Why is the snow in northeast not as big as when I was a child? Never see “thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow”

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When it comes to Northeast China, what’s your first impression? “Cold”, the snow is very thick, very big, northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice. Many tall buildings are covered with layers of snow. If you shake the trees on both sides of the road, you will see the heavy snow. However, in recent years, the snow in Northeast China is not as big as you think, and the sight of “thousands of miles of ice and snow” can’t be seen. Now Northeast China is no longer the northeast that used to be chilly in your eyes.

The memory of northeast people when they were children


In every Northeast People’s impression, the childhood snow is like goose feather jade scraps, covering the sky and the earth. Children will always take advantage of your unprepared, the snowball into your neck; sometimes, will give you a surprise snowball. The heavy snow has turned every city in Northeast China into an ink painting, especially in the mountain path. The snow is thick and thick. The clothes hanging outside the door are always popsicles, which are more terrible than horror movies.

Outdoor is a pure natural refrigerator, which has made many businesses sell popsicles outside. Living in the northeast, in addition to the eyes can be exposed, other places should be wrapped tightly. When we were young in winter, we not only looked forward to the snow, but also the cold temperature, because the river will be frozen on a thick layer of ice, very solid, we can play happily on the ice! If you use eight words to describe the Northeast in your childhood memory, it’s “cold weather, cold earth

severely cold

。” But as time goes on, the northeast is not as cold as it was a few decades ago. Even the heavy snow seldom falls again. Even the snow is not as big as it was when I was a child.


Why is there less and less snow in the northeast and the weather no longer cold?

Many netizens can’t help asking, “why is there less and less snow in Northeast China now, and it’s getting worse every year? It’s the same cold wave weather, but this year’s weather is even more outrageous. Take Shenyang for example, it hasn’t had a serious snow up to now. The dust on both sides of the road is blowing, and there is no trace of snow flowing through it. “

1. Impact of global warming


The earth is our common home. Since the continuous development and progress of human industrial civilization, more and more greenhouse gases are emitted, and the greenhouse effect is also gradually aggravating. The problem of global warming is becoming more and more serious, and it has become a hot topic that scientists often mention and discuss in recent ten years. I believe many netizens can personally feel that the climate in recent years is getting more and more abnormal, and the temperature is getting higher and higher.

In 2018, we feel the terrible effects of high temperature. By 2020, the climate environment will not be better, but more serious. For example, the fire in Australia has lasted for nearly three months, the Arctic has also set a record of the highest temperature in history, and the snowfall in Northeast China will be reduced in winter. In the final analysis, all these adverse ecological environments are affected by global warming.

The trend of global warming has never stopped. Liaoning is the main part of Northeast China, and the amount of snowfall is decreasing year by year. I believe everyone knows that in winter, Northeast China is a very cold place. The reason for this depends on the geographical location of Northeast China, which is close to Siberia in the Arctic and affected by Siberian cold air, making Northeast China the coldest place in winter in China. Nowadays, under the influence of global warming, Northeast China is no longer as cold as it used to be, and even the scene of heavy snow is rarely seen again. The global temperature continues to rise, and the temperature in Northeast China also rises, becoming a place that is not as cold as usual.

They are all in the northern hemisphere. We people in Northeast China have a warm winter with little snow, while Americans have a very cold winter. So why are we all affected by global warming, but the weather in most cities in Northeast China and the United States is far different?


The main reason for the occurrence of extremely cold weather in North America is the polar vortex. Before that, Chicago also set a record of minus 63 degrees. The polar vortex is a kind of cyclone that will appear in the north and south poles. It is affected by the atmosphere in the lower troposphere. The northern hemisphere rotates counterclockwise, and the polar vortex has been in the stratosphere above. Chicago is located at 41.8376 degrees north latitude. In Shenyang, Liaoning Province, where the latitude is 41.44 degrees, the temperature in winter in Northeast China is about 2-7 degrees higher than that in previous years. This is the difference caused by the polar vortex under the influence of global warming.

The picture shows the polar vortex



The impact of El Nino

El Nino phenomenon refers to the phenomenon that the sea surface temperature in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific continues to be abnormally high. This phenomenon first occurs near the Pacific coast of Ecuador and Peru in South America, mostly around Christmas, so it gets its name. The biggest feature of El Nino phenomenon is that the sea surface temperature along the Pacific coast rises abnormally, the water level rises continuously, and the warm current flows southward.

Generally speaking, when El Nino occurs, the global average temperature will rise. From 2015 to 2016, affected by the El Nino phenomenon, the ocean temperature has been rising, and the atmospheric temperature has also been rising. For China, the occurrence of El Nino phenomenon is easy to lead to warm winter, which is also the main reason why the winter in Northeast China is not cold and the snowfall has decreased in recent years.

2018 is the extension of El Nino phenomenon, 2019 is the “El Nino year”, and 2020 is the “El Nino continuous year”. Affected by the El Nino phenomenon, Australia has set a record of the highest temperature, and the extreme cold weather in the United States has also reached a new high. China has experienced floods in the South and droughts in the north. Especially after winter, the temperature in Northeast Liaoning Province has been around minus 10 degrees, and the coldest air temperature is around The temperature is no more than 20 degrees below zero, the snowfall in winter in Northeast China is reduced, and the temperature is on the high side. All these are closely related to the El Nino phenomenon.


El Nino phenomenon seems to have been playing its “leading” role. The reduction of snowfall in Northeast China is a rare situation since the founding of the people’s Republic of China. El Nino, an abnormal climate change, is more likely to lead to disasters. The disasters brought by the abnormal climate are unpredictable. Intuitively, the amount of snowfall in winter in Northeast China is reduced, and the temperature rises. This kind of climate is easy to cause influenza and other situations. For the people of Northeast China, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, and the future troubles are endless. 、

The picture shows the El Nino phenomenon



Lack of warm and humid air flow

Snow is a natural phenomenon. After the condensation of water vapor in the air, it falls to the ground again. Snow needs to meet three conditions: low temperature, sufficient water vapor and dynamic uplift of weather system. Since the beginning of winter, there is no lack of cold air in Northeast China, but what is lacking is warm and humid air flow, which makes water vapor unable to reach northeast China, which is the main reason for “lack of snow in Northeast China”. Although most parts of China had snowfall before, the warm and humid air was “intercepted” by weak cold air, and finally did not reach the northeast.

For example, if the warm and humid air flow is a train, then the weak cold air of jiehu is the dispatcher. When the train is ready to go to its destination, the dispatcher temporarily releases the information of route adjustment. Due to the collapse of the road ahead, the train needs to change its direction, but the dispatcher temporarily “intercepts Hu” to change its direction when it does not arrive at the destination.

We often say that when we fall in love, we have to be at the right time, the right place and the right people. In this way, it seems that the date with snow girl in the winter of Northeast China is also about fate. The lower temperature is only one of the basic conditions for snow. If we only have the right time, the right place and the right people, we can only look at “Snow” and sigh. Many netizens sigh: “the five elements of snow in Northeast China lack steam”. Even if the climate is cold in winter, the water vapor content is very low. The so-called “skillful woman can’t make a meal without rice”. The snowfall in the weather also belongs to the precipitation process. Now there is no water vapor. How can there be snowfall?


The picture shows the snowfall process

What is the impact of less snowfall in Northeast China and cold winter temperature?



It is easy to breed viruses, bacteria and influenza

As the saying goes, “auspicious snow is a good omen for a good harvest”, the amount of snow in Northeast China is gradually decreasing, which makes the dry winter more dry, and it is easy to cause a large-scale outbreak of influenza. In the respiratory departments of major hospitals, the number of patients is also increasing day by day. Many people are prone to dry lips, nasal bleeding, dry throat itching, long-term no snow, dry climate is also easy to cause pneumonia and asthma, urban air pollution is serious, a large number of viruses and bacteria continue to breed in the dry climate, floating in the air is easier to attach to the human body and furniture. In particular, the bacteria and viruses carried into the room from the outside are easy to be absorbed to the desktop, sofa, ground and other places. People’s resistance is gradually declining, and more and more people are sick.

2. There is no snow in winter and drought in spring, which directly affects the crops in Zhuangjia

The winter temperature in Northeast China is not cold enough, and it is difficult to have snow at this time. If it is not cold when it should be cold, and it is not snowing when it should be snowing, drought will easily occur at the beginning of the next spring. Due to the less snowfall in winter, the land in spring will be very dry. The crops of Chuang Jia depend on the snow in winter. If there is no snow, the land will be dry. For farmers, no snow has a direct impact on the crops of Chuang Jia.


Generally speaking, today’s northeast is no longer what it used to be. The scene of “snow covers the world and no trace” when we were young will never return. For us, the reduction of winter snowfall and the rise of temperature in Northeast are also a warning signal from the earth. With the development of industry, greenhouse gases are becoming more and more serious. Nowadays, global warming makes the accumulation of ice and snow far faster than the melting speed. Even some icebergs no longer accumulate, making many animals lose their homes. The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to the increase of carbon dioxide in the ocean, which carbonates the ocean and kills a large number of microorganisms. It is urgent for us to protect the earth, reduce environmental pollution, slow down the greenhouse effect and reduce carbon emissions, so that we can live in harmony with nature.

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