Why not export wild boar to China? The number has exceeded 6 million, and Americans are at a loss

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What is a country most afraid of? Some say it’s war, some say it’s plague, some say it’s poverty, others say it’s virus and plague, and I want to say it’s “invasion of alien species.”. There are many countries in the world that have been invaded by alien species. For example, not long ago, we mentioned that the United States imported flaxseed from Russia, but mixed it with Tumbleweed. So far, the whole United States and even Europe have been invaded by this plant. In addition, there are crabs in Cuba, rabbits in Australia, crayfish in Japan, and many other countries have suffered from them. In order to eliminate these species, these countries have racked their brains and have a headache.

The picture shows crayfish invading China

So what is alien species invasion? In recent years, alien species invasion is not a new term, it is widely known. We can literally understand that this species is not native, but alien. In addition, these alien species have begun to breed in large numbers through the change of ecosystem, and the number has become rampant, seriously affecting the lives of local people. When we see the news that New Zealand is surrounded by crayfish, oysters are overflowing in Denmark, and the coast is invaded by this alien species, you must have a similar idea with me. You must have this idea: wouldn’t it be better if these delicacies were overrun here? ” But when it comes to invasive species, maybe we don’t think so. Like the United States, it is now plagued by wild boars.


The picture shows a wild boar in the urban area of the United States

Wild boar has become the most hated thing in the United States, now more than 6 million

In the animal kingdom, wild boar is also a huge animal. Its hair is thick and thin, gray and yellow. The weight of young wild boar is about 700g, while the weight of adult wild boar is about 120kg. Wild boar is fierce and sensitive to the natural environment. Compared with ordinary domestic boar, the IQ of wild boar is very high. In the dense forest, besides Tigers and lions, wild boars can be invincible, no fear of the opponent. It is because the boar’s “few natural enemies” that it once became a nightmare for Americans. In the early 1980s, the number of wild boars in the United States rose sharply. So far, the number of wild boars flooding the United States has far exceeded six million.

The residents of small towns and villages in the United States said: “those terrible guys are so hateful. Rice fields and vegetable fields have become their paradise. Especially at night, we dare not go out. If we meet this terrible guy, it will be even worse.” “I have long tusks, big head and short body. In order to prevent the wild boar from running into the pigsty, I specially raised the enclosure of the pigsty, but it didn’t help. This guy’s strength is too strong.” “It’s dirty, messy and loud, which has seriously affected our lives.”

The picture shows a boar family “shopping” in the American countryside


Why are wild boars rampant in the United States? How did they get rampant?

1. The ability to adapt to the environment is strong, and the initial artificial intervention is less

Wild boar has strong ability to adapt to the natural environment, so it is widely distributed. It is a worldwide species, and does not exist as an individual in a separate natural environment. From the beginning, wild boar originated in Europe and Asia. Before the 16th century, there was no wild boar in North America, but after it was introduced, the wild boar was taken as the object of hunting and exiled into the wild. However, to the surprise of the residents living in North America, the survival ability of wild boar was strong. Not only did people not catch a large number of wild boars, but the number of wild boars increased. In addition, there is another saying that wild boar, with the change of natural ecological environment, began to grow fully in the absence of human intervention after migrating to North America.

The picture shows Americans hunting wild boars


2. No matter how nutritious wild boar is, Americans will not eat it

For Americans, in their food culture, they do not pay attention to fine, the pursuit is convenient, American food is very casual. In their opinion, they would rather spend their time on work than on cooking. Americans are good at eating beef. No matter roast, fried or fried, they can’t do without beef, such as sandwich made of beef, curry made of beef, steak and so on. Beef is the most common food on the table of most American families. In the absence of beef, Americans prefer vegetarianism to wild boar meat. On the one hand, they think the taste of wild boar meat is very fishy, they need to waste a lot of time in the cooking process to remove the fishiness, and the taste of wild boar meat is not good.

On the other hand, due to the influence of religious culture, Americans easily won’t eat pork, let alone wild boar meat. This is like: in our 56 ethnic groups in China, the Hui people do not eat pork. The reason why Hui people eat pork is also influenced by religion. The main religion of the Hui people is Islam,

In the Islamic “Koran” there are clear provisions: accidental death of animals can not eat, animal blood can not eat, pork can not eat, not recite the name of Allah and slaughtered animals can not eat.

The picture shows the Koran


3. Wild boar is widely distributed in the United States, breeding fast, not easy to be controlled

Wild boars live in the wild for a long time and are widely distributed in the United States, so it is almost impossible for Americans to weed and root them in a short time.

Wild boar has strong survival ability and fast breeding speed. No matter what kind of bad environment has no effect on them, and the aggressiveness of wild boar is also very strong. Before you take measures to deal with them, wild boar will bump you up at the first time, so it is very difficult for Americans to control the number of wild boar. And wild boars are very sensitive. In other words, among all animals, wild boars are among the best in intelligence quotient. Once it is found that someone has invaded their territory, wild boars will flee in a hurry at the first time. If they want to catch wild boars, Americans must constantly introduce new technologies to catch up with and surpass their “crack”.

“Overnight, wild boars can destroy the whole field, they can also wantonly destroy our yard,” the crime scene is a mess, if you want to kill them with a shotgun, it is simply more difficult than the sky, because before you have time to shoot, they will run without a trace. ” Small town residents in the United States complained.


Why don’t Americans export wild boar meat to China?

Wild boar is rampant in the United States. In addition to no natural enemies, for Americans, they have not found a more suitable way to deal with wild boar. Seeing this, some netizens can’t help asking: “why do Americans export wild boars to China to make a big profit and recover the losses?” In a great country, there are countless food. For Chinese people, crayfish can be wiped out in minutes, let alone wild boar?

1. Wild boar hunting is difficult

The United States has a vast territory, mainly plain, rich in agricultural resources. It’s not easy to kill wild boars.

First of all, in terms of the weight of wild boar, it takes at least three to five people to kill wild boar. It is difficult to kill wild boar by one person. secondly,


Wild boar is a sensitive animal, and “anti reconnaissance ability” is particularly strong

If there is any abnormal movement, they will run away in a hurry. In the case of short supply, it is almost impossible to kill a large number of wild boars.

The picture shows Americans hunting wild boars

2. Killing becomes “frozen meat” and affects taste


Chinese people are very fastidious about food. Different from Americans, we would rather waste cooking time on three meals a day than let ourselves make do with a full meal. Especially in cooking meat, we all pursue the taste, fresh and tender pork to meet our appetite. Suppose that Americans kill wild boar meat, and will not export it as soon as possible in the short term. In order to keep wild boar meat for a long time, Americans will choose the way of “freezing” to export it. And this kind of “frozen pork” is not safe for our people, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it affects our taste.

Especially under the severe situation of new coronavirus, this kind of frozen pork has lost its market, let alone frozen wild boar meat

No one will buy it easily.

3. High export cost of wild boar meat

The more difficult it is to hunt wild boar, the higher its cost will be. In the U.S. labor market, the cost of catching wild boar alone is at least $40 or $50 per head. Moreover, the number of slaughterhouses in the United States is limited, and the slaughtering cost will be very high for this huge wild boar meat. The export cost of American wild boar meat will be higher than that of ordinary domestic pig.


Wild boar wandering in America

4. Complicated export procedures

Export is not as easy as we think. All countries in the world have complicated export and import procedures. For example, if the United States wants to export wild boar meat to China, it needs the agent to provide relevant source documents, and each supplier needs to be qualified, not in the name of an individual to export it casually.

In other words, if the United States wants to export wild boar meat to China, first of all, the suppliers should have their own scale enterprises and formal and legal procedures, not in the name of individuals. In addition, the export procedures also involve customs declaration materials, tax payment, etc., which also takes a lot of time to complete.


The most difficult problem is whether the non quarantined wild pork can meet the import and export standards?

So it’s more difficult for Americans to export wild boar meat to China.

The picture shows wild boar breeding in China

Nowadays, the number of wild boars in the United States continues to grow. For Americans, eating alone can not fundamentally solve the problem. It is imperative that Americans should think of the best and efficient way to eliminate wild boars and control their breeding speed. For the American residents living in small towns and rural areas, don’t panic when they encounter a wild boar, and don’t try to hurt it, because the wild boar has very strong attack ability. If you can avoid it, try to avoid it as quickly as possible. After all, the power of a wild boar can’t be dealt with by one person alone. At present, the alien invaders that the United States is hard to destroy can not be solved overnight. The Americans need to work together to resist, rather than ignore them.

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