Why is the earth’s oxygen more and more scarce? Scientists find out why, it’s all in trouble!

Oxygen on earth is becoming scarce. Where is it? It was absorbed by it!


Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years, which is inseparable from a variety of resources, among which oxygen is the most indispensable. No matter what kind of organism, once it leaves oxygen, it is very difficult to survive, which shows the importance of oxygen. Since human beings have the ability to go out of the earth and enter outer space, they have a deeper understanding of the earth. Once upon a time, the vast earth in people’s eyes became so small that even human beings were just a drop in the ocean.


With the continuous movement of the earth’s crust, there will be a variety of natural disasters on the earth, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and so on. There is no doubt that the occurrence of these disasters has a great impact on human life, and there is nothing we can do in the face of natural disasters. We all know that the internal structure of the earth is complex. It is composed of the core, mantle and crust. Each structure has its own function. Oxygen on earth is becoming scarce. Where is it? It was absorbed by it!


The so-called geocenter refers to the inner depth of the mantle. The temperature in the earth’s core is very high, which makes it difficult for many organisms to survive. Usually, the interior is in the state of lava. When it comes to the geocentric world, the first reaction of many people is the geocentric people. Scientists have been looking for the existence of geocentric people all the time. Perhaps these geocentric people’s civilization is much higher than human civilization. They can withstand the natural environment that human beings can’t bear. They have been living in the interior of the geocentric world and have higher technology. However, in the process of research, scientists have found oxygen on the earth Qi disappeared for no reason, so where did it go?


It turns out that it is absorbed by the earth’s core, which leads to earth shaking changes in the density of the earth’s surface. Due to the high environment of the earth’s core, oxygen is divided into oxygen atoms and shuttles through the earth’s core all the time. So why is oxygen absorbed by it? Due to the gradual increase of human activities and population, oxygen becomes thinner, and the earth has entered a crisis. At present, the ability of human beings is limited, and no other planet suitable for human survival has been found. Seeing that oxygen is thin, scientists are worried.


Today, we can clearly feel the lack of oxygen, all of which are related to human activities. In addition to the scarcity of oxygen, global warming and the lack of all kinds of resources are extremely serious problems. If human beings want to develop in the long run, they should put these problems on the agenda and solve them one by one. Only when the earth is perfect, can human beings survive healthily, and the oxygen supply is good Becoming thin is just a warning from the earth. If human beings do not introspect themselves and pay attention to their own behaviors, they will retaliate on human beings and regret the consequences.


Everyone is the life on the earth, the earth any disaster, human beings can not escape. We should contribute our meager strength within the scope of our ability. As long as everyone gives a little strength, the earth will become more powerful. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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