Why is it that a plane can only be stable when it flies to an altitude of 10000 meters? Those who have experienced it tell us why!

Why does a plane have to fly 10000 meters high? The witness tells the truth, so it is!


Since the birth of human beings, they have formed their own civilization. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology. In the process of development, they also encounter many problems. Human beings are special creatures with wisdom and consciousness. When they face these problems, they can find ways to solve them one by one. This is the difference of human beings.


So far, science and technology has been developed enough, various means of transportation have emerged one after another, and human travel has become more convenient. The emergence of these high-tech products has made human life richer and efficiency has been greatly improved. Since stepping into the 20th century, people have been pleasantly surprised to see the emergence of various high technologies. One of the greatest inventions in human history is the airplane. The airplane is very important to human beings. No matter where it is, the airplane can arrive smoothly. It was invented by the Wright brothers. Why does a plane have to fly 10000 meters high? The witness tells the truth, so it is!


At that time, the Wright brothers flew pilot 1 for the first time. It had the advantage of staying on the ground and could fly with its own power. Long ago, man dreamed of flying into space. Since the emergence of the aircraft, these dreams have gradually come true, and laid the foundation for the aerospace field. At that time, due to the limited technology of the aircraft, the distance from the ground was still low, and the journey was relatively short. Today’s aircraft are completely different, not only flying high, but also flying farther.


I don’t know if you have found that a plane can fly stably only when it flies at an altitude of 10000 meters. Why on earth? Some professionals have given a reasonable explanation. If the plane flies low, it may bump into some birds. Birds are also alive, and may cause serious aircraft damage and human death. At that time, the gain is not worth the loss.


If you fly very low, you will be affected by the wind. All of these are very dangerous, so there is always stratosphere at an altitude of 10000 meters. This stratosphere is extremely stable, and the aircraft becomes more smooth in the process of flight. In addition, there are less impurities in the stratosphere and more suspended solid particles, which plays a certain role in protecting the aircraft and is conducive to the pilot’s better control of the aircraft. It is impossible for birds to fly to such a high altitude. In order to fly more safely, some birds will be driven out at the airport before flying. These birds cause certain security risks to the aircraft. Although the technology has been improved, it has not reached the peak stage.


The plane is not as stable as expected, and there have been many incidents of plane crash and human death in history, so the possibility of survival is very small, so we should carefully consider flying. Climate and bird impact can cause danger anytime and anywhere. This is also the reason why airplanes have to fly 10000 meters high in order to fly stably. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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