Why is there nearly 200 tons of garbage on the moon? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

The moon is no stranger to human beings. It is a natural satellite of the earth, which has been with the earth for billions of years and millions of years. Therefore, human beings have a special feeling for the moon. In ancient times, people did not have the support of science and technology, and they could only see the moon with the naked eye. Naturally, there were many illusions about the moon, and many myths and legends about the moon were born.

In ancient myths and legends, the moon is a beautiful place, inhabited. However, with the continuous progress of human civilization and the rise of science and technology, people invented the astronomical telescope. At this time, people knew some of the true features of the moon. The moon seen through the astronomical telescope was a desolate place. In addition to numerous craters, it was some moon shaped mountains, which was not like a beautiful place in legend.

When human beings have the ability to walk out of the earth, they will know more about the moon. Because the earth’s rotation and revolution are the same, the moon always faces the earth on one side, and the back can’t be observed directly. If we want to observe the situation of the back of the moon, we can only see it by sending a probe around the back. In fact, the back of the moon is as desolate as the front, and the situation is almost the same.

In fact, the surface of the moon is no longer mysterious to human beings. Although human beings can not live on the moon now, there are nearly 200 tons of garbage on the moon. Many people have to ask, why is there nearly 200 tons of garbage on the moon? Who left them? I believe many friends should have thought that this rubbish is naturally left by human beings.


In the last century, the United States and the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite. Naturally, the United States is not willing to lag behind and is ready to do something bigger and more sensational to attract the world’s attention. This plan is to carry a man to the moon. In fact, with the space technology of that year, manned landing on the moon was a very expensive and dangerous thing, but the United States had to do so in order to surpass the Soviet Union.

After several years of preparation, the United States finally landed on the moon in 1969. Human beings were boiling and completely covered the halo of the Soviet Union. In the following few years, the United States went to the moon five times, six times successfully, which cost a lot of money. Finally, the Soviet Union disintegrated, and the United States won the race with the Soviet Union, so it naturally stopped landing on the moon.

During the six U.S. lunar explorations, the U.S. learned more about the surface of the moon, but at the same time left a lot of garbage to the moon. Most of the 200 tons of garbage were left by the U.S. when it landed on the moon, including urine bags, plastic bags, equipment that can’t be recycled, etc. In those years, due to the limitation of technical conditions, when returning to earth after landing on the moon, in order to save fuel and safety, many things chose to give up and stay on the moon.

In addition to the garbage left on the moon by the United States in the past, there are also a lot of remains of probes. Although there has been no manned landing on the moon since the United States stopped landing on the moon, a lot of probes have been launched. Because the moon is very close to the earth, countries that can successfully launch satellites have the ability to send probes to the moon, so there are a lot of probes on the back of the moon, Some of them can’t be recycled very well, and finally they all crash on the moon and become garbage.

Many people may say that human beings really don’t pay attention to environmental protection. The earth is so badly damaged, and the moon is going to become a garbage dump. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, in the future, human beings will still recycle the garbage from the moon, and will take the moon as an important resource mining place, but now we have no ability to recycle the garbage, let alone mine the moon.


In fact, although the moon is close to the earth, we already know a lot about the surface of the moon, but we still don’t know anything about the interior of the moon. Once, human beings conducted an impact experiment on the moon. According to the feedback data analysis, the interior of the moon may be hollow, and the rock layer on the surface of the moon is very hard, so it’s difficult for the drill to drill down effectively It’s rock analysis from the surface of the moon. The moon is much older than the earth.

This is very strange. Under normal circumstances, the age of the moon can only be smaller than that of the earth, and it can not be bigger than that of the earth. However, the fact is just the opposite. Therefore, there are still many secrets on the moon. It may seem that human beings know the moon very well, but what they know may be just a little fur. The real moon is far more complex than we think.

However, with the continuous progress of human space science, it will be very easy to land on the moon in the future, and the time to unlock the secrets of the moon is not too far. There will be lunar tourism in the future, and ordinary people can also travel to the moon and enjoy the scenery of the moon.

Guys, what do you think the moon will be like? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions and opinions.


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