Why is the only mammal on earth with the ability to fly regarded as ominous?

The only mammal on the earth that has the ability to fly does not appear in human vision, but every time it appears, it seems to be accompanied by bad luck. In the eyes of western people, it is a symbol of bad luck, the incarnation of the devil.

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This kind of animal is the flying mouse in people’s eyes – bat. It makes sense to say that bats are like mice, because bats do look very similar to mice if they don’t have wings. But when it comes to the layer of skin that grows between the wings and the body of bats, if you remove this layer of skin, you will find that the wings of bats have a lot in common with human hands. When bats wave their wings, it is like human arms swinging. The claws growing from the wings are also like human thumbs, which are used to support the body and climb trees. So in Greece, it is described as hand wing by local people, and the order of bats is also called “Chiroptera”.


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The origin of bats is also controversial. Some scientists believe that bats evolved from a mammal that lived in trees and could not fly about 100 million years ago.


It’s a very old one



In addition to some islands in the ocean and the north and south polar regions, they are basically distributed all over the world, among which the tropical and subtropical bats have the largest number. Bats also rest during the day and forage at night, so their habits of group movement and nocturnal travel are always frightening.

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In the folk, there are many stories about vampires, and people’s mouth of the vampire, often also refers to the vampire bat. But people’s view of blood sucking bats is too one-sided, many of them contain their own imagination, which seriously causes the reality to be inconsistent with the reality, so it is spread to be the current view of blood sucking demons and unknown things. There are many kinds of bats, among which there are many kinds of blood sucking bats, but they basically feed on animal blood, and they will not die because of excessive blood sucking. Therefore, bats are not the bloodthirsty demons in movies and imagination at all.

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Blood sucking bats like to eat blood, and they also live on it. But in fact, most bats mainly feed on insects and other creatures. There is a powerful anticoagulant in the saliva of blood sucking bats, which has the function of preventing blood coagulation. They will pierce the skin of animals and people with their sharp mouths, and then suck the outflow of blood. At this time, the anticoagulant in saliva has an effect, so the energy source of blood flows out continuously. Blood sucking bats are not unrestrained either. They only need to suck about two spoonfuls of blood every day to maintain the consumption of one day. They will not encounter prey and will not indulge in blood sucking until the prey dies. In fact, humans are attacked far more by dogs and bees than by blood sucking bats.



Most species of bats are beneficial and harmless to human beings. A bat of insectivorous species can kill more than 1000 mosquitoes an hour, and no animal can be compared with bats in terms of killing pests. Because of the low birth rate, bats are also a kind of animals that are easy to go extinct. In addition, the overall suppression of bats by human beings has caused great damage to the ecological environment. Bats are also a very important role in the earth’s ecological chain. If bats really disappear one day, then the pressure on human beings will never be easy.

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