Why only the earth has life? It’s a coincidence that the earth was designed

People can’t live and work in peace and contentment on the earth without all kinds of resources endowed by the earth. With the continuous development of science and technology, scientists gradually have a new understanding of the universe. When scientists explored the universe, they tried to find a “second earth” suitable for human survival, but they got nothing.


Now it seems that the earth is the only planet where human beings can live. In the face of such a suitable earth environment, some people can not help asking: the universe is vast, but why can only the earth breed life? Is the earth designed by some higher life?

The earth has the right oxygen


For human survival, oxygen is an indispensable material. People live by absorbing oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. When astronauts go to the moon and enter space, they should not only wear heavy spacesuits, but also have enough oxygen supply to ensure that they can move freely in the universe. After hundreds of millions of years of development, the oxygen in the atmosphere has been saturated, which is very sufficient to maintain human life.


The earth has liquid water

In addition to oxygen, human beings cannot live without water, and our survival depends on liquid water. According to the experimental research of scientists, people can persist for about 7 days without eating, but they can only persist for 3 days without dripping. So water is very important to people. Without water, we can’t survive. Although scientists have found that other planets also have water sources in the process of exploring the universe, most of the water sources are solid, not liquid water that can be used by human beings, so at present, no planet can give birth to life like the earth.


We all know that the ocean is the birthplace of life. At the beginning of the birth of the earth, life on the earth did not originate from the land, but from the sea. With the continuous evolution of nature, the earth gradually formed the relationship between the ocean and land, and the area of the ocean is also growing.


For human beings, the ocean is unfathomable. Even if we can dive into the sea with the help of high technology, we should not stay in the sea for too long, otherwise, once the oxygen is exhausted, people will be on the verge of death. At present, the deepest place that human beings can explore is the Mariana Trench at the junction of the Pacific plate and the Philippine Plate, about 11034 meters below sea level, which is nearly 1.5 times that of Qomolangma. There are too many unsolved mysteries about the ocean to explain.

The geographical position of the earth


Although the earth is one of the trillions of planets, its geographical location is relatively superior. The position of the earth from the sun is moderate, not too close or too far away from mercury or Pluto. After all, the uncertainty of any condition may prevent the birth of life, and the position of the earth in the solar system is as if it had been arranged. So that the earth will not only not be a cold planet, but also will not be attacked by meteorite belt.


And more importantly, among the many planets with satellites, the earth is the luckiest. The existence of the moon not only protects the earth from most meteorite attacks. Moreover, under the influence of the gravity of the moon, the earth deflected by 23.5 degrees, which makes the earth have a pleasant four seasons. Scientists have said that without the protection of the moon, the earth might no longer exist, let alone give birth to life.

As we can see, the reason why the earth can give birth to life is not only related to its unique geographical location, but also has a lot to do with its unique resources. It’s a coincidence that all the advantages are combined. That’s why some people put forward that the emergence of the earth was designed.


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