Why is Jupiter so important to the earth? It is the patron saint of the earth, protecting the safety of mankind

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system and the only planet of intelligent life. Since human beings came out of the earth, they have been searching for other living planets, civilized planets. However, up to now, we still have no living planet and no alien civilization.

Of course, there are countless planets in the vast universe. Scientists believe that there is not only one planet of life, but also an alien civilization. However, it is not so easy for a living planet like the earth to be born. Scientists believe that there must be very few living planets like the earth in the universe.

A planet needs to meet many conditions from its birth to becoming a living planet and a civilized planet. In addition to the excellent ecosystem of the planet itself, the more important thing is to have a very stable and safe external environment.


The reason why the earth can become an intelligent life planet is that in addition to its thick atmosphere, strong magnetic field and large amount of liquid water resources, its external solar system environment is also very important. From the distribution map of planets in the solar system, we can see that the earth is the third closest planet to the solar system, with mercury and Venus in front.

The position of the earth in the solar system is in the livable zone, which gives the earth a warm ecological environment and creates favorable temperature conditions for the birth of life. There are Mars, Jupiter and Saturn outside the earth. Here we have to mention a very important planet for the earth – Jupiter. It is with the existence of Jupiter that the earth can have a safe and stable environment, that life can continue to develop, and finally the birth of intelligent human life.

It can be said that Jupiter is the patron saint of the earth, so why is Jupiter so important to the earth? It turns out that it has prevented the earth from countless collisions from celestial bodies outside the solar system. As we all know, the universe is not a peaceful environment. All kinds of disasters happen all the time. The birth and destruction of planets are staged every day in the universe.

Relatively speaking, the solar system is still a very stable environment, without any major cosmic disaster. The eight planets orbit the sun in an orderly and stable manner. Although the environment of the solar system is relatively stable and safe, there is a threat that has always accompanied us, that is, the risk of asteroid impact. We all know that in addition to the eight planets in the solar system, the number of asteroids is too many to estimate.


The solar system is a galaxy full of asteroids. There is an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, where there are no less than 100000 asteroids. On the edge of the solar system, there is a Kuiper belt, where the number of asteroids is beyond estimation. Beyond the Kuiper belt, the outermost interstellar space also has an Oort nebula, which is a huge and mysterious space with unimaginable number of asteroids.

With so many asteroids, asteroid impact events may occur frequently. Through the exploration of Mars, scientists found that there are many craters on Mars, and until now, Mars is often hit by asteroids, because it is too close to the asteroid belt. Once an asteroid is out of orbit, it may hit Mars.

Although the earth has been hit by an asteroid, its probability is much smaller. One of the important reasons is that there is Jupiter in front of the earth. Jupiter is a gas giant planet and the largest planet in the solar system. Its mass is 2.5 times that of other planets. Strong mass means strong gravity.


Therefore, when an asteroid outside the solar system breaks away from its orbit and collides with the earth, it will be attracted by its strong gravity when passing through Jupiter, either hitting Jupiter or becoming an asteroid of Jupiter. There are so many satellites in Jupiter’s orbit, most of them are asteroids from the outer solar system, which are captured by its gravity when passing through Jupiter.

If there were no Jupiter, or if Jupiter had the same mass as Mars, the fate of the earth would have been totally different. When an asteroid hits the earth, there will be no big man in front of it, so the probability of the earth being hit by an asteroid will be greatly increased. For example, the 79 moons of Jupiter may continue to move towards the earth, and any one of them will bring a devastating blow to the life of the earth.

Therefore, Jupiter is too important to the earth. Without Jupiter, the earth would have been hit by an asteroid many times in the past 4.6 billion years, and each impact would bring about a mass extinction. More seriously, it might directly destroy the earth’s core, make the earth’s magnetic field disappear, collapse the earth’s ecological system, and completely lose the qualification to become a living planet, so there would not be the birth of human beings now.

In addition to understanding the importance of Jupiter to the earth, scientists still have many doubts about Jupiter, one of which is why Jupiter is just outside the earth. By exploring other galaxies in the Milky way, scientists have found that many giant gaseous planets like Jupiter are closer to the stars than Jupiter is to the sun. In addition, why the earth is so small is also a major mystery.


It is precisely because of the small size of the earth and the huge size of Jupiter that a huge gravitational difference is formed, which enables Jupiter to attract asteroids in the past. If the earth becomes a super planet, several times larger than it is now, the ability of Jupiter to capture asteroids will be greatly reduced due to the increased gravity. At that time, it may happen that the earth and Jupiter compete for asteroids, which is not a good thing for life planet.

For a living planet, the biggest fear is asteroid impact. And the earth now such quality and volume, but beneficial to protect the safety of the earth, to protect the safety of mankind. Why Jupiter is in its present orbit is still a mystery, which may be related to the formation of the early solar system. No matter what causes Jupiter, we should thank it for guarding the safety of the earth and human beings.

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