Why is plastic so notorious? Not only on land and sea, but also in human body!

Why is plastic so notorious? Not only on land and sea, but also in human body!


Plastic is one of the most common substances in life. In the early 20th century, plastic appeared. It has low cost and high plasticity. Before long, it completely penetrated into all aspects of human life. When you go shopping, you need to use plastic bags, drink water in plastic bottles when you are thirsty, and use plastic straws. All these are related to plastic. In recent years, plastic has spread all over the world, which brings great convenience to human beings, but also has many disadvantages.


There is something wrong with the elimination form of plastics, which is usually buried or incinerated. The buried type will pollute the soil, and the incineration type will pollute the atmosphere. This kind of plastic is difficult to degrade. What’s more, some time ago, scientists even detected the existence of plastic particles in human feces. What’s the matter? Schwab once pointed out that plastic particles can be found in about half of the human body around the world, and it seems to become a kind of normalization. Why is plastic so notorious? Not only on land and sea, but also in human body!


Where does plastic come from?


As early as 1906, Baekeland’s brain hole was opened, and chemicals were added to the resin, so plastics appeared. Because of the outstanding heat resistance and stability, plastics were widely used in life. After simple processing, many things can also be made, thus stepping on the stage of history. It is almost highly respected and can be seen in all walks of life. Due to the low manufacturing cost, it has become a kind of raw material.


Someone once did an experiment, in which 8 people restricted their diet and activities every day and ate the same food. These foods all had one feature, and were packed in plastic bags. After a period of time, their feces were tested, and it was found that these people’s feces contained plastic components, that is to say, plastic can completely enter the human body . Hawking once warned that we already have the ability to destroy the earth. If human beings do not use this ability in the right way, they will eventually eat the evil consequences. According to statistics, there are many plastics discharged to the sea and land every year. This huge garbage accumulation has a serious impact on the ecosystem.


Detection of plastic particles in multiple organisms


Some divers have found a kind of Amphipoda in the seabed. After testing, it also contains plastic particles in its body. These plastic particles will not disappear, but will always lurk on the sea and land, forming an endless vicious circle. No matter what food people eat, it has something to do with plastic, which reflects that Jin’s prediction may come true. At present, human beings are being attacked by science and technology. If these plastics are not restrained, they will pile up more and more over time. In the future, the earth may become a huge garbage dump, and human beings may have to eat garbage. It’s frightening to think about it.


From now on, everyone should do a good job in garbage classification, try to eat less plastic bag products, go shopping in the supermarket and bring cloth bags. Many living habits need to be changed. Only by solving these problems from the source can plastics be contained. In addition to these hazards, do you know what impact plastics have on human beings? You can leave a message for interaction.

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