Why is it so difficult to transform matter into energy, which can be seen everywhere?

Human beings are the intelligent life of the earth. From the moment of human birth, it is destined that the earth will change because of human beings, and human beings will also shoulder the mission of exploring the mystery of the universe. Before the development of science and technology, human beings had almost no knowledge of the world and the universe. Many of them depended on some conjectures, so many myths and legends were born.

With the help of science and technology, we have a preliminary understanding of the world and the universe. The birth of some great scientists has brought human science and technology into a stage of rapid development. To ask which scientist in physics and astronomy has made the most contribution, I believe many people will say it is Einstein.

Einstein is one of the greatest physicists in modern times. He is the founder of nuclear energy. He put forward the great general theory of relativity and put forward a lot of advanced conjectures. These conjectures are being verified by later scientists one by one. So far, none of the conjectures that have been verified are wrong. We can see how great Einstein is.


Einstein not only put forward the theory of relativity, but also put forward another great equation, which is the mass energy equation. I believe that physics friends should be familiar with this equation. The success of nuclear bombs benefits from the mass energy equation, which tells us that matter and energy can be transformed into each other. Matter can be transformed into energy, and energy can also be transformed into matter Quality.

However, in our world, in our daily life, we can see the conversion of matter into energy everywhere, such as the combustion of coal, the combustion of natural gas, the combustion of oil and so on. The conversion of matter into energy can be said to happen every day around us. But who has seen the transformation of energy into matter, at least in the whole history of human civilization.

Is Einstein’s mass energy equation not completely correct? Can’t energy transform matter? In fact, the mode formula of mass and energy is the basic law of physics, which reveals the mystery of the transformation of matter and energy. It is not wrong. Why is it that the transformation of matter into energy can be seen everywhere, but the transformation of energy into matter is very difficult? To solve this mystery, we need to have a certain understanding of the mutual transformation between matter and energy.

The physical conversion of energy is a waste of energy, which is a process of releasing energy. The most common performance of releasing energy from the material is high temperature. For example, in the process of coal combustion, thousands of degrees of high temperature are released. The same is true for other substances to transform energy. The release of energy is relatively easy. For example, the explosion of an atomic bomb also releases the energy inside the atom instantaneously, producing huge destructive power.


But if we reverse this process and turn it into energy conversion material, it will be very difficult. There are two reasons why it is so difficult. One is that it needs the same huge material to convert energy into material. For example, the heat released by burning one kilogram of coal is about 7000 kcal. Now we need 7000 kcal of energy to convert one kilogram of coal. Atomic bomb explosion will produce enormous energy, so to transform an atomic bomb through energy, it needs to release the same huge energy.

Of course, it is not too difficult for human science and technology to collect these huge amounts of energy. For example, it takes 7000 kcal of energy to convert one kilogram of coal with energy, which can be easily collected by modern science and technology. So why can’t 7000 calories be converted into a kilogram of coal? Here we will talk about another difficulty in the transformation of energy into matter, which is instantaneous.

In order to convert 7000 kcal of energy into material, it is not enough to collect the energy by light. It also needs to release some energy in an instant, which is impossible for human science and technology. Thus, it can be seen that it is very difficult for energy to transform matter. Two difficulties need to be overcome, and the second one is even more difficult. As far as human beings know, the transformation of energy into matter only happened once in the universe, that is, when the big bang happened.


Modern science’s conjecture about the origin of the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. This singularity is an infinitely large mass and infinitely small volume thing, which contains unimaginable energy. When the big bang happens at the singularity, huge energy is generated instantly, and these energies also form all kinds of materials in the universe, which form stars, planets and other celestial bodies.

The transformation of energy into matter only happened once in the big bang, and never happened again. The main reason for this is that it is very, very difficult to generate huge energy instantaneously. Although the power of the universe and nature is difficult to reproduce the transformation of energy into matter, the power of science is possible.

If human beings can put forward the equation of mass and energy, then theoretically, energy can transform matter. We can’t do it now. The main reason is that our science and technology are still relatively backward. We have only developed science and technology for hundreds of years, and we can’t do this incredible thing. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, perhaps in the future, the transformation of energy into matter will no longer be a myth.

I believe many friends know that in ancient myths and legends, immortals can produce matter out of thin air. Some people may think that this is just a myth. But from the perspective of modern science, can you find that the so-called “immortals produce matter out of thin air” is an application of energy to transform matter?


Scientists speculate that since human science and technology are only a few hundred years old, it is still impossible to transform energy into matter. However, there are actually alien civilizations in the universe. If the science and technology of alien civilization is far more powerful than that of human civilization, thousands of years, tens of thousands, even hundreds of millions of years, just imagine how powerful the science and technology of such civilization should be We can’t imagine.

The power of science and technology is endless, but also omnipotent. As long as science and technology develop to a certain extent, it is possible that the mythical event of energy transforming into matter will appear. And a powerful alien civilization may have this kind of technical ability. If so, does that mean that a powerful civilization in the universe can create stars and planets out of thin air.

No matter stars or planets, they are all matter in essence. Destruction will release huge energy. Similarly, through the instantaneous release of huge energy, it is possible to create all kinds of celestial bodies. That’s the beauty of science. If the transformation of energy into matter is the truth of the universe, we may have to rethink the mystery of the birth of the universe.


In our opinion, the universe originated from the big bang of singularity. The energy released at this moment is transformed into various substances. Is the birth of the universe natural? For the origin of the universe, there is another conjecture, that is, created by the super civilization, there may be an older universe outside our universe, and the powerful civilizations in the ancient universe may have developed for tens of billions or hundreds of billions of years. They have already mastered the technology of transforming energy into matter, so it is possible to create materials like singularity.

Maybe the singularity is that the super civilization compresses the super energy, and then creates the universe by activating the singularity to generate super energy instantly. This guess seems too bold, but it is not entirely impossible. Human beings have entered the road of scientific development. Naturally, we know that the power of science and technology is beyond our imagination. Perhaps human civilization will continue to develop. When the sun dies in 5 billion years, it will become a super powerful civilization. At that time, maybe human beings will also master the power to transform energy into material, and then collect the energy of the sun, and then release it instantaneously The sun is back.

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