Why is it that most animals are male and more beautiful, while only humans are the opposite?

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I believe friends who like to study animals will find a special phenomenon: most animals are male, which is more beautiful. Human beings are advanced animals, but on the contrary, women are more beautiful than men. Why?


There are tens of millions of creatures on earth, and human beings are one of them. And species can’t survive without females and males. And in the animal world, basically, males are more beautiful. For example, when the male peacock opens the screen, it can attract the eyes of everyone around. The colorful posture and flowing tail of male birds of paradise are the most powerful weapons to attract the opposite sex. Not only birds, but also mammals. The beauty of the male lion is far more than that of the female. The long ivory of the male elephant is a symbol of power. In contrast, the female elephant does not look as beautiful as the male. This is true not only of life on land, but also of life in water.

Marine life naturally fits this phenomenon. Most male fish are more beautiful than females. I believe friends who have raised ornamental fish will know that male fish will be very beautiful after hair color, far more than female fish, so the price of male fish in ornamental fish is often very high, and people are more willing to buy male fish.

In the animal world, beauty is often used for males, but in human civilization, it is the opposite. Since ancient times, beauty has always been the patent of women. Since ancient times in China, there has been a conclusion that “women are pure and men are turbid”. The simple four characters show the innate beauty of women. There is an idiom called “Lang Cai NV Mao”, which fully shows the beauty of women. If this idiom becomes “Lang Cai NV Cai”, I believe many friends will feel uncomfortable.


Women’s beauty is both innate and acquired. Innate beauty is the unique capital of women. At the same time, women’s beauty is acquired. Women can spend all their time on self dressing. Maybe not all women are born with the beauty of a country, but after careful dressing, all women can afford the word “beauty”. Since ancient times, people rarely combine “beauty” with men. Men’s talent and women’s looks have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, so it’s a matter of course.

Why is the expression of beauty in animal world and human civilization completely opposite? In fact, the main reason is the environment. The survival and development of any life on earth are determined by the environment, and so is the evolution and survival of human beings. The natural selection of things and the survival of the fittest are the eternal laws of nature. The reason why male animals are more beautiful is that the main purpose of animal survival is reproduction. Whoever controls the right to have children will dominate in the process of courtship. Obviously, the right to have children is firmly in the hands of females. Therefore, in order to reproduce their own offspring, males can only attract and seek the love of the opposite sex by sex.


Some people may say that the main goal of human survival is not reproduction? If human beings are not intelligent life, the most important goal is naturally this. But human beings are intelligent life and form human civilization. Although reproduction is also very important, it is not like animals. In order to reproduce, human survival and development have more important goals besides reproduction. This goal is to explore the world and explore the mysteries of the universe Secret.

The reproduction behavior of animals is purely a kind of nature, while the reproduction behavior of human beings is a kind of mutually beneficial social behavior, which virtually weakens the power of reproductive rights. The status of reproductive rights in human civilization is far less important and noble than that of the animal kingdom. In the animal kingdom, as long as we reach the age of childbearing, we will take the initiative to seek the opposite sex for reproduction. Many people don’t get married all their lives. Even if they get married, they won’t have children.

Since ancient times, human men have occupied a dominant position in social activities and mastered more wealth. In the modern era of equality between men and women, men are still the mainstay of most families, and men are the main earning power. Moreover, men’s body structure is obviously stronger than women’s, and men are stronger. Therefore, men’s ability to create value is obviously higher than women’s.


It is precisely because men occupy a dominant position in human civilization that women need to show their beauty as their capital if they want to win men’s favor. Therefore, in the whole process of human civilization evolution and development, women obviously have more beautiful appearance than men, and learn to dress up, make-up and other skills to add points to beauty.

However, with the rapid development of human civilization, especially in the era of scientific civilization, women have begun to come to the front stage. This phenomenon seems to have gradually changed. Some people joke that we have entered a “male age”. I believe many friends know that the word “beautiful” is no longer the patent of women. Now to describe a good-looking man is not only to describe him as handsome, but also to describe him as beautiful.


The reason for this is that with the rapid development of science and technology, mental work has gradually replaced physical work. In the past, the high status of men was mainly due to the era of manual labor. Men had strong physique and strength to work. With the rapid development of science and technology, physical work will be less and less, and the future physical work will be basically replaced by intelligent robots.

And the way to obtain human wealth mainly depends on brain power. At this time, women’s status began to improve. Even in terms of making money by relying on brain power, women are more superior than men. For example, 90% of today’s online celebrities are women. Men have gradually lost the mode of making money by physical strength, so the social status of men in human civilization has been declining in the past. At this time, when women choose men, the conditions will naturally gradually improve, and the appearance of men has become a factor that women consider more. The combination of women and men is no longer to obtain the guarantee of survival.

Therefore, in the future, it is possible that human civilization will gradually change to the animal world. Men will become more and more beautiful, learn to make up, and learn to dress themselves. The purpose of nature is to attract the opposite sex, perhaps the male is more beautiful is the correct law of nature. The past development of human civilization may have deviated, but now it is gradually correcting. I believe many friends have found that now there are more and more women, more and more cream babies, more and more gentle men and more and more fierce women.


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