Why is the lioness so cruel! The lion stood by while he was fighting

In the African prairie, lions are the absolute overlord, they are huge, easy to catch prey, with the “king of Grassland” title.

The fight between lions is a common thing on the grassland. It is usually a fight between male lions and male lions. What do they fight for?


Reason 1: striving to be the Lion King

We all know that the lion itself is a kind of social animals, a group of lions about 8 ~ 30.

These include the females (who are often at the core of the entire group) who have continued for generations, at least one male and a few cubs.


There is a leading lion in every group. And every male lion has a lion king dream, so when they grow up to a certain extent, they will try to fight with the lion king. If they win, they will become a new lion king!

What are the benefits of being the lion king?


In fact, as ordinary members of the lions, life is very difficult, they not only need to hunt, but also need to pay attention to their own safety.

Because most of the grassland has been occupied by the same species or other species, the male lions have to be vigilant when hunting, or they will be attacked by other forces.

So there is always a life of hunger and fullness, and a life of trembling.


Being the lion king is different. As the leader of a group of lions, they don’t hunt by themselves. The food is “filial” to the leader by the lioness.

The lion king only needs to fight when necessary, and can enjoy life at ease at other times.


After becoming the lion king, the lion king holds the “power of life and death” in the lions.

In order to make their blood continue, they will eliminate the cubs who have no blood relationship with them, so as not to become their competitors when they grow up.

Without the threat of a lion cub, the lion king will quickly mate with the lioness and give birth to her own offspring.


Reason two: fighting for the lioness

In addition to fighting to be the lion king and occupying territory, the fight between males is more about female lions.


As I said before, only when you are strong enough can you have the right to mate with a female lion.

If you win the fight, you will have more chances to mate with the lioness and leave more offspring. This is actually a natural law.

The male lion is fighting. Why is the female lion watching


I don’t know if you have noticed that when male lions fight, female lions usually just stand by and don’t help the male lions in their group fight together.

Maybe you think the female lion is very ruthless, but it’s not. Zoologists have conducted in-depth study of lions and found that the female lion is not a simple spectator.


As I said earlier, fighting between male lions is a natural phenomenon and a natural law. The main purpose of fighting between males is to have a mate to reproduce.

The female also wants to mate with a stronger male so that she can produce good offspring and keep her genes going.

So the female lion has no obligation to help the male lion. The female lion can better choose the strongest male lion by watching the fight between the males.


If the original male lion’s mate is defeated, it means that it is old and should be eliminated. This is also the core of Darwin’s theory of evolution: natural selection, survival of the fittest, elimination of the fittest.

But there is also a situation, if the lioness and the lion leader have already bred, then the lioness is likely to help the lion leader in the fight field, and work together to bring down the invaders, so as to avoid her children being killed by the invading lion.


Xiao Bian thinks that carnivores have a strong sense of territory, but most of them are only aimed at the same-sex individuals.

If the opposite sex comes and brings them more mating opportunities, they will be warmly welcomed.

So it’s understandable that the male lion is fighting while the female lion is watching.


In fact, we humans are the same, who does not want to find an excellent object? A good person is good for himself and his offspring.

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