Why is there only human civilization in the solar system, or intentionally, and the “culprit” is around the earth

With the rapid development of human civilization, the exploration of the universe has become an immortal topic in the scientific research field of the earth. As human civilization is considered inferior to the primary civilization, when we go out of the Earth Moon system to explore the solar system and even the Milky way, we are surprised to find that there is no similar human civilization on the known planets in the solar system. So why is there only human civilization? Who was it on purpose? Who is the culprit?


First of all, the root of the problem is that humans have discovered many super earths, that is, earth like planets, after they came out of the solar system. In July this year, NASA also officially announced the discovery of a super earth suitable for human habitation. At that time, the public opinion was even more blatant! But the problem is that all super earths are far away from the earth, and the nearest one is 19000 light-years. So why is there no super earth in the solar system? Moreover, compared with the galaxies that discovered super earth, planets in the same orbit only have mercury in the solar system. Why is the solar system so unique?

Secondly, the question itself is: Why are there so few planets in the solar system? There are only eight planets around the sun. Regardless of other galaxies, there are at least 10 planets, and the existence of super earth means that it has a large mass, at least 9-10 times the mass of the earth. But as we all know, there are few massive planets in the solar system. So who is troubling the formation of the super earth in the solar system?


The mystery has been puzzling mankind. Why is there no “doomsday planet” recorded by Maya civilization in the near solar system? After unremitting exploration, scientists finally found the identity of the “culprit”, which turned out to be Jupiter, the planet with the largest mass in the solar system. As mentioned earlier, there is only mercury in the orbit of super earth in the solar system. The reason is that Jupiter’s gravity destroyed the conditions for the formation of super earth. In the ancient solar system, Jupiter did not exist at first. When Jupiter was wandering in space, it was captured by the gravity of the sun and the Earth Moon system. After it was forced to join the galaxy, the influence of its own gravity attached mercury Asteroids that are likely to give birth to super earth will attract and even destroy.


The scientific research report also records such a conjecture: we speculate that the reason why Jupiter has a ring is that it snatches part of the ring that originally belongs to the earth, and then attracts the budding asteroids. After smashing, small pieces naturally circle Jupiter, and other earth like planets we think disappear in the solar system.

In a word, it is unexpected that the solar system is not the “culprit” of other civilizations. The influence of Jupiter’s gravity has also virtually killed the germination of human like civilization and the birth of super earth. While we can rely on the earth, we are not only imagining that if one day mankind really has the ability to land on the super earth, how far will human civilization develop? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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