Why nobody dares to dig a place with 100 billion tons of diamonds? Scientists say why!

A place with 100 billion tons of diamonds is rich overnight, but no one dares to dig it!


Many people are envious of those tycoons who have a lot of money. They have a lot of money to spend and they can get everything they want through money, which is in sharp contrast to those poor families. Everyone’s birth point is different, many people just born on the end of others, this life with the wind and water, did not experience too many setbacks, almost everyone had a dream of making a fortune.


If there is no money in this world, it is difficult to move. Although money is not omnipotent, it is absolutely impossible without money. No matter what you buy, you can get what you want only by spending money. In the end, it’s very hard for women who have tried to dig for gold, especially for those who don’t want gold jewelry. A place with 100 billion tons of diamonds is rich overnight, but no one dares to dig it!


In addition to gold, there are also diamonds. A perfect diamond can sell at a good price, and even show its high-end identity. However, the price of diamonds is expensive. One carat of diamonds is often enough for many people to struggle for a long time. It is understood that there are not many diamonds on the earth, but scientists have found that there is a place with 100 billion tons of diamonds hidden. Many people are stunned when they hear that. It is strange that there are so many diamonds there, why no one goes to dig them?


In 2010, an astronomer detected a white dwarf star covered with diamonds. Its name is Lucy. Different from other white dwarfs, it is mainly composed of carbon and oxygen. The whole surface is in the form of crystal, and its volume is much larger than that of the sun. It is understood that it is a star composed of diamonds, which looks crystal clear and emitting light.


When scientists explored it, they found that it was very close to the earth, only more than 70 light-years away. Many people came up with a bold idea that if the diamonds on this planet were dug up on the earth, they might make a windfall. A lot of people want to get the diamond on this white dwarf, but their ability is limited and they can’t dig it. Outer space is an unknown environment. There is too much space radiation inside, which is very different from the environment on earth. If human beings dig rashly, it may endanger their lives. At that time, it is not diamond and gold that are important, but human life is the most valuable.


The possibility of overnight wealth is very small, everyone should step by step, don’t think about these whimsical things, use their own hands to make money, even if one day the diamond of this planet will be excavated, they will not really enjoy the happiness of wealth. Everyone has his own way of life, the most important thing is to value his life. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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