Why is it that aging, rather than immortality, is the universal choice of life for evolution?

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Birth, aging, illness and death are the rules that most creatures have to go through. Whether it’s small animals or advanced intelligent creatures like human beings, from the day of birth, the ultimate fate is death. In other animal world, the fate of life and death is predestined, there will be no feelings of resistance.


However, as the smartest and only intelligent life on earth, human beings are not so optimistic about life and death. In many people’s hearts, in fact, they are very eager for immortality. Even if they live for 120 years, they also expect to live longer, even immortality.

So why do creatures have the law of life and death? Through research, scientists believe that this is a choice made by life on the road of evolution. The early life of the earth was born 4 billion years ago. After the birth of life, there are two choices in the direction of evolution: one is bound by life and death, and the other is the road of immortality.

So why did life choose such a way of evolution as life and death in the end? Isn’t immortality a better choice? To solve this mystery, we need to think from two aspects, one is survival, the other is the evolution from low level to high level.


Let’s first take a look at the evolution of life from low level to high level. I believe many friends know that the main line running through life is evolution. Only through evolution can life evolve from low level to high level, which is a macro cognition. From a micro perspective, the essence of evolution is the continuous mutation and recombination of genes.

Gene bank is a huge world, in which there are countless kinds of genes, and the essence of life is the combination of these genes. The evolution of life from low level to high level requires these genes to choose a better combination through mutation and recombination again and again. When the better combination appears, the life will complete an evolutionary evolution and upgrade to a higher level of life.


But if the life body chooses the road of immortality, then the mutation and combination of this gene will be very difficult to carry on. At this time, the life body will not be able to realize the evolution to higher life. We all know that the DNA of bacteria is different from that of human cells. The DNA of bacteria is circular, and can continue to replicate without loss. Therefore, in a sense, many single and thin genes can survive Celluloids are “immortal” unless something happens to them.

The earliest life on earth is these single-cell bacteria, but because some single-cell life chose the road of immortality, after billions of years, they are still very simple life, unable to become more advanced complex life. If all the life on the earth had chosen the road of immortality, there would be no advanced and complex creatures such as mammals and humans on the earth now, but the most primitive life form would still be maintained.

Therefore, most of the early life on earth gave up the road of immortality and chose another road more conducive to evolution. It was this right choice that led to the explosion of life on the earth, and finally to the continuous emergence of advanced life, so that human beings could be born millions of years ago.


Seeing this, many people will say that since the road of immortality is not conducive to the evolution of life body, and is not conducive to human becoming a higher life in the future, will immortality be only a dream in the human world forever? Of course not. In fact, as human beings continue to crack the mystery of life, it is not difficult to master the mystery of life and death in the future.

When human beings have completely solved the mystery of gene, it is not difficult for human beings to achieve immortality by means of gene. But at that time, can we do that? The answer is no, because once we choose the road of immortality, it means that the road of human evolution to higher life will be cut off, which may not be a good choice for human beings.


Therefore, even if human beings master the technology of immortality in the future, this technology can not be popularized by the whole people, but only for a very small number of people, such as those great scientists. In fact, for most people, the happiest thing is to live a happier and more wonderful life without the trouble of disease. For ordinary people, immortality will become a burden and a painful thing.

Let’s think about it from the perspective of survival. Immortality is not a good choice. There is another purpose of the evolution of life, that is to survive better in the changing environment of nature. We all know that the earth is a complex and changeable ecological planet, and the ecological environment often has some drastic changes. If life wants to survive, it needs to be able to better adapt to these drastic changes.

If life chooses immortality, it can’t complete the evolution to higher life, then it can’t adapt to the changeable ecological environment. Although they have the constitution of immortality, they are more likely to die in the changeable environment, instead of playing the role of immortality.


Secondly, survival is inseparable from resources, and the survival and continuation of life needs the support of various resources. If all life bodies choose the road of immortality, can the earth’s resources be satisfied? Of course not. The earth’s resources may soon be consumed. Without resources, life will not continue. Finally, the earth will become a desolate planet and lose life completely.

Let’s take the present human society as an example. If immortality is realized, what will be the fate of mankind? The answer is destruction, the earth’s resources to meet the current 7 billion people has been a bit reluctant. However, if human beings will not die under normal circumstances, the number of human beings will grow exponentially. It may not take a hundred years, and every corner of the earth will be full of people.


In this case, the earth’s ecological environment will be completely deteriorated, food and other resources will also face depletion. Without a good ecological environment and rich resources, mankind will usher in the end. Therefore, immortality will not bring any benefits to human beings, but will bring destruction. Only by carrying on the law of life and death in accordance with the laws of nature, can human beings continue their glory and meet a better tomorrow.

Of course, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, in the future we will go to the sea of stars and colonize various galaxies. At that time, with the help of genetic technology, human life expectancy will also increase dramatically, and the population will also increase exponentially. This surge is good for human beings, because we are no longer limited to the earth, no longer limited to a small solar system.

It can be seen that human life expectancy is not that the longer the better, and the longer it is, the better it will be for human beings. It needs to be determined according to the pace of human development. Only when we have more living planets and a wider living space can we make a substantial increase in our life span. If we stay on the earth all the time, the life span of human beings will not be able to increase significantly, otherwise it will bring a crisis of destruction to human beings.

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