Why is there no Antarctic bear in the Antarctic and no penguin in the Arctic? Scientists give the right answer

The earth is a planet of life, with countless creatures and intelligent human beings. The main reason why the earth can become the only intelligent life planet in the solar system is that the position of the earth from the sun is just right, so that the earth has the appropriate temperature, and then there is the birth of life.

Most of the earth’s temperature is relatively warm, but there are also two very cold places, which can be said to be the polar regions of the earth. They are the South Pole and the North Pole. Speaking of the north and south poles, the first thing many people think of is cold. The average temperature in the south pole is about 20 degrees colder than that in the North Pole. Therefore, the south pole is the coldest place on the earth. The average temperature is about minus 35 degrees, and the extreme temperature is minus 89.2 degrees. At this temperature, most creatures on the earth can’t survive.

But even in this extremely cold place, there are still creatures. They are lovely penguins. Penguin is a very lovely animal. Every year, many people go to Antarctica to visit penguins. Penguins are one of the oldest swimming birds. They probably settled in Antarctica before the earth put on Ice Armor. There are 18 species of penguins in the world, most of which are distributed in the southern hemisphere. They live mainly in the southern hemisphere.


Penguins can live and breed in the severe cold of – 60 ℃. On land, it looks like a Western gentleman in a tuxedo. When he walks, he shakes and climbs when he is in danger. But in the water, the penguin’s short wings become a pair of powerful “paddles”, and the speed can reach 25-30 kilometers per hour. It can travel 160 kilometers a day. It mainly feeds on krill, squid and small fish.

Although the Arctic is not as cold as Antarctica, it is also one of the coldest places on earth. Speaking of animals in the Arctic, I believe many people will think of polar bear. Polar bear is a kind of animal belonging to Ursidae and the largest land carnivore in the world, also known as white bear. The skin is black, because the hair is transparent, so the appearance is usually white, there are yellow and other colors, the body is huge, ferocious. Polar bears have the same vision and hearing as human beings, but their sense of smell is extremely sensitive, which is seven times that of dogs. The fastest speed of running can reach 60km / h, which is 1.5 times that of the world 100m champion.

Penguins and polar bears are two very hardy animals on the earth, otherwise they would not live at the poles of the earth. Some careful friends have a question: why is there no Antarctic bear in the Antarctic and no penguin in the Arctic? Now let’s listen to the explanation of experts.

The reason why there is no bear in Antarctica lies in the fact that it is at the continental barrier. Due to the change of the earth’s continental plate, Antarctica is completely isolated from other lands by the sea. Antarctica is the last continent discovered by human beings. About 300 million years ago, Antarctica was still connected with other continents. With the movement of the plate, Antarctica gradually moved to its present position about 60 million years ago, and became a continent It’s an independent continent.


Before Antarctica broke away from its connection with the mainland, the ancestors of bears had not appeared, let alone the mighty polar bears. Although polar bears are also proficient in water, it is impossible to cross the ocean to reach Antarctica. Penguin is a very old creature. There are many kinds of penguins. They lived there before the Antarctic was frozen. Later, the Antarctic was frozen, and it became colder and colder. Penguins also evolved in the cold environment, and they were more and more afraid of the cold.

In fact, scientists have found that 100 million years ago, before the Antarctic became cold, penguins were also flying birds. Only when the climate gradually became cold and there was no big tree suitable for penguins to grow, they had to live on the ground and gradually changed from flying birds to today’s animals.

The Arctic Circle is not an independent continent, it has many continental plates connected together, and the Arctic land plate is not separated from other plates when the plate drifts. Some burrowing bears that feed on arctic plants are gradually extinct, leaving a kind of thick fur and cold resistant carnivorous bear to survive. This kind of bear has spent a long evolutionary history, and finally evolved Became the polar bear of today.


In fact, penguins existed in the Arctic a long time ago. Of course, they are not penguins like today, but a kind of animal called big puffin. They are the ancestors of penguins now. Why did the province disappear from the Arctic in the end? This has something to do with human beings. Because the great puffin can’t fly or swim, and it walks very slowly, it can’t compare with the penguins in Antarctica. Although the penguins in Antarctica don’t walk fast, they are good swimmers. It’s not easy to catch them in the water.

The survival ability of the great auk is not strong, but it has a very attractive place, that is, the meat is delicious, and its eggs are also very delicious. When humans found that the great auk is such a good food, they began to kill a large number of animals, and finally went extinct. Many animals on the earth died out because of human hunting.

Now penguins and polar bears are world-class protected animals, and they are also endangered animals. Human beings should protect them well, especially penguins. They are very cute, so we should protect them. However, with the rising global temperature, the ice and snow in the north and south poles have begun to melt. Now the north and south poles are not as cold as they used to be, and they also have melting ice and snow.

With the rising global temperature, there may be no ice and snow in the north and south poles in the future, and there will be an ocean. At that time, penguins in Antarctica may also slowly adapt to the new environment and undergo some evolution again, towards fish. However, penguins have very strong swimming ability, and it is not too difficult for them to evolve into fish.


Although polar bears can swim, they don’t swim in the water for a long time. Their survival ability in the water can’t match that of penguins. I don’t know whether polar bears can survive after glaciers melt in the future. However, the trend of global warming is a side effect of the development of human science and technology civilization. As long as human beings are still developing science and technology, this trend is difficult to change, but nature is the survival of the fittest Life. Only when life adapts itself to the environment, can it become stronger and smarter.

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