Why should astronauts be isolated for a period of time after they return to earth from space?

Hundreds of years ago, after continuous efforts and development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and technological development. With the help of science and technology, 62 years ago, man finally put the first man-made satellite into space, marking that man has finally realized his dream of flying to the sky, stepped out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

When the era of human Apocalypse space exploration, a great career was born, that is, astronaut. I believe many friends hope to become a glorious astronaut and go out to explore the unknown world. But it’s not easy to be an astronaut. It needs not only strong physical quality, but also good psychological quality and some professional skills.

Therefore, the selection of astronauts is basically carried out in the air force, which can save a lot of time and quickly select some excellent astronauts. Although the astronaut is a great and glorious career, can really go out of the earth to appreciate the beauty of the universe, but the astronaut is also a very dangerous career.


The environment of space is totally different from that of the earth. There is no protection of the atmosphere, nor of the earth’s gravity and magnetic field. When our bodies are in space, they will not only be affected by the microgravity of vacuum environment, but also by various cosmic radiation. These effects will do great harm to the health of astronauts, and even cause gene mutation.

Therefore, astronauts can’t stay in space for a long time. Even the astronauts on the space station can only stay for a long time and need to return to earth to rest for a long time before they can go to space again. So, after the astronauts return to earth from space, can they go home to recuperate directly? Of course not. I believe many people know that after astronauts return to earth, they have to be isolated for a period of time.

So many people will have such a question: why do astronauts return to earth, to a period of isolation? Is it the fear that astronauts will bring radiation from the universe back to earth? I believe many people understand that the reason why scientists want to isolate astronauts returning to earth for a period of time is that there is something that may threaten the safety of the earth and human beings. What kind of thing will it be?

In fact, the answer is not complicated, that is, the possible existence of extraterrestrial life. As we all know, the earth is a beautiful planet of life, with millions of species of various organisms, of which the number of microorganisms is too much to be estimated. But in every corner of the earth, there are microbes everywhere, even in the human body.


So is life the only existence of the earth or the universal existence of the universe? Human beings have been exploring for extraterrestrial life since they came out of the earth. But until now, we have not found any extraterrestrial life, even primitive life like microbes and bacteria. Does that mean that there is no extraterrestrial life in the universe? Of course not.

In fact, when human beings see the vast universe, they no longer doubt the existence of alien missions. And with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the understanding of life is also constantly improving. Why is life born on the earth? In fact, the earth meets the conditions for the birth of life, and life is essentially composed of various elements.

These elements are not unique to the earth, but the universal existence of the universe. There are countless planets in the vast universe, and countless celestial bodies also have various elements of the birth of life. Even though it is impossible to produce intelligent life like human beings due to various environments and conditions, it is not difficult to produce some very primitive and simple microorganisms.


Therefore, scientists believe that life is universal in the universe, and only intelligent life like human beings is rare. If so, the solar system is also a paradise for life. Although the earth is the only intelligent civilization planet, there may not be many planets with primitive simple life.

Different planets will form different life, which is determined by the law of nature’s competition for nature and the survival of the fittest. The earth’s own unique ecosystem has formed adaptive organisms in line with the earth’s ecological environment. Whether it is bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, or more advanced complex organisms, they should follow the rules of nature to continue and develop. Any creature that dares to violate the rules or can’t adapt to the rules will be eliminated by nature.

The earth’s ecosystem has given birth to a variety of unique creatures, which have formed a very perfect and stable ecological structure chain. At this time, what will happen if a life form completely different from life on earth breaks into this biological chain? Probability will lead to the collapse of the whole ecological chain, which may destroy the whole earth’s ecosystem.

It’s just like that when a butterfly rushes into the ant world with its wings, the ants will make a mess, which may directly collapse the whole ant ecological structure, resulting in severe damage or even extinction of ant biota. Thus, a stable biological chain can never allow an alien species to enter. Its entry is not a blessing, but a disaster.


In the same way, because the ecological environment of an alien planet may be very different from that of the earth, life born on such a planet must evolve and survive according to the natural rules of the planet. Thus forming a unique life form in line with the planet, once such life enters the earth, it is likely to cause a comet hit Earth like disaster.

The immune system in the human body and the drugs we have studied for many years can deal with most of the bacteria and viruses on earth. Because the earth’s indigenous bacteria and viruses, no matter how mutation, they are traceable, there are certain ways to control. However, once viruses or bacteria from other planets enter our bodies, our immune system may not be able to recognize and defend them.

We all know that viruses and bacteria pose a great threat to human beings. We don’t know how many people died because of bacteria and viruses in human history. No matter how severe and mutated the viruses and bacteria on earth are, they can not really bring the end of human civilization. But the bacteria and viruses on other planets are different. They may be totally incompatible with the earth’s ecology.


Due to our complete ignorance of life on the outer planet and their unique life forms, it is possible that the earth’s life defense system will be completely out of control. In that case, it will not only bring a devastating disaster to the earth’s ecology, but also may lead to the end of human civilization.

Therefore, in order to avoid the possibility that astronauts will bring life back to the earth, threatening the earth’s ecology and human safety. We can only isolate the astronauts for a period of time and make sure they are safe. Although we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life up to now, in the future, human steps will spread all over the solar system. At that time, the discovery of extraterrestrial life may become a reality.

We may not be afraid of the complex life on the other planet, because these creatures can be seen with our naked eyes, but they pose little threat to human beings. What we are really afraid of is the invisible microbes, bacteria and viruses, which may have invaded our bodies when we land on a planet.

Of course, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the future space science and technology will continue to improve, and a variety of advanced equipment will also appear. In the future, mankind will also realize the era of universal space exploration. At that time, if everyone returns to earth, they need to observe in isolation, which is not very realistic. Therefore, in the future, people entering space exploration may have powerful equipment to monitor and defend alien life at all times, so that they can not follow astronauts to enter the earth.


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