature energy, and everyone can do it. But what if we reverse this process? We need the same amount of energy to convert it into a kilogram of coal.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that as long as you have a kilogram of coal, the energy you need can be transformed successfully. You also need to release the energy instantaneously. This is the most difficult. This is also a key factor that makes it difficult for energy to transform materials. It’s not difficult for our current technology to collect the energy needed for one kilogram of coal, but we can’t convert them into coal. The reason is that we can’t release this energy in a very short moment. This time is very short, and the current human technology can’t do it.

In the same way, the energy released by a nuclear bomb is enormous, but it is difficult to convert the same Joule energy into a nuclear bomb. A large part of the reason is that, as mentioned above, the collected energy cannot be released instantly. Some people may say that there is no such thing as the transformation of energy into matter in this world. This is only something that can be done by immortals in myths and legends. Is this really the case? Of course not


In fact, there was a massive event of energy transforming into matter in the universe, which was the big bang. Modern science believes that our universe was born in the big bang of singularity. Singularity is a matter with infinitesimal volume and infinitesimal mass. After it explodes, it releases unimaginable energy, and then these energy are transformed into stars, planets and other celestial bodies and matter.

So why does the energy generated by the big bang turn into matter such as celestial bodies? One reason is that it has enough energy. The other is that the process of energy release is very short and concentrated. As long as human science and technology can achieve this, it is not impossible to believe that energy can transform matter. So, after the big bang in the universe, has there ever been another event in which energy is converted into matter?

In fact, there may also be such cases, such as the explosion of supernovae, the explosion after the death of stars, and the evolution process of other celestial bodies, which may involve the process of energy conversion into matter. Of course, this is a natural event in the universe. It is possible that other alien civilizations in the universe have developed to a certain extent and already have the ability to transform energy into matter.


In fact, scientists never deny the existence of alien civilization. Although we have not found any trace of alien civilization, no one will believe that there is no alien civilization in the vast universe. If alien civilizations exist, their civilization strength will be different. The development of human science and technology is only about 300 years, which is very short in the development process of a civilization.

Then the development of science and technology of alien civilizations in the universe may be far longer than that of human beings. For example, some alien civilizations have developed science and technology for 10000 years, 100000 years or even tens of millions of years. Other alien civilizations may be 100 million years, billion years more advanced than human science and technology. We can’t imagine how strong their scientific and technological strength is in such a developed civilization. Just as primitive humans can’t imagine the technology we have now.

There is no end to the development of science and technology. Some people say that the end of science is metaphysics and theology. When science and technology develop to the end, we believe that it is not impossible to create all things, even the universe. It is possible that energy can be transformed into matter. In our current science and technology, it is totally impossible. However, if human civilization develops for another 10000 years, it may feel that energy can be transformed into matter very simply. People are transforming energy into matter every day.

This is the strength gap between different stages of civilization. People in ancient times thought that flying to the sky was just a dream. Human beings could never go to the moon to have a look. But now we have already realized flying to the sky and completed the manned landing on the moon, and the first landing of chang’e-4 on the back of the moon is about to come true. There is no impossibility on the road of scientific development. What is impossible now may not be impossible in the future. For example, it’s very difficult to transform energy into matter now, but it may not be easy for each of us in the near future.


Every day, we are making energy conversion through the energy material conversion instrument, making some kind of food out of thin air, making a diamond and so on. Of course, different materials need different energy to transform by energy, and the technical difficulty is also different. It needs more huge energy and more advanced technology to make planets and stars, but it may not be impossible in the future. As long as human science and technology continue to develop, everything is possible in the future.

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