Why is nine star continuous bead the disaster image of the ancients? What kind of disaster will it bring to the earth?

Human beings have always been in awe of the existence of the universe and want to explore it. The universe is so mysterious, in which there are many unknown things. Scientists are trying to explore the essence of the universe, or the mystery, as well as how to form and die. Human beings want to understand it one by one. Today, human beings still explore a small part of the universe. So the ancients actually explored the universe, especially the Chinese ancients.

For example, in the TV series, you can always see Qiaoduan. Nine stars in a row means disaster stars, that is, disaster is coming. Is there any scientific basis for this astronomical phenomenon?

First of all, we should make a serious judgment on this. The astronomical anomalies will affect the ancients’ judgment of the future, because the ancients believed that the appearance of such anomalies must have a special meaning.


So what is also called nine star Lianzhu? In fact, in the eyes of the ancients, it was covered with mystery, but with the progress of science and technology, human beings had a further understanding of it.

It turns out that nine stars in a row means that nine planets in the universe are on the same horizontal line, so on this horizontal line, the nine stars seem to be connected like a straight line.

Well, according to the prediction and calculation of scientists, this kind of abnormal astronomical phenomena has only occurred once since the birth of the earth if the angle is strictly controlled. This time is a very rare phenomenon. If human beings want to wait for the next time, it is estimated that it will take about 1000 years.

So why did the ancients never forget it?


In fact, as the ancients said, nine stars in a row may not be the real nine stars, or they may be less than or less than nine celestial bodies, which are connected together. After all, it is very rare for celestial bodies to connect in a straight line. In ancient times, they did not have specific observation tools, most of which were based on the naked eye observation. Moreover, because the ancients believed in astronomical phenomena, so they are very popular It’s not surprising that there are such strange rumors, so we need to make sure that if there are nine stars in a row, is this abnormal phenomenon true or disaster?

The first thing scientists can be sure is that gravity has indeed changed. After all, this kind of gravity will make many planets overlap, so there is no doubt that gravity will become stronger. However, the universe is very powerful, so the impact is difficult to estimate.

At the same time, according to scientific records, the angle at which the position of a star is measured in astronomy is Θ, which means that the solar system is not always in a plane, and there is an angular deviation in the orbit of each planet. If the angle is less than 5 degrees, it is a real continuous bead, then what exactly do 9 stars mean? I think we all know that it refers to the eight planets, plus Pluto, so the real nine star conjunctions did not happen. After all, this phenomenon only happened when the angle was magnified to about 15 degrees.


In ancient China, it should have been 1149. According to the calculation, it should have been the 19th year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty. However, in this year, nothing big happened in China. When the perspective turned to the west, it was the year when the Second Crusade ended.

Therefore, the ancients saw that the nine star Lianzhu should actually be six star Lianzhu, seven star Lianzhu and eight star Lianzhu. Because these events happened 49 times, three times and zero times respectively.

So the real so-called nine star continuous bead is just a common natural phenomenon. However, there is no way for human beings to fully understand all kinds of mysteries in the universe by using science and technology, because there are not only matter, but also all kinds of antimatter. At the same time, the source of matter, the essence of time, whether it can pass through time and space, everything, human beings So far there is no definite answer. Therefore, the nine star beads are very rare, but the impact on the earth can also be ignored.

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