Why is the pace of science slowing down? It has something to do with the emergence of great scientists

The birth of the earth has a history of 4.6 billion years, and the life history of the earth has at least 4 billion years. Human beings are born after billions of long evolution and evolution of countless life on earth, and the form of life is becoming more and more complex. Some people say that the emergence of human beings in millions of years is very sudden and seems inconceivable. In fact, it’s not inconceivable. It’s the inevitable result of the evolution of life on earth. Other intelligent life planets believe that they have similar life processes with the earth.

Human civilization began to appear 6000 years ago. From the appearance of human civilization to the development of science and technology, it takes a short time to go out of the earth and explore the universe. In particular, mankind entered the era of science and technology 300 years ago, and it took less than 300 years to complete the 5000 year dream of exploring the starry sky.


The speed of human science and technology development is amazing. Why can human science and technology develop so fast? If it is the contribution of all mankind, it seems too big and unrealistic. In fact, the greatest contribution to the rapid development of human science and technology is a few great scientists. The progress of science and technology is inseparable from the efforts of scientists, but it is those great scientists who really determine the pace of human science and technology.

The great scientist Galileo appeared 300 years ago. He was an Italian mathematician, physicist, astronomer and a pioneer of the scientific revolution. Galileo invented the pendulum and thermometer, which made great contributions to human beings in science. He is one of the founders of modern experimental science. After Galileo came Newton, a great scientist.

Newton is no stranger to us. In his 1687 paper “laws of nature”, he described universal gravitation and three laws of motion. These descriptions established the scientific view of the physical world for the next three centuries and became the basis of modern engineering. By demonstrating the consistency between Kepler’s law of planetary motion and his theory of gravitation, he shows that the motion of ground objects and celestial bodies follow the same natural law, which provides strong theoretical support for the theory of sun center and promotes the scientific revolution.


In mechanics, Newton expounded the principle of conservation of momentum and angular momentum and put forward Newton’s law of motion. Optically, he invented the reflecting telescope and developed the color theory based on the observation that a prism diffuses white light into the visible spectrum. He also systematically expressed the law of cooling and studied the speed of sound.

In mathematics, Newton shared the honor of developing calculus with Gottfried William Leibniz. He also proved the generalized binomial theorem, proposed the “Newton method” to approach the zeros of functions, and made contributions to the study of power series. In economics, Newton put forward the gold standard system.


After Newton, another great scientist was born. He is Einstein. Einstein is the greatest scientist in modern history. His achievements and contributions to human beings are beyond our imagination. Especially his theory of relativity is a great science. Many of our scientific researches are based on the theory of relativity.

Einstein was also the founder of the development of nuclear energy. Without its mass energy equation, there would have been no successful development of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. Moreover, Einstein participated in the development of nuclear bomb at that time. It can be said that the main credit for the success of nuclear bomb was Einstein. It is closely related to various theories put forward by Einstein that human beings can make achievements in space exploration. It can be said that since Einstein, many scientists have followed Einstein’s principles in their exploration of physics, space-time and the universe. And Einstein’s life made a variety of conjectures, we are now only part of the proof, there is still a part of the verification, looking for evidence.

At the same time as Einstein, there was a great scientist, he was Tesla. He had more than 3000 inventions in his life. The alternating current we are using now is his discovery. He also proposed the existence of the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system. Moreover, many of Tesla’s conjectures are even more incredible. Most of his conjectures have not been verified yet. His understanding of human beings is very important His contribution is no less than Einstein’s.


Einstein and Tesla were great scientists in the first half of the 20th century, but there has never been such a great scientist since then. If there are no famous scientists, it is impossible. For example, Hawking and Yang Zhenning are great scientists. They have made great contributions to human beings. They can be called famous scientists. But it is far from being able to reach such a great genius scientist as Einstein and Newton who can influence a century or even several centuries.

It is precisely in the past half century that no great scientist of genius has appeared, and the pace of scientific progress of mankind has begun to slow down. I believe many people can feel it. Although the development of human science and technology in the past 50 years is also very rapid, but these technologies are basically based on the basic science of the previous few great scientists. Without the theoretical basis of the previous few great scientists, science and technology in the past 50 years will not develop so fast.


Despite the rapid development of science and technology in the past 50 years, there is no science and technology and theory that can really make human beings change qualitatively. If we have to say that there is an epoch-making science and technology theory, Yang Zhenning’s research and exploration in quantum mechanics can be regarded as the greatest science in the 21st century. However, quantum mechanics is still in the process of theoretical exploration, which has no practical benefits for the progress of human science and technology.

Some people may not agree that the pace of human scientific progress has slowed down. Let’s take a look at the progress in space exploration. The first man-made satellite was successfully launched in 1957, the first astronaut entered space in 1961, and the first manned landing on the moon in 1969. This series of space exploration, we will find, took place at the same time 50 years ago.

Take the manned lunar landing as an example. Apollo successfully carried out six manned lunar landings 50 years ago, which shows that the technology of human manned lunar landing was good at that time. However, since Apollo carried out a manned landing on the moon 50 years ago, mankind has not carried out a manned landing on the moon until now. The explanation of scientists is that the cost of manned landing on the moon is too high. Exploring the moon depends on the landing of a probe. There is no need for people to go up.


From this, we can see that 50 years ago, human beings could realize the mature technology of manned landing on the moon, but the cost is too high and the cost performance is not high. However, 50 years later, according to the speed of scientific and technological development 50 years ago, the technology of lunar landing should be more advanced now, and the cost will be very low. But this is not the case.

Now, it is still a costly and uncertain thing for human beings to carry out manned landing on the moon. That is to say, if human beings carry out manned lunar landing now, the safety is not much higher than that 50 years ago. If we say that the difference may be that the spacecraft now has faster speed and more functions. If the pace of scientific progress of mankind in the past 50 years is as fast as it was 50 years ago, there should be a human foundation not only on the moon, but also on Mars.


The reason why the actual development of science is not the same as expected is that the pace of progress of human science has slowed down in the past 50 years, and the faster the pace is approaching the present slowdown. It is possible that there will be no obvious progress in human science and technology in the next few decades, especially in space exploration and research. Why does this happen? The key reason is that in the past 50 years, there has never been a great scientist like Newton and Einstein.

It may be said that this situation of human beings will continue, and that there will be no rapid development behind human science? Of course, it is not. Human civilization is a great civilization. No matter how powerful and potential civilization is, it can not always develop rapidly. There will always be a period of slow development. As long as this period is passed, great scientists will appear, which will help science enter another new era and make human civilization truly enter the interstellar civilization.

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