Why is this star so dark? The mystery that has plagued mankind for 200 years has finally been answered

The universe is vast, with countless celestial bodies and galaxies, each of which has at least one star. For example, the solar system has a star like the sun, around which other stars revolve. In fact, there are few single star systems in the universe, such as the solar system. Many galaxies have more than two stars. In ancient Chinese mythology, when Hou Yi shot at the sun, nine suns appeared in the sky. People think this is a myth. But in today’s astroscience, is it a galaxy with nine stars?

If there are nine stars in a galaxy, and you stand on the surface of a planet and look at space, isn’t there nine suns? Why did ancient people have this legend? Is it a coincidence or something else? This may be a big mystery for mankind.

There are many galaxies in the universe. Human beings observe the celestial bodies in the deep of the universe through astronomical telescopes. About 1821, more than 200 years ago, a German astronomer found that the brightness of a star was reduced by 2.5 times through astronomical telescopes, and there were periodic darkening and brightening from time to time, which became a mystery in the scientific community at that time.

When our telescope is still in its infancy, some periodic changes of stars too far away can’t be seen clearly, so we can’t explain why. By 1903, astronomers were still watching the star closely, and they also found that it had brightened for half a year, and then it had darkened for a year. What’s the matter?


Scientists have been wondering what causes the periodic darkening of stars? Flux, stellar black holes or other matter? It was only recently that the mystery, which has puzzled scientists for about 200 years, was finally solved.

American scientists have found strange signals in this celestial system. They think that this is a binary system, that is, there are two stars in this galaxy. The reason why the stars we observe will darken periodically is that the matter of the two stars is exchanging, which is also the reason why in the past 200 years it has shown the phenomenon of not being bright or dark.

Scientists have suspected that the mass of this star will be very large, and its radius may reach 3000 times that of the sun. However, the latest observation results show that the mass of the two stars is 15 and 12 times that of the sun respectively, which is much smaller than expected in the past. This is a very active ladder system. The two stars are constantly exchanging material, and the large stars absorb the material of the small stars. And this binary system is surrounded by a lot of gas clouds, which is very spectacular

This stellar system is 1600 light-years away from us. In the past, when the astronomical equipment was backward, we could not see the stellar system correctly. However, with the continuous progress of space science and technology, the astronomical observation equipment has been constantly updated and upgraded. The phenomena that could not be explained in the past can now be explained.


The secrets of the universe are only skin deep. Because the distance between universes is measured in light years, the distance between galaxies and between celestial bodies is tens of light years at least, thousands or tens of thousands of light years at most. Although astronomical telescopes can observe far away, what they see is a fuzzy scene. To really understand the specific situation of a galaxy or a celestial body, only close observation can be done. In order to gallop freely in the universe, the speed of the spaceship must be faster than the speed of light. Maybe we can fly faster than the speed of light through some natural wormholes in the universe.

Only with speed can we better explore the universe, which is also an important indicator of the strength of a civilization. There must be advanced civilizations that can fly faster than light in the universe. Otherwise, how can we explain the remains of those suspected alien civilizations on earth? And these alien civilizations can come to the earth, the speed of the spaceship should at least reach the speed of light, or even exceed the speed of light. It will not take thousands of years, tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years for an alien civilization to come to the earth. It will not take long for an alien civilization to come to the earth.

For example, this binary galaxy, which has puzzled scientists for 200 years, is 1600 light-years away from the earth. We think that it is impossible to reach this galaxy without flying faster than light. Even if the speed of the spaceship can reach the speed of light, it will take 1600 years to reach this galaxy. Will it take human beings such a long time to go to this galaxy? I don’t think so. It’s the same idea that aliens come to earth. If aliens find that there is a life planet Earth thousands of light years away from them, and their fastest speed is only the speed of light, will aliens come to earth? I don’t think so. It takes too long.

Human beings still have a long way to go. I believe that with the continuous efforts of scientists, human civilization will be able to travel freely through the universe sooner or later, and the distance between the universes will no longer be a problem.


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