Why is this diamond planet rich in carbon called “the most disgusting planet” by scientists?

With regard to the universe, through observing the stars in space, especially after the invention of the astronomical telescope, the astronomical scientists of all ages have greatly expanded the vision of space exploration. The discoveries of astronomical phenomena, galaxies and planets emerge in endlessly, greatly enriching the understanding of the objective existence of natural phenomena in space.


Throughout the past and present, astronomers’ exploration of space has summed up the following basic space concepts

The vast universe is composed of innumerable stars and their stellar systems. It is full of endless natural space, just like “bubbles” in the boundless space.


There are some cosmic objects that we have been able to explore, some of which are too far away from the earth to be discovered or detected by scientists. Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the most disgusting planet in the universe.


In 2004, a team of astronomers from MIT, the University of British Columbia, the Smithsonian astrophysics center and the University of Santa Cruz in California discovered for the first time a dense solid planet about twice the size of the earth, eight times the mass of the ball, and about 40 light-years away from the earth. What’s more, its surface temperature is as high as 2700 ℃.

The object, named “55e cancer”, is an extrasolar planet around 55A cancer. It has a rocky surface and is very close to its parent star. Its cycle is less than two days.


Because it is similar to all aspects of the earth’s data, scientists also call it “super earth”. In the star system of 55 e cancer, there are still four planets orbiting the star of cancer. Because 55 e cancer is very close to its parent star, its revolution period is only about 18 hours.


Like the moon, it is locked by the tide, so there is always only one side facing the main star, one side is always day, and the other side is always night. The maximum temperature can reach 2700 ℃ and the minimum temperature can reach minus 200 ℃.

Although the planet looks terrible, its strong gravity still makes it have an atmosphere above it, so “55 E Cancer” is known as a “super earth”. At the same time, scientists also said that “cancer 55e” is very special, because it constantly sprays dirty liquid, all day long in the “supercritical fluid” state, in a sense, it is also the most disgusting planet in the universe.


Some scientists believe that “cancer 55e” is the most perfect laboratory in the universe, although it seems impossible to exist life, because through its observation, we can understand how planets formed and the whole process of planetary evolution.


At the same time, because it is a planet similar to the earth and has strong gravity, many scientists speculate that although its surface temperature is very high, there may be a liquid ocean above it, which means it may be a potential home for alien life. Although a little incredible, many people believe that “cancer 55e” may be able to help mankind complete the interstellar exploration.

Because the planet is full of mud, it is always in a state of “supercritical fluid”, so it is called “the most disgusting planet”. However, in this most disgusting planet, scientists have found rich carbon, which shows that it is likely to be a planet full of diamonds. Xiaobian thinks that if we can go to it in the near future, there may be more incredible discoveries.


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