Why is there no news of alien civilization when super earth is discovered?

300 years ago, with the opening of the first industrial revolution, mankind officially bid farewell to the past manual age and entered the era of Industrial Science and technology. The arrival of science and technology has brought great changes to people’s lives, and also brought a leap forward development to human civilization.

One of the greatest achievements of mankind in the age of science and technology may be to go out of the earth and explore the universe. Fifty years ago, with the help of science and technology, human beings finally walked out of the earth and began to explore space. Only when we really walk out of the earth can we see the vast universe, the smallness of the earth, and understand that the achievements of human beings are nothing in front of the vast universe. It is possible that in the distant depths of the universe, there is a powerful civilization beyond our imagination.

As for the alien civilization, human beings no longer doubt the moment they walk out of the earth. Especially with the continuous improvement of human observation technology, the scope of observation is becoming wider and wider. Only then can we understand that the vastness of the universe is far beyond our imagination. It is possible that the scope of human observation is just a drop in the ocean and the tip of the iceberg. At this time, scientists are more convinced that alien civilization is likely to exist.


If we want to find extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization, we need to find out the life balls that may exist outside the solar system. Are there many earth like planets similar to the earth outside the solar system? Through observation, astronomers found that the number of extrasolar giant earth like planets is beyond our imagination, and astronomers also call such giant earth like planets super earth. Scientists speculate that these planets have plate tectonics similar to the earth, and some of them may have life or even intelligent civilization.

With the discovery of the first extrasolar earth like planet and later more advanced astronomical telescopes, super earth has been discovered continuously. At present, scientists have found at least hundreds of super polar earth very similar to the earth within 1000 light-years. It can be seen that the number of super earth in the solar system is too many to estimate.

But many people have such a question: why has super earth been discovered, but alien civilization has not been found? Not to mention the alien civilization, we have not even found the simplest extraterrestrial life. Why? In fact, the main reason is that human science and technology is still relatively backward, and our observation equipment is limited.

As a matter of fact, it is not too difficult for human beings to discover extraterrestrial life. Scientists have discovered many planets with subglacial oceans in the solar system. As long as human science and technology go further, we can break the ice and explore the possible extraterrestrial life. Scientists speculate that there may be life on Mars, which is the most explored Mars in nearly half a century. Now we know a lot about Mars. The next step is to explore the possible life on Mars.


As long as there is extraterrestrial life in the solar system, it will not be long before we find it. However, these extraterrestrial life may be just some simple microorganisms. No matter how advanced it is, it is unlikely that there will be a second intelligent life like the marine life on earth. Therefore, we can find extraterrestrial life in the solar system in the near future, but we can’t find extraterrestrial civilization.

There is only one civilization in the solar system. To find an alien civilization, we can only focus on the super earth outside the solar system. However, there is a problem here. For the world outside the solar system, we can only observe it through astronomical telescopes. The speed of spaceships is limited, so we can’t observe it. Even if we find a green planet like the earth in the billing Galaxy four light years away from the earth, we can’t go there to explore. Light years are still a huge and insurmountable gap for human science and technology.

Astronomical telescopes can only observe the general situation of the super earth in the solar system, such as its diameter, structure, whether there is an atmosphere and liquid water, etc. However, to specifically determine the composition of the planet’s atmosphere, whether there is life on the planet and whether there is intelligent civilization, only the probe can make close observation. However, voyager-1 is the fastest detector of human beings. Although it has flown more than 21.7 billion kilometers, it has passed through the Kuiper belt and entered interstellar space. However, it is still a long way away from the solar system. According to its speed, it may take at least 10000 years to fly out of the solar system.


The diameter of the solar system is no more than 2 light-years, and it takes tens of thousands of years for our spacecraft to travel through 2 light-years, so it is impossible to go out of the solar system to explore the super earth in other galaxies at such a diffuse speed. That’s why super earth has been discovered, but there is still no news of the discovery of alien civilization.

And this situation will continue for a long time in the future. It is possible that in the next few hundred years, human observation equipment will be more advanced, the range and accuracy of detection will be higher and higher, and more and more super earth will be found, and even some earth like planets almost the same as the earth will be found. There may be life and alien civilization on such a planet, but we just can’t reach it.

Some people may be unconvinced and give human beings hundreds of years. Can’t they get out of the solar system? In fact, hundreds of years has been a very optimistic time. In order to realize the desire of human beings to get out of the solar system, the speed of the spaceship must at least achieve the speed of sub light. To achieve this speed, we need a huge breakthrough in energy. Relying on the current energy of human beings, even if nuclear energy can only make the speed of the spaceship increase greatly, it is far from enough to achieve the speed of sub light.

Some people may say that if controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, we can raise the speed of the spacecraft to sub light speed? It may also be more difficult. Controllable nuclear fusion is really powerful. It can completely replace the existing energy sources. The nuclear fusion engine may make the speed of the spacecraft increase 100 times. However, such a speed is still a long way from the real sub speed of light. After the realization of nuclear fusion, human beings can travel freely in the galaxy. It may take only a few hours to reach the Kuiper belt from the earth, but it is not enough to cross the Oort cloud in a short time.


Of course, it may take thousands of years for nuclear fusion spacecraft to get out of the solar system, but this time is far from enough for human beings to explore the super earth outside the solar system. We need to be able to get out of the solar system at least in a few years or even months. To be able to do this at the slowest speed, you have to achieve sub light speed.

If nuclear fusion energy can not meet the realization of sub light speed, is there any more powerful energy than it? Of course, antimatter, for example, is a much more powerful energy than nuclear fusion. As long as we can make an antimatter engine, we can make the spacecraft fly at sub light speed. However, it may be difficult to realize the comprehensive application of antimatter for hundreds of years. Now, scientists’ research on controllable nuclear fusion is only superficial. Even if we want to realize controllable nuclear fusion technology and use it in spacecraft engines, it may take at least hundreds of years. Therefore, the dream of subluminal flight may not be realized until a thousand years later.

Of course, sub speed of light is nothing in the universe. On the cosmic scale, the speed of light is almost the same as that of tortoise, let alone sub speed of light. However, the food needs to be eaten one by one, the road needs to be taken step by step, and the development of human civilization also needs to be developed step by step. For the development of a civilization, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years is just a flick.


As long as human beings can continue, subluminal flight is nothing in the future. Fast trans galactic navigation such as light speed flight, superluminal flight, and even space hopping and wormhole shuttling can be realized. At that time, human beings could be regarded as the advanced civilization of the universe, and really had the ability and capital to explore the whole universe. We are looking forward to that day.

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