Why is the overlord in the ocean still forgiven after three times of hurting others?

Tilikum’s death is a relief for those who like it. Everyone thinks that tilikum has finally been free. Tilikum is a killer whale, a killer whale carrying three lives. However, in the long life span of the killer whale, tilikum has not lived more than half. Originally, this killer whale had no name, but in 1983, the 2-year-old killer whale was captured alive and named tilikum. Originally, tilikum was just one of many killer whales in the ocean park, but his cruel experience in the Ocean Park made tilikum irritable and lethal.


Killer whales are also known as killer whales and killer whales. Adult killer whales are 8-10 meters long and weigh about 9 tons. They are the largest in the dolphin family. Killer whales are highly intelligent mammals and highly socialized animals. Killer whales move in groups in the sea. They are intelligent, big and smart. Killer whales are the overlord in the sea. Social killer whales not only have their own voice language system in family life, but also have rich feelings. When tilikum was arrested, his family followed him for a long time, and finally they could only cry helplessly and watch him be taken away by human beings. These sea overlords are powerless at this moment, but it does not mean that they can identify with their own destiny without resistance.

Tilikum, the baby whale after being arrested, was really docile for a while for food, which won the audience’s love and also won the eight hour performance of killer whales every day. The narrow living space and harsh environment planted the seeds of revenge for the young killer whale. In order to perfect the performance, the trainer specially set up a punishment mechanism for these killer whales. At that time, two other adult killer whales performed with tilikum. If tilikum failed in the performance, three killer whales would bear the punishment together. Gradually, the two intelligent adult killer whales found that it was tilikum’s fault every time they were punished, and they began to abuse tilikum. Tilikum’s body was full of scars, and there were many scars on it In the “bad” environment, tilikum’s seeds of revenge germinate gradually.


Finally, it broke out in 1991, and tilikum killed the first trainer. At that time, Keltie accidentally fell into the water. Tilikum quickly swam over and bit Keltie’s foot. With the cooperation of two other killer whales, Keltie died in just a few minutes. Although killer whales are carnivores, they will not take the initiative to attack humans in the natural environment. This attack can be seen in tilikum The anger of the heart. In the end, the animal museum was closed. Tilikum also went to another aquarium.


Once the seeds germinate, they can hardly return to the dust. Tilikum can hardly stop after tasting the first sweet. In 1999, the breeder found a naked man floating in tilikum’s whale pond. At this time, eight years have passed since the last injury. During this period, tilikum has been living in a pool the size of his body, and his temper has become increasingly fierce. However, ocean world has not done anything. Tilikum is still a cash cow for ocean world in Orlando. Tilikum committed his third crime in 2010. The young and beautiful female trainer, unexpectedly, bit the trainer’s hair at the end of the seemingly ordinary performance, threw down dawn’s body like a prey, and finally led to the death of dawn. Ocean Park also had to punish tilikum, confining it in a smaller space, and controlling it with a lot of sedatives. This situation lasted for a year, and after a year, tilikum was taken out again to make money. Tilikum, until his death, suffered from hellish management and performance.

The death of tilikum in 2017 is enough to silence the world, and it also makes every inch of tiliku documentary released in 2013 deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, tilikum is not the first killer whale captured alive. Humans began to capture live killer whales in 1965, named Nam. Fishermen in British Columbia captured it and sold it to Ted Griffin, the owner of the Seattle Aquarium, for 8000 dollars. Smart Nam attracted a lot of audiences. Griffin saw the business opportunities of killer whales, so he constantly rounded up killer whales, using speedboats and underwater bombs The whale group is forced to the harbor, and the suitable young female whale is selected and sold to each aquarium. They did use killer whales to make their homes, and made the captured killer whales lose their freedom forever. But these people don’t care about whether animals are free or not. They only care about money and interests. Until tilidum’s murder shocked the world, people began to reflect on their own mistakes. But it was only limited to the performances of sea animals such as killer whales and dolphins. What about other animal performances, such as lions, hydrangeas, tigers, elephants and so on? Do you have to wait for someone’s life to reflect?


Although human beings are creatures at the top of the biological chain, they can not ignore other lives. Human beings and all things are equal. Please do not use your selfishness to deprive creatures of equal rights. We can’t only grieve and reflect on the death of tilikum. We should take action and refuse to watch the animal show. The so-called “no business, no harm”. When the audience is empty, will someone hunt and train killer whales and other animals?


This article was originally written by Yang Huijia, the author of Jiujian

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