Why is the installation of “satellite pot” everywhere in rural areas banned? What can it see?

Over the years, people’s living standards have been greatly improved. Since the 1990s, we can see satellite TV and Taidian TV everywhere. At that time, people could see many foreign channels through satellite TV. It can be said that in the era when the Internet is still underdeveloped, the entertainment role of satellite cooker is still very big. But since human beings entered the intelligent era, satellite cooker seems to have been eliminated, and even many places have been taboo installed. What is the reason?


Because the structure of satellite pot is like a big pot, it is also called antenna pot. It can receive the signal from the satellite, and then project it to the TV after data processing. In many cities, satellite pots seem to have been eliminated. In some remote rural areas, satellite pots can still be seen everywhere. In fact, in the early days of the popularity of satellite pots, the signals it received were generally foreign channels.


I believe that many post-90s’ childhood can’t do without star TV. These entertainment channels are all thanks to satellite TV. With the passage of time, Star TV has gradually become popular in other cities, but the problem has also arisen. Many insiders who know well will use the satellite pot to collect some illegal information, so as to carry out illegal activities. Once it is used by people with ulterior motives, the price will be very high.


hidden danger


In order to receive a good signal, satellite cookers must be placed high. So many satellite cookers are located on the roof, which in fact means potential safety hazards. Especially in the summer when there is a storm, the signal of satellite cookers is very vulnerable. If the signal is adjusted, it is likely to be struck by lightning, or even lose life. Once the satellite pot is struck by lightning, the current will also reach other equipment, causing other electrical safety hazards. After seeing such a situation, the state will certainly not let it exist.


Survival of the fittest


As we mentioned earlier, satellite cookers are usually installed on the roof. If there is a strong wind, the satellite cookers are likely to fall to the ground and even hurt passers-by. Therefore, these dense satellite cookers are actually a major safety hazard. With the advent of the information age, many traditional media have been abandoned by human beings. A smart phone can give us timely insight into the information at home and abroad. Therefore, the satellite pot and TV are gradually fading out of human vision.


We can see that in the era of rapid development of science and technology, a lot of things have been slowly eliminated. These things are likely to be the first key to lead us to understand the world, but they have not defeated the ever-changing science and technology and finally eliminated. I don’t know if there are any satellite pots? What do you think of the satellite pot?

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