Why is Kunlun Mountain listed as a “forbidden zone” for human beings? 37 years ago, a strange thing, still no solution!

It is known as the “ancestor of ten thousand mountains”. Why is it listed as a forbidden area? Look at 37 years ago!


Many places on the earth have been excavated by human beings, such as towering mountains and plateaus. Many hidden secrets are found in these places, which makes people full of curiosity about more unknown fields. There are still many areas in the world that human beings have not set foot in. Take Kunlun Mountain for example. In Chinese mythology, Kunlun Mountain has the reputation of “the ancestor of ten thousand mountains”, which was first recorded in the book of mountains and seas. The Kunlun Mountain described in the book has a huge area, and the light height has reached more than 10000 kilometers, which has extended to Qinghai. It is understood that it has a total length of about 2500 kilometers and a total area of more than 500000 square kilometers. Its interior is extremely dangerous and dangerous. There are all kinds of undead trees and rare animals. It has always been a place that human beings are eager to explore.


For thousands of years, it has been standing in the middle of Asia, more like a sleeping dragon. There are many legends about Kunlun mountain. It is said that there is an immortal living in Kunlun Mountain, who is the queen mother of the West. Because no one has witnessed it, it has put a mysterious veil on Kunlun mountain. The most unexpected thing is that there is death valley inside Kunlun mountain. People have different opinions about it, which has become a mystery for thousands of years. So how did this death valley come into being? It is known as the “ancestor of ten thousand mountains”. Why is it listed as a forbidden area? Look at 37 years ago!


In 1983, the investigation team went to the Kunlun Mountains for investigation. This place is rarely visited, with animal remains everywhere and no natural activities found. When they felt desperate, they suddenly saw a rancher near the mouth of the canyon. He was very worried, mainly because his horses ran into the canyon in order to bring them back to their original place.


However, only a few days later, when the team found the rancher again, he was already a cold corpse. His horses were grazing not far away. The dead rancher kept the action of shotgun, his eyes were round, his mouth was open, and his face was black, which was more like poisoning It’s the way you look. After careful research, it was found that there were no other scars on his body, completely unlike being attacked. In order to find out the truth about the death of the rancher, the team did not give up the research.


Until the next day, another accident happened. The surrounding environment changed dramatically. Suddenly, there was thunder. When the team members looked at the sky, they found that the sky was soon gloomy, and the clear sky was fleeting. The most amazing thing is that a thunderstorm hit the earth without warning. After this strange event, the team found that most of the herdsmen’s horses were killed by lightning, and even many plants nearby were not spared.


In order to explore the hidden mystery inside, the team stayed in the canyon for a whole summer, and finally found out the reason behind it. It turned out that the canyon was close to the top of the mountain, and there was a strong magnetic attraction around it, so it became a thundery area. Once encountering thunder in the canyon, there is a risk of being struck by thunder anytime and anywhere. Since then, the gorge has become a forbidden area. It has been garrisoned for many years, and few people dare to set foot in it. What do you think of the great secret hidden in Kunlun mountain? You can leave a message for interaction.

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