Why is there no “elimination” in evolution when the combat effectiveness of pigs is zero? That’s the ancestor you don’t know!

Why is there no “elimination” in evolution when the combat effectiveness of pigs is zero? That’s the ancestor you don’t know!


Sometimes we often use an idiom to describe people, that is, lazy, and even compare people with pigs. Speaking of pigs, it is indeed a typical representative of lazy, every day in addition to eat is to drink, or sleep. They don’t care about their life, but the final result is very miserable. They can only be killed and fed by human beings. Pigs are very gentle and often don’t attack human beings. It belongs to a kind of meat, many people like to eat pork, through a variety of ways to make food, it does not have any combat effectiveness, all the time waiting for the master’s call.


Of course, in real life, there are also people who like to keep pet pigs. Pigs are generally raised artificially and then slaughtered for consumption. Even if they are released into the wild, it is almost difficult to survive with its combat effectiveness. Many people have been puzzled. Since the fighting capacity of pig is so poor, why hasn’t it gone extinct for so many years? Why is there no “elimination” in evolution when the combat effectiveness of pigs is zero? That’s the ancestor you don’t know!


What skills did the ancestors of pigs possess


In fact, many people don’t know that today’s captive pigs are also evolved. If it wasn’t for human domestication, it would not be like this. It only knows how to eat and drink every day. In ancient times, pigs had a strong fighting capacity, and its ancestors were called Gongyan pigs, which maybe few people knew. It is understood that the teeth of the ancestors of pigs have a strong bite force, which is more powerful than hippos. They have strong limbs and run very fast. They almost stand at the top of the food chain. I didn’t expect that the ancestors of pigs are so powerful.


It belongs to a kind of omnivorous animal, eating the meat of plants or other animals with sharp teeth. The most important thing is that the ancestors of pigs have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. No matter how bad the environment is, they can adapt to it very quickly. Therefore, in the course of evolution, it has not been eliminated, but has been domesticated by human beings, and finally become an artificial pig. After thousands of years of evolution and evolution, today’s pigs gradually lose combat effectiveness and become particularly docile. They need human feeding every day. Without any sense of predation, they can no longer see the ferocity of those years.


The reason why pigs are domesticated


We often compare a lazy person to a pig. Pigs leave a deep impression on us. Many people in order to supplement nutrition, will buy some pork to improve food, pig gradually become a human table or indispensable food. In fact, many creatures in nature are not so natural, but after human domestication, the original image gradually degenerated, not only pigs, but also pandas. They used to be powerful, but now they are the result of their evolution, which nobody thought.


No matter how poor the fighting capacity of pigs is, they can’t go extinct. Through artificial breeding, pigs can breed infinitely, sell at a good price, and become a great delicacy. There are many biological ancestors in nature, which are worthy of our exploration. When you have a thorough understanding of them, you will find a little-known aspect. What’s your understanding of pigs? You can leave a message for interaction.

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