Why is the direction of human evolution determined by women? Whether you admit it or not, you have to accept the reality

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In the process of human evolution, there are obvious differences between male and female in physiological characteristics. With the continuous development of society, we have a preliminary concept of gender. For example, when a child comes to the world from wawawawawa, he is like a piece of white paper, without his own cognition, and needs the guidance of his parents in the process of growing up. Parents will tell their children that different genders and clothes are different. As the child grows up, there is a clear concept of gender in his psychology.

Human origin: matriarchal society, only know their mother, do not know their father

When did women enjoy the highest status? It should start from the matriarchal society at the beginning of human origin. At that time, people only knew their mother, but did not know their father. Women enjoyed a very high position in the society at that time, and even held the leadership of the clan. What is the chief of the clan responsible for? One is in charge of public affairs, the other is in charge of military power. The earliest stage of the clan society was inherited by women. People of the same clan could help each other and share a common hatred.



At the beginning of human origin, social productivity was low, and the main tasks were related to women

In matriarchal society, social productivity was low. At that time, there were two basic tasks for human beings, one was reproduction, the other was survival, and these two tasks were related to women. In the process of human social evolution, under the influence of women, the number of human beings is increasing and the productivity is improving. With the progress of social development, the status of women in society is gradually ignored.


In matrilineal society, group marriage is the way to survive. Children only remember their mother, not their father


With the increase of population, many people will fight for food and territory. In the process of war, the status of women will gradually decline. But even so, some of the tasks of collecting food and taking care of children still fall on women. Human beings rely on women to collect food and take care of children to survive. At that time, when the level of productivity and production technology was low, the group marriage system was implemented to maintain the survival of ethnic groups. In this kind of group marriage, because the children are taken care of by women for a long time, he doesn’t know who is his father, only who is his mother. The only disadvantage of this matriarchal society is that the gene can’t be better inherited.


The identity recognition and image worship of motherhood originate from nature

Some netizens can’t help asking:“


Why are women so powerful by nature? In the matriarchal society occupies an important position?

”In fact, to some extent, the recognition of matrilineal identity and the worship of image are derived from nature, which is also the spiritual desire of human beings. At the beginning of the rise of human religious belief, primitive human beings had a reverence for nature, such as worshiping heaven and earth, praying for good weather. Primitive human beings have a hidden worship of all things in nature. This worship originates from the dignity of nature. In addition, it is also a kind of sustenance of primitive human beings for their future life. In this case, the mother’s surname, which gave birth to human offspring, has come onto the stage. At the beginning of human civilization, maternal identity was very important in reproduction and reproduction.

At the beginning of human civilization, the worship image of motherhood was deified

Matriarchal image was deified in the early period of human civilization. In other words, the external image was used to worship the original illusory spirit. For example, in matriarchal society, the spiritual outline of female image would be extended to mythology, while the male image could not be compared.



Nuwa, the God of human creation in China

Nuwa is the mother of human beings in the legend of the Chinese nation. She is a female God. Nu Wa created human beings. She invented countless human beings with loess and pool water. Among these human beings, there are men and women. Nu Wa endowed them with respect and gratitude. The saying that Nu Wa created human beings originated very late, and when Nu Wa created human beings, there were other human beings in Kyushu. In the records of the book of mountains and seas, there are already records that “the four poles were abandoned, the Kyushu split, and Nu Wa refined five colored stones to fill the sky”. In a way, the typical representative of female gods is Nuwa, who has high respect for women in the eyes of primitive mankind.


Queen Mother of the West


In the early stage of primitive human society, people thought that land gave birth to all things. If Nu Wa created human beings, the queen mother of Kunlun West is the opposite and has the power to control the life and death of all things. Kunlun mound is a mountain where ancient gods gathered. Kunlun mound has an indissoluble bond with the queen mother of the West. The queen mother of the West has gradually evolved from a Western Mountain God with the original appearance of “leopard tail and tiger tooth” and the combination of human and animal into a human king with divine personality, and finally become an omnipotent God representing the fairyland.

Both Nuwa and queen mother of the West are typical representatives of female gods and primitive worship of human civilization. In the traditional matriarchal society, the original female reproductive function is regarded as the supreme honor, which is the inevitable result of human evolution. The influence of the original female reproductive function plays a crucial role in the process of human evolution.

Women’s mate selection criteria determine human evolution

If we say that in matriarchal society, women occupy an important position. With the development of society and the change of group marriage system, women’s view of mate selection has gradually changed. For women, in addition to the important task of reproduction and survival, they pay more attention to the long-term stable gender relationship, because they need men to shoulder the responsibility of raising their offspring. Women’s standard of mate selection is not only to attract each other with the opposite sex, but also to reproduce and benefit their offspring. In the history of human marriage, it gradually divided into economy, children and love. For women, the sense of belonging and love enable them to form a family with their spouse, raise their offspring and maintain a stable family after choosing their spouse. Therefore, in the process of human evolution, women’s view of mate selection plays an important role.



In the view of mating of reproductive animals, female animals are dominant

Let’s not talk about human beings for the moment. Take the animals in nature for example. When the breeding season comes, there will be constant fighting between the male animals of the same kind in the wild. The reason why male animals do this is to show their better side to female animals. For example, fierce animals: lions. Generally speaking, male lions will defeat each other by biting and capture the hearts of female lions. In this process, female lions dominate, they will not fight for male lions in the same kind of female lions.

In addition to lions, we often say seals, peacocks, ostriches and so on. Male animals in nature will show themselves in front of female animals and let them choose to reproduce. In the view of courtship, female animals are passive, their choice is very cautious, while male animals are very active. Some netizens can’t help asking:“

Why don’t females take the initiative


”Because its germ cells can breed offspring, male reproductive cells are cheaper, so female germ cells are more precious than male germ cells. For female animals, if they want to spread their genes better, they must let their offspring live well. In reproduction, female animals become scarce, while male animals of the same kind will fight for it.


There are also sexual choices in the animal world and women’s view of mate selection“



”It’s for better survival

Female animals will choose the male animals who win in the survival of the fittest. Similarly, there are sexual choices in the animal world in human beings. For example, women usually choose tall, well-off and handsome men. In the concept of women, only by their own mate selection criteria can they choose a satisfactory partner. From ancient times to modern times, great changes have taken place in human society, but the only thing that has not changed is women’s “greed” in the process of mate selection. From a certain point of view, this kind of greed makes human beings get better development. For example, in ancient times, the living environment was bad, and human beings would face all kinds of dangers, so women chose strong and brave men to protect themselves. For women, such men not only have a sense of security, but also have excellent sperm, which can produce high-quality offspring.

In the evolutionary process, from a physiological point of view, women ovulate once a month, while men’s one-time ejaculation process can produce hundreds of millions of sperm, which is cheap compared with eggs. So women will choose high-quality sperm because the egg can find a better home. What kind of man will have high quality sperm? In the eyes of women, healthy, no bad habits, and habits of life, regular work and rest of men will have good sperm.

Therefore, in order to let their genes get better continuity, women will choose to rather lack than abuse. From a certain point of view, the “greed” in this view of mate selection is also to breed a better life. The evolution of women’s mate preference shows that this “greed” does have a long-term and repeated impact on women’s mate selection behavior. Of course, we can’t expect that all women’s psychological preferences and behaviors will correspond one by one, but research shows that women’s mate preference does have a great impact on their own behavior.


For example, in many marriage shows, we see that women’s requirements for men are basically education, economic strength and family background. The more beautiful a woman is, the more demanding she is to a man. Therefore, women’s mate selection behavior is representative,

Beautiful women want to marry rich second generation, successful men want to marry Bai Fumei

. Women’s mate preference has a very important impact on men, if there is no self-motivated grassroots straight men’s cancer, usually the higher the chance of singles.

In conclusion, in the process of human evolution, women play an important role, they can decide the direction of human evolution. No matter in the matriarchal society, or in the paternal society, or in modern times, without women shouldering the task of survival and reproduction, there would be no human beings today. So anyway, men have to admit that in this world,

Without women, human beings will be doomed.

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